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  1. Look no further for your battery charging solution! This Rossi smart battery charger packs a serious punch, and is capable of delivering both 12V & 24V charges.

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  2. Acting as a portable power source, the Ark Powerpack battery is ideal for taking on camping outdoor trips. It has 2 accessory ports, a USB port & even more outlets! Whether you need portable power on the work site or a second battery to run the fridge, an auxiliary battery box is the perfect solution. The ArkPak AP-730 provides 12V and 240V power, can be used as a 12V battery charger, battery management system, and a dual-battery system all in one. The ArkPak AP-730 is compatible with all 4WD batteries, including lead acid, calcium, gel and AGM of up to 130Ah in size. A time-saving feature is the easy step-by-step guide that takes you through the new battery set-up process, remembers the last battery you used, and will warn you if there's a fault with the battery. Once you've dropped in your battery, ARK tells us you'll get up to three days of continuous 240V power, or up to seven days of 12V power from a 130Ah deep-cycle battery based on the power consumption of a 37L fridge/freezer. If you've got someone in the family who simply won't leave home without their slice of technology, a built-in 300W inverter provides 240V power without the need to run an external inverter or additional cabling. Power is delivered through the 240V mains socket, two 12V cigarette lighter ports, a 5V USB connection, external high-current terminals or via the 50A Anderson plug, all of which can be used simultaneously. As well as being a portable power station, the ArkPak has a built-in 7AMP seven-stage Smart Charger. It's designed to regulate the charge to the internal 12V battery throughout its life just by leaving it plugged in at home. So you don't have to worry about checking the battery every few hours, the ArkPak has a Time Tracker function. It's essentially an on-board microprocessor that constantly assesses the state of the battery. It tells you both the percentage of battery remaining, and the number of hours until it's full during charging via an interactive LCD screen. A beauti

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  3. Orico MPU-5S-BK 5-Port USB Car Charger

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  4. 6V & 12V Heavy Duty 8A Car Battery Charger

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  5. Overview The OzCharge 12 Volt OC-SW121040 (4 Amp) battery charger & maintainer comprises of the latest microprocessor controlled switched mode technology with the added bonus of a selectable battery Rejuvenation (De-Sulphation) feature which has been proven to break down the crystalline form of lead sulphate within the battery cells which helps extend your battery life. There is also an automatic Equalisation feature for Calcium batteries which helps to maintain and balance your battery cells. It is fully automatic with safety timers, reverse polarity, short circuit and overload protection and it comes standard with quick connect crocodile clips and a wall mount bracket. Key Features High frequency Switching Mode Full time pulse charge output Microprocessor controlled Multi charging rate - (Selectable 1 / 2 /4 Amps) Selectable Battery Type: Calcium / Sealed, WET / GEL

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  6. Overview The OzCharge OC-61201(1A) Selectable 6V/12V battery charger & maintainer has been designed with one of the worlds leaders in Battery chargers and is the perfect charger to keep lead acid batteries in prime condition in vehicles which do not get used very often. The charger comes with a fly lead and 2 different kinds of connectors, crocodile clips and a ring terminal type. The ring type is perfect for permanent connection to your battery. You can connect the lead to the battery and tuck the lead away while you are using your vehicle and when you get back to your garage simply plug the lead into the charger. The intelligent integrated charging circuit in this charger is designed for permanent connection to your battery, it senses when your battery is charged and it will maintain your battery in prime condition for when you need to use it. Its small current and intelligent charging circuit will help you to maintain your lead acid battery in excellent condition and to get the maximum life out of it. Please note: This charger will not bring dead batteries back to life nor will it charge a totally flat battery. The charging circuit is designed to charge with small amounts of current to avoid damaging the lead plates inside your battery and prolong the life of your battery, it is not a miracle cure that will make you battery last for ever. Batteries do have a life span which when used with this charger will help you to get the most use out of the battery life. Use of high current chargers to charge your battery quickly in most cases will shorten the life of your battery considerably. If using Generator power, please use a Surge Protector to protect the battery charger from high Voltage Spikes.Fully Automatic with Reverse Polarity Protection Providing FOOL PROOF Technology. Key Features 6V / 12V Switchable (1ACharging Power) Fully Charges Battery Automatically Maintains Full Charge Indefinitely Includes 2 Quick Connect harnesses - (Ring Terminals and Crocodile

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  7. Featuring an upgraded 50W twin motor and longer life 12V battery this Ride On Car promises up to two hours of riding escapades with music and flashing lights in tow. The Ride On Car itself is a stunning piece of work with all the Macan Inspired design cues including impeccable classic black paint work stylish workable lights large comfortable seat with seat belt sleek dashboard with realistic push start button MP3 connectivity chrome plated wheels rear wheel suspension and anti-slip tyres.Child safety is always foremost in mind and the Ride On Car features both manual and parental remote controls to help your child ride on smoothly in any situation.With a load capacity of 30kg and speed range of 2 to 8kmh the Macan Inspired Ride On Car is as real as it gets for your child to cruise onto the driveway to unbridled fun. Parents included.

