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  1. Jura J6 coffee Maker

    The J6 is undoubtedly one of the most attractive ways of expressing good taste. The sublime all round design is in perfect harmony with the refined materials and targeted accents. Stateof the art technologies ensure that the wide variety of speciality coffees always impress with their quality. The…

  2. Jura WE8 Coffee Maker

    The Jura WE8 Automatic Coffee Machine gives you barista-quality coffee right at home in one powerful, user-friendly machine. Using this coffee machine’s TFT display, you get to create delicious brews easily with just a touch of button. Shop with Confidence, Quality Products from Leading…

    $2483 - $2690
  3. Jura 15094 E8 Coffee Maker

    CLARIS Smart provides water of perfect quality for the best possible flavour. Filter usage has never been easier because the Intelligent Water System automatically detectsfilter presence. CLARIS water filters supply perfect water quality for the best possible flavour. They also protect the coffee…

    $1731 - $1999
  4. Jura GIGA 5 13629 Coffee Maker

    Features Boiler Double Pump Pressure 15 Bar Intelligent pre-brew aroma system Two ceramic disc grinders Milk and coffee at the same time 19 Individually programmable speciality coffees Hot water function Cappuccino frother Height adjustable coffee spout Thermoblock heating system Adjustable water…

    $5950 - $5950
  5. Jura 15134 Z6 Coffee Maker

    The Z6 moves into completely new territory, taking the automatic specialty coffee machine to the next level. The state-of-the-art generation of coffee machines is an impressive showcase of Swiss innovation. It achieves a brand new standard of quality across the whole spectrum of specialty coffees,…

    $3284 - $3790
  6. Jura Z8 Coffee Machine

    Whether you’re looking to create rousing ristrettos or mellow latte macchiatos, the Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine has the right brew just for you. Easy to use, it comes with a high-resolution touchscreen interface that lets you select and create your favourite coffees with a simple touch. The…

  7. Jura E6 Coffee Maker

    Welcome each day with a cup of coffee brewed using the Jura E6 Platinum Auto Coffee Machine. The coffee maker has 8 intensity levels, so it can adapt to everyone’s varying tastes. The Jura E6 Platinum Auto Coffee Machine features the Pulse Extraction Process, optimising extraction time and…

  8. Jura ENAMICRO1 Coffee Maker

    Features Thermoblock heating system Intelligent pre-brew aroma system Adjustable coffee strength Energy save mode Integrated rinsing, descaling and cleaning programme 1.1L Water tank capacity Height adjustable coffee spout - Adjusts to height between 55-141mm Multi level conical grinder

  9. Jura Giga X8c Coffee Maker

    The high performance Giga X8c Professional with its elegant finish comes with a unique speed function, allowing it to prepare perfect coffee in record time. The optimally extracted coffee is mixed with hot water inside the machine by means of an extra bypass. Absolutely no flavour is lost during…

  10. Jura Giga X3 Coffee Maker

    The new Giga X3 professional offers everything needed by staff in a large office or break out room. It delivers up to 31 individually programmable speciality coffees and another 12 barista recipes at the touch of a button, including the en vogue flat white. As well as being easy to operate and…

  11. Jura Ena Micro 90 Coffee Maker

    Compact and elegant the Jura Ena Micro 90 Automatic Coffee Machine offers you the ability to make a wide variety of speciality coffees. Thanks to the Pulse Extraction Process, extraction time is optimised and allows for maximum aroma with short specialities like espressos.

    $999 - $1152
  12. Jura S8 Coffee Maker

    The stylish S8 creates the full range of specialities from espresso to latte macchiato to a masterful standard of quality. With just a touch on the colour touchscreen display, one of 15 different specialities flows into the cup. This is thanks to several outstanding innovations. The aroma grinder…

  13. Jura E8PB Coffee Maker

    Jura E8PB Coffee Maker Jumpstart your day with a cup of coffee made using the Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine. Featuring a 6 level grinder, Jura E8 makes sure your coffee creations are optimally ground, fresh, gentle, and aromatic. The integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes can be prompted at…

    $1699 - $1895
  14. Jura Z6ALU Coffee Maker

    From short, fiery ristretti to mellow flat whites, the Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine delivers a world class quality across the whole spectrum. Taking inspiration from the world’s best baristas, this coffee machine from Jura optimises extraction time to allow for a range of specialty coffees to…

  15. Produced in a small town off the west coast of Scotland, this single malt is crafted from a selection of the finest aged Jura single malt whiskies. Spices, honey, pine and peat combine with a hint of smoke to make a subtly sweet, yet smoky single malt.

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  16. Produced in a small town off the west coast of Scotland this single malt aged for 10 years has a lingering taste of warming gentle oak, caramel, soft liquorice and roasted coffee beans. Delicate yet robust.

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  17. Half Yearly Sale Clearance on Now -Make the most of your Jura coffee machine and experience clean and clear water with every cup with the Jura Claris Blue Water Filter Cartridge. pH-neutral to coffee, this filter can be placed directly in the water tank. Key Features Filtering the water before…

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  18. Half Yearly Sale Clearance on Now -The Jura descaling tablets have been developed specifically for Jura automatic coffee machines. The Jura descaling tablet extends the service life of your coffee machine by removing scale and yet still being easy on your machine. Effective Descaling Descaling…

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  19. Half Yearly Sale Clearance on Now -Sleek and durable, the Jura Milk Pipe with Stainless Steel Casing lets you connect your compatible milk container to the milk spout and securely transfer milk while adding an elegant touch to your coffee machine's look. Key Features The Jura Milk Pipe with…

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  20. Half Yearly Sale Clearance on Now -The Jura Claris white water filter protects the machine against calcium deposits and extends its lifetime and ensures consistently high water quality and therefore coffee quality. The filter is developed specifically for automatic coffee machines. High Quality…

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