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  1. Cambridge AM10 - TOPAZ 35 Amplifier

    35 Watts per channel 5 x rear mounted source inputs 1 x front MP3 line input Integrated phono stage for turntable connection Full remote control

  2. Cambridge Audio SX50B Speaker

    High power, efficient woofer magnets deliver deep bass without putting stress on your amp,Custom-designed bass driver with treated paper cone for a smooth and even frequency response,Silk dome tweeter combines a soft, smooth sound with high levels of detail,Dedicated foam damper behind the tweeter reduces reflections and increases sound stage depth for a truly spacious, room-filling experience where you can pick out every instrument,Precisely optimised crossovers give the smoothest and most linear response,Rigid MDF cabinet modelled using CAD so that the speaker dimensions minimise standing waves, for a more precise bass response.

    $290 - $369
  3. Cambridge Audio TV5 Speaker

    The TV5 offers incredible sound from a sleek speaker base. Designed to give you fantastic audio, you’ll get cutting-edge tech in a beautifully compact package. And you won’t even need an external subwoofer.

  4. Cambridge Audio CXR120 Receiver

    The CXR120 serves up the latest audio and video has your high def home theater needs, along with the clean, clear sound Cambridge Audio is known for. This precision built receiver includes potent, audio phile quality amplification for seven speakers plus decoding for the superior high resolution surround sound formats available with today HD video sources. It has built in Wi Fi for listening to music from a networked PC, free Internet radio, and music services.

    $2492 - $2999
  5. Cambridge Audio AERO5B Speaker

    The most vital part of cinematic sound? The dialogue! Without the drama of human interaction, there's little point in even turning on. Yet all too often, traditional centre channel speakers can introduce distortion in the most important (and sometimes hard to hear) element of any surround sound experience.Using a BMR driver instead of a traditional tweeter gives the Aero series several key advantages ? adding up to a radical difference in audio quality compared to its rivals.

  6. Cambridge Audio BLUETONE100 Speaker

    A 100 watt Bluetooth speaker which connects to almost any device for breathtakingly big sound. Bluetone 100 is packed full of technology to fill a room of any size with the full spectrum of sound.We worked tirelessly developing technology to fill any room with rich, deep sound from small digital files streamed from a phone, and the result is astonishing. Bluetone 100 will never lose a shouting match - so you may like to apologise to the neighbours in advance. And with only a power chord to connect, you can easily move it to wherever the party's starting.

  7. Cambridge Audio AERO5WA Speaker

    Cambridge Audio AERO5WA  speaker exclusive Power Engine chipset, it uses a constant gain PLL modulator circuit, a cross feedback loop circuit, an Active Power Control system, a highly efficient power supply and the highest quality parts. It delivers exceptionally high levels of power and sound quality, yet with low power consumption and compact size. The 25 cm cone diaphragm is made of Yamaha developed F.B.P., which is paper with a blend of carbon fibers and aramid fibers. Its extreme stiffness and extra long stroke prevent distortion from occurring even during large, deep bursts of sound.

  8. Cambridge Audio AERO3B Speaker

    Whatever your surround sound setup, these versatile BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) rear speakers will vastly improve your audio.Using a BMR driver over traditional cone drivers gives the Aero series several key advantages ? adding up to a radical difference in audio quality compared to its rivals.In the Aero 3, using BMR drivers delivers a far more immersive, natural and coherent sound than traditional speakers, with a greater frequency response �? from 80Hz-22kHz. And BMRs naturally deliver a wider, more room-filling sound ? ideal for rear, surround speakers. Plus they're more forgiving of placement than traditional speakers.The Aero 3 speakers are also more versatile than traditional rear speakers, not just in terms of placement options. The speakers can run in "bipole" setting, with the two 4" BMR drivers outputting the same audio in opposite directions for an immersive wash of rear surround sound, ideal for a traditional 5.1 surround system. But for stunning 7.1 surround, without…

  9. English Laundry English Rose 100ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Lifting the senses with its ethereal quality, this delicate fragrance opens with fresh kiwi, red lychee and golden quince, complimented by white chocolate and jasmin petals at the heart. For a purely peaceful scent, notes of orris roots, powdery musk, and sensual woods have been composed at the base.