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  8. The Campmark CD-55R is rapidly catching a lot of attention and becoming the most demanded multi-functional battery charger both in Australia and New Zealand.With this range of the latest intelligent battery chargers you can prolong your battery life and maintain performance at its optimal level. These battery chargers are perfect both for home and professional use.The Campmark CD-55R Intelligent Battery Charger carries a strict cuff giving a fantastic 40 Amps which surely makes it the better choice for battery upkeep and workshops. The CD-55R has twin 12V and 24V charging integrated with a practical ammeter to display the charge pace and the charge status of your battery.Its ideal for lead-acid batteries with an incorporated security mechanism for accidental reverse polarity overheat and overload as well as fast and slow charge setting for safe and dependable charging. Select Campmark battery chargers to get the best charging experience.How to calculate your batterys charging timeCalculate Batterys Charging Time Battery capacity Ah Charging Current deducting losses. For example A 100Ah battery will use about 4 hours to fully charge permitting for 20 efficiency loss.

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  9. CTEK D250SA LATEST RELEASE DUAL BATTERY CHARGER SOLAR DC TO DC 12V DC CAR AGM CARAVAN 4WD MARINE 2 YEAR CTEK AUSTRALIAN WARRANTY LATEST AUSTRALIAN STOCK AND BRAND NEW TO THE MARKET AUTHORISED CTEK DEALER FREE POSTAGE AUSTRALIA WIDE The CTEK D250SA DUAL is a fully automatic 5stage DCDC charger that supplies 20A to 12V batteries from 40Ah 300Ah The ultimate 12V 4WD and camping power management system The new CTEK D250SA 5step charger gives 4WDers the flexibility and ease of quickly charging up your service batteries from either traditional or smart alternators or from solar power It will even give your starter battery a maintenance charge when your service batteries are fully charged The 20A DCDC ChargerD205SA features A 5step charger to quickly charge up your service batteries from either traditional or smart alternators or from solar power Smart alternator compatibility Special AGM function featuring a selectable 147V for AGM batteries as well as a 144V option for other batteries An advanced inbuilt Maximum Power Point Tracker MPPT maximising the power from your solar panels Temperature compensation

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  10. CTEK D250S DUAL BATTERY CHARGER DC TO DC 12V DC CAR AGM CARAVAN 2 YEAR CTEK AUSTRALIAN WARRANTY LATEST AUSTRALIAN STOCK AUTHORISED CTEK DEALER FREE POSTAGE AUSTRALIA WIDE Ctek39s D250S DUAL is a battery charger that gets its energy from DC sources such as alternators solar panels or wind power and optimizes its power to address the charging requirements different battery banks require Ctek39s D250S DUAL automatically selects the connected DC source that currently provides the best energy of two possible and thus transforms these energies into a highefficiency multistage charging Ctek39s D250S DUAL39S charging is done automatically every time you get DC power to the charger for example from a altenator when the vehicle is started or from the solar panel if and when they are connected Ctek39s D250S DUAL has a temperature sensor that provides optimal charging voltage at all temperatures With Ctek39s D250S DUAL batteries are always in great condition charging happens quickly and battery life is multiplied Ctek39s D250S DUAL is a fully automatic 5speed charger that provides 20A for 12V batteries between 40300Ah The charger is IP65 rated splash dust proof and approved for outdoor use protects the vehicle electronics and is for all types of lead acid batteries Wet MF Gel AGM Benefits Maximised battery life due to minimised undercharge time Maximised battery capacity when the battery is kept fully charged avoiding harmful sulphate crystals on the lead plates and stratification of the battery acid Ability to take charge automatically from any power source that is connected to the D250S DUAL Reduced charging times and costs by decreasing engine idling and the dependency on AC power onshore through efficient use of alternator and solar power Reduced environmental impact through extended battery life and a reduced idle time Minimal installation time and cost Suitable For Boats Campervans and RVs Caravans 4WDs Housing that relies on generators for extra electricity Can be connec

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  11. This Helistar battery 12V input car charger (3A output) is designed for the DJI Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Battery.

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  12. This Helistar car charger is designed to suit the DJI Phantom 4 battery.

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  13. Compatible with IXUS 400, IXUS 430, IXUS 500, IXUS 330, IXUS 300

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  14. Charges the Canon LP-E5 Battery Pack and connects to the cars power port.

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  15. 12V in car charging unit compatible with the Drift Standard & Long Life batteries. Input voltage 100-240V (AC) @50/60Hz, 0.2A.

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  16. NiteSite Stock Mounted Battery Car ChargerFor use with 5.5Ah and 6Ah batteries.

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  17. XIT XTCHGPH4 GoPro Hero 4 Car Battery Charger

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  18. Bower Canon USB Car Battery Charger for NB-8L

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