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  1. The Mounting Adaptor is useful when installing the SureFlap Microchip Door or the DualScan Microchip Cat Door into glass, walls and certain door types. Glass installation When mounting the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door in a glass pane, your glazier will generally cut a circular hole, leaving open areas around the corners of your cat door. The Cat Door Mounting Adaptor covers these open areas, preventing loss of heat from your home and providing a clean, neat finish to your installation. Wall installation The recommended wall installation technique avoids the use of adhesives, which could make it difficult to remove your cat door at a later date. It also means that you do not have to drill through any part of your cat door during installation. Each cat door mounting adaptor includes two parts, one for the interior and one for the exterior of your home. Two sizes available: Small Cat Door Adaptor - Allows mounting in holes ranging from 210mm to 260mm diameter. The total diameter of the mounting adaptor is 285mm. Large Pet Door Adaptor - Allows mounting in holes ranging from 294mm to 320mm in diameter. The total diameter of the large mounting adaptor is 380mm. Available in White or Brown Have a look at the adaptor installation instructions:

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  2. The SureFlap Microchip Door Tunnel Extender allows you to mount the door into thick walls including a home's interiror and exterior walls. The extender fits into the tunnel of the microchip door, and you can even use multiple extenders in extra thck walls - just stack them together to form a tunnel of any length. Two sizes available: Small Cat Door Extender (for both the Dualscan and Standard microchip doors) - Adds 50mm to the existing cat door's 70mm tunnel. Large Pet Door Extender - Adds 50mm to the existing pet door's 70mm tunnel. Available in White or Brown To calculate the number of tunnel extenders you will need, please refer to the chart in the images.

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  3. Does your pet ask to be let in or out by scratching at the door? It’s a good way for cats and dogs to communicate but not so good for your paintwork! Here’s an easy solution. Just hang these tough plastic guards over the handles – you receive one for both sides of the door. And, at 91.5 x 40.5 cm, they provide all the protection you need without spoiling the look of your décor. -Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.

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  4. sureflap-pet-door-tunnel-mounting-extender

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  5. petsafe-sliding-glass-pet-door

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  6. The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Mounting Adaptor is useful for installing the SureFlap MicroChip Pet Door into glass, walls and certain types of doors. The SureFlap Pet Flap Mounting Adaptor covers circular holes in a door or window from 294mm up to 320mm in diameter in diameter. Using the SureFlap Pet Door Mounting Adaptor is recommended as it enables you to remove your pet door at a later date and fixes the cat flap to the wall without the need for messy adhesives. The SureFlap Pet Door Mounting Adaptor includes two parts, one for the exterior and one for the interior of your home.

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  7. Provide your pet greater freedom they need with the PetSafe Staywell Small 2-Way Pet Door White. This pet door features a manual 2-way lock so it can be locked completely or allow total access in and out. The PetSafe Staywell Small 2-Way Pet Door White is perfect for pets up to 7kg with a shoulder width of 147mm. The durable plastic frame will fit most wooden doors, brick walls, PVC, uPVC and metal doors. Most important, the PetSafe Staywell Small 2-Way Pet Door White will help give more control over your home and your pets the independence they deserve, allowing them to explore the garden and avoid toileting accidents.

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  8. Hakuna Pets Deluxe Aluminium Pet Door Medium For Dogs

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  9. Hakuna Pets Deluxe Aluminium Pet Door Large For Dogs

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  10. Introducing The Pet Tek Catwalk Tunnel Profile Cat Door for Wood Doors in White Colour. This attractive wood fitting cat door is designed to fit all doors and panels of wood, metal and pvc construction. Due to its tunnel profile it will fit all panels from 11-52 mm (approx 3/8”- 2”). The pet door is simple to install. It has a weather seal flap to reduce draughts. All fixing screws are stainless steel, avoiding potential rust stains on door panels. The flap size is generous, (170 x 155mm (6 3/4” x 6”)), suits all cat breeds. A template is supplied for marking and cutting of the door panel complete with instructions and a 3 year warranty. The door flap is manufactured from UV stabilised high impact polycarbonate to endure the rigours of animal use. A four way manual locking system is provided to allow the owner flexibility with the pet’s movements. In only position,will allow your cat entry but prevent the cat from leaving. Out only position, will allow your pet to leave the house but prevent the cat from re-entry. The locked position will prevent the pet from both entry and exit. The In and Out position will allow both entry and exit. Key Features: Flap is made from Bayer Polycarbonate virtually unbreakable flap. All Stainless Steel screws to prevent rusting. No maintenance required with a 3 year warranty coverage. Self lining door with a brush weather seal to reduce draughts. Fits Wooden, PVC and Metal doors and panels 11 mm to 52mm (3/8” - 2”). Four way locking system. Self closing flap with magnetic location. Simple to install, suitable for the average home handyman. Specifications: Flap Size: 155mm x 170mm Overall Size: 250mm x 200mm Application: Wood Fitting Pet Size: Medium Cat Material: White Plastic