    $53.33 - $99.88
  10. English Laundry English Laundry Riviera 100ml EDT Men's Cologne

    Make a memorable first impression with Riviera, a spicy fragrance for charismatic men who prefer a fresh, clean scent for daytime wear. Introduced in 2010 by English Laundry, this fragrance blends bright, citrusy top notes of lemon, lime, and bergamot with floral middle notes for a crisp, energizing experience. Spicy base notes of black pepper and nutmeg give this fragrance longevity, so you can still enjoy the lingering scent on your skin hours after application.

  11. English Laundry English Laundry Signature 100ml EDP Men's Cologne

    English Laundry Signature for him by English Laundry is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men. English Laundry Signature for him was launched during the 2010's. Top notes are bergamot, lemon, lavender and cedar; middle notes are nutmeg and coriander base notes are sandalwood, vetiver, musk and amber.

    $112.27 - $122.88
  12. English Laundry English Laundry Royal Aqua 100ml EDT Men's Cologne

    Royal Aqua Cologne by English Laundry, Launched in 2010 this refreshing men's cologne was created by christopher wicks . The top notes are lavender, watermint, pepper, basil leaf and ginger. The middle notes are coriander, cedar leaf, lotus flower and incense. The base notes are saldalwood, violet leaf, musk and iris.

    $109.29 - $119.88
  13. Cambridge Audio Minx S322 Speaker System

    With the addition of a second drive unit in each satellite speaker, this amazing 2.1 Speaker package delivers even greater depth and dynamics and instantly reveals its muscle as soon as the music begins. The Minx 322 system is also a true ace of bass thanks to an even more potent 300 Watt digital subwoofer. Developed to engulf even the largest of rooms the amazing Minx 322 system will enrich your love for music like never before. - Min 20 satellite speaker - Frequency Response: 130Hz-20kHz - Impedance: 8 Ohms compatible - Power Handling: 15-75 W Recommended - Drive units: 2x 2.25” BMR - Dimensions (H x W x D): 154 x78 x 85mm, (6.0 x 3.1 x 3.3”) - Weight: 0.75kg (1.65lbs) - Power Output: 300W - Frequency Response: 33Hz (-6dB) – 200Hz - Crossover: Active – variable 50Hz-200Hz - Drive units: 1 x 8" subwoofer, 1 x 8" passive radiator - Dimensions (H x W x D): 311 x 266 x 278mm, (12.4 x 10.5 x 11.0") - Weight: 7.5Kg (16.5lbs)

  14. Cambridge Audio 851E Amplifier

    This true analogue preamplifier delivers an incredibly pure signal. The 851E delivers so little harmonic distortion and adds so little noise to incoming signals that we can barely measure it. In preamplifiers, that's a very good thing! Specifications: - THD (unweighted): - < 0.00045% @ 1kHz - < 0.00057% @ 20kHz - SN (unweighted): - < 110dBr - < 90dBu - Frequency response: 10Hz - 100kHz ± 0.1dB - Crosstalk @1kHz: > 110dB - Maximum output: - 8V rms unbalanced - 8V + 8V rms balanced - Output impedance :100 Ohms (Unbalanced or Balanced) - Subwoofer output: Flat or 200Hz 2nd Order Butterworth LPF - Max power consumption: 36W - Bass & Treble controls: - Shelving type - Max bass boostcut ± 10 dB at 10 Hz - Max treble boostcut ± 7.5 dB at 20 kHz - Standby power consumption: <0.5W - Dimensions (H x W x D) :115 x 430 x 385mm (4.5 x 16.9 x 15.2’’) - Weight: 8.1kg (17.9lbs)