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  11. Introducing The Pet Tek Catwalk Magnetic Cat Door for Glass Doors. This magnetic cat door is designed for glass. The opening system will help keep stray cats from entering your home. A small magnet is attached to the cat’s collar, which activates the multi magnets that operate the opening latch to allow pet entry. Once the pet has entered the system will automatically close the latch, helping to prevent entry by stray cats. The Multi Magnetic system has a similar action to that of an electromagnetic door, however, does not have the problems associated with electromagnetic doors, such as battery failure or electrical failure. No batteries are required, resulting in lower running costs by avoiding inconvenient battery replacement. Your pet will not be locked out or in, due to flat batteries or electrical failure. The door flap is manufactured from Bayer high impact Polycarbonate. This high impact material is also used for bullet-proof vests and aircraft windows. A four way manual locking system is provided to allow the owner flexibility with the pets movements. In-only position will allow your cat entry but prevent your cat from leaving. Out-only position will allow your cat to leave the house but prevent the cat from re-entry. It will also help to keep stray cats from entering. The locked position will prevent the pet from both entry and exit. The In and Out position will allow both entry and exit. Key Features & Benefits: All new Multi Magnetic System eliminates costly battery replacement and any electrical maintenance and no more locked out pets due to battery failure. Helps keeps stray cats out. Made from Bayer high impact Polycarbonate and Lustran Plastics. No maintenance needed and has a 3 year warranty coverage. Ideal for glass doors. Stainless steel screws which means no rusting. Weather sealed to reduce draughts. Four way locking system for manual use if required - In, out, in & out and locked. UV stabilised. Simple 4 way locking provides complete con

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  12. At last a low maintenance, easy to assemble dog house that will keep both you and your pampered pooch happy! Made from high quality, durable plastic the kennel is strong and robust and totally weatherproof. The kennel features a raised floor for added canine comfort and has excellent ventilation through the side and rear vents and easy access through the front and side door. Easy to clean and a breeze to maintain, simply hose it off inside and out. No need to paint it, the high density polypropolene plastic is virtually maintenance free! Get your pet a bright and airy new kennel today. Features Grey shelter kennel Indoor and outdoor use Eco-friendly Polypropylene (PP) material Durable and heavy duty construction Weatherproof and UV-proof Easy to clean surfaces Hygienic and germ-free Corrugated roof Extendable side Ventilation holes Elevated base Easy to assemble and disassemble Specifications Brand: i.Pet Material: Eco-friendly Polypropylene Waterproof: Yes UV-proof: Yes Colour: Grey Overall dimension: 98 x 68.5 x 68cm Main door dimension: 30x47cm Side door dimensions: 54 x 54cm Elevated base height: 6cm Package Content 1 x Dog Kennel 1 x Assembly Manual

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  13. The 24 " Metal Dog Cage will help you bring you pet out with ease. Featuring two doors in the front and on the side, you can position the unit at your convenience either way ensuring easy access to your pet. Made of quality sturdy wire with black powder coated finish, the cage gives good air circulation to keep your pet happy. The bolt latches will protect your pet and stop them from running around in a new environment; and the slide-out tray makes cleaning easy like never before. When the 24 " Metal Dog Cage is not in use, you can simply fold it up for easy storage. Features 24" Metal Dog Cage Better ventilation and air circulation Black Powder-coated Rust Resistant 3 Access Doors - Roof, Front & Side Removable Plastic Tray - Easy to Clean Bolt latches for security Easy to store and transport Simple assmebly without tools SGS Approved Dimension: 45 x 60 x 51cm Product Content 1 x Metal Dog Cage

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  14. This large rabbit cage is ideal to be used outdoors for keeping your pets.

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  15. This large rabbit cage is ideal to be used outdoors for keeping your pets.

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  16. Create a sweet home for your furry friend with our XXL Wooden Dog Kennel 2 Door All Weather Pet House wPatio amp Window ndash Black. Made of premium fir this XXL wooden dog kennel with a wired window is absolutely a solid spacious and cozy pet house for your cuddly friend to rest and play. The black asphalt roof with strong locking hinges can not only withstand heat as well as rain and keep your pet comfortable all year round but also be propped open for extra air light and easy cleaning which is also good for preventing the lice or parasites. This versatile dog house can also allow your cute little friend to lounge on the large patio to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Covered with waterproof rubber for moisture protection the adjustable legs can make this large dog kennel level with the uneven surface and leave extra room beneath which helps maintain a pleasant floor temperature. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use this multifunctional pet house also comes with two removable plastic doors for easy access to the entrance of your little one. For your peace of mind the kennel patio and the floor are detachable too so that you can clean them easily and thoroughly. Featuring a classic design this pet kennel can blend in perfectly with your home deacutecor. What a great pet house for your dog or cat Bring one home and cheer it up

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  17. Give your dog free range with this Extra Large 2-Way Lockable Pet Door Brilliantly crafted with a magnetic closure design this dog door makes it easy for your pets to come and go as they please while keeping the elements outside. This handy 2-Way door allows the owner to save time and keep a secure home by allowing the main door of the home closed.Ideal for brick wood metal or PVC this pet door is easy to install. Made of eco-friendly ABS plastic this door keeps your pets and family safe from toxins. Convenient safe and secure pets and owners alike will love this 2-way magnetic pet door

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  18. Brown 4 Way Lockable Pet Cat Dog Puppy Flap Door Small Brand new Quantity: 1pc 4 way locking system 1. Pet can only enter from the outside but can not exit again 2. Pet can go out but can not get back in 3. Flay is locked on both sides 4. Flay is completely open pet can come in and go Product size please refer to the display photo

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  19. White 2 Way Lockable Pet Dog Flap Door Medium 29x35cm Brand new Quantity: 1pc 2 way locking system Come with set up kit Product size please refer to the display photo

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  20. Staywell Original 2 Way Small Pet Door in Silver Give your small dog full access in and out of your home, with an internal closing panel if required and a weather resistant flap. Staywell 737EF Features: Weather resistant flap Closing barrier Suitable for cats & dogs up to 7 kg Installation guide included Staywell 737EFS Specifications: Suitable Pet Size: Up to 7Kg Pet Type: Cats & Small Dogs Max. Shoulder Width: 147mm Access Type: Closing Panel Doors Suited: Wooden, Brick Walls, PVC, Metal Does not suit sliding doors Tunnel options - contact us Cut Out Size: 185mm x 158mm Overall size: 236mm x 198mm

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