  15. Cambridge Audio 651W Amplifier

    The Azur 651W is a two channel power amplifier, designed specifically to be partnered with a high quality digital pre-amplifier such as the Stream Magic 6. By separating out power amplifier functionality, our engineers were able to give this amplifier the time and dedication that it needs to deliver the ultimate performance. By featuring both fully balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA analogue audio inputs, the 651W is, of course, designed to work in perfect synergy with a dedicated Cambridge Audio pre-amplifier. By connecting a digital pre-amplifier such the Stream Magic 6, the 651W provides the powerhouse in a truly astonishing digital music system! Specifications: - Power output: - 100W per channel into 8 Ohms - 150W per channel into 4 Ohms - THD (unweighted): - < 0.001% 1 kHz - < 0.005% 20 Hz - 20 kHz - Frequency response: 5Hz – 80kHz +-1dB - SN ratio (ref 1W 8 Ohn): > 90dB (unweighted) - Sensitivity: - 1.5V rms unbalanced - 1.5 + 1.5V rms balanced - Input…

    $1299 - $1349
  16. Cambridge Audio Go V2 Portable Speaker

    The new MINX GO V2 with Near Field Communication for lighting fast pairing and USB phone charging to make this the ultimate wireless speaker whether you are home or away. AptX Bluetooth with Near Field Communication pairing 18 Hour Battery Life Charges connected devices 2x Titanium bass radiator Connectivity AptX Bluetooth technology with NFC touch pairing 3.5mm Aux and USB Charging port Battery Rechargeable lithium ion battery.

    $239 - $249
  17. Cambridge Audio G2 Mini Portable Speaker

    An ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker with big sound and big battery. With a four speaker array, 10 hours of battery life, and a sleek and stylish design, the G2 can fit neatly in your bag, power your party in the park, and charge your phone on the go. Description Features Specifications The G2 creates a big pumping sound from its compact stylish casing. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers on the market, our years of experience in electronics and speaker engineering have enabled us to deliver this small and discrete speaker with true party filling lows and crystal clear highs.

    $129 - $219
  18. English Laundry Notting Hill 100ml EDT Men's Cologne

    English Laundry Notting Hill Parfum: Top notes are bergamot, lemon and lime; middle notes are jasmine and pepper; base notes are cedar, sandalwood, amber and musk.With nuances of bergamot, lemon and lime, natural scents unfold into a luxuriant body of jasmine and peppercorn. Cedarwood, sandalwood and amber wrap into a sensual musk to emulate a classic that will stand the test of time.

  19. Cambridge Audio 851A Amplifier

    Class XD™ amplification designed to eliminate crossover distortion at low signal levels New balanced volume topology controllable in 1dB steps, giving very fine control, and superbly accurate channel balance Audiophile grade oversize toroidal transformer and substantial extruded heatsink allowing 2 x 120 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms or 2 x 200W into 4 ohms. Separate transformer taps for left and right channels, twin rectifiers and separate PSUs for dual mono operation of the left and right power amplifiers A separate toroidal transformer supplies the preamp making the 851A effectively a Pre and Power amp combination in one box CAP5 protection technology for trouble free operation Acoustically damped full metal chassis with thick brushed aluminium front panel Customisable front panel display Balanced and unbalanced analogue audio inputs for superior connectivity RS232 controllable Eco-friendly <0.5W Standby power consumption

    $2699 - $2699
  20. Cambridge Audio Topaz Stereo SR20 Amplifier

    The SR20 is the most powerful amplifier in the Topaz range offering an immense 100 watts per channel, backed by a dedicated subwoofer output as well as two sets of speaker outputs. It also features analogue inputs, digital inputs, a phono stage, an FM receiver and an MP3 input, so it will connect and play virtually anything you throw at it. continuing the comprehensive specification and attention to detail, the SR20 features a built-in MM Phono stage, bringing your vinyl to life! Turntables fitted with phono cartridges of either the Moving Magnet or high output Moving Coil type can be used.

    $749 - $806.55
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