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  1. 215 60 16 Tyre. Developed with Toyo’s advanced tyre technology, the Proxes C100+ is an asymmetrical car tyre providing exceptional ride comfort, low noise and higher mileage. The Proxes C100+ is available in a wide range of sizes to suit many popular modern vehicles including Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3, Hyundai i30, Holden Commodore, Toyota Camry and Aurion.

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  2. 215 60 16 Tyre. The Doublestar DH02 tyre is designed for passenger cars in urban driving use.

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  3. 215 60 16 Tyre. Michelin’s Primacy LC is specially engineered for silence, fuel efficiency, safety and longevity. It provides the quietest of rides and refinement thanks to the ‘Silent Rib’ technology which minimise vibrations on the road that cause unwanted noise. And, low rolling resistance means reduced CO2 emissions and long wear-life. The silica tread compound, Green X label and optimised construction also guarantee better fuel economy (through a 13 percent reduction in rolling resistance). Michelin’s Primacy LC is the wise, and efficient, choice for your car.

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  4. 215 60 16 Tyre. Goodyear’s Assurance Triple Max is ‘triple’ by name and ‘triple’ by nature – packing three key features into one tyre. Here’s a tyre that offers long tyre life, Goodyear’s fuel-saving technology and the Hydro-Grip system for better handling and braking. The Assurance Triple Max can improve braking by up to two metres in wet weather driving, and is available in a wide range of sizes.

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  5. 215 60 16 Tyre. The Dunlop SP Sport LM704 is a sporty passenger car tyre for good performance at higher speeds. Its tread pattern has been optimised to ensure longer and more even wear, with improved tread stiffness for a comfortable ride. It offers solid handling and braking capability on both wet and dry roads, allowing for excellent wet grip through an improved tread compound.

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  6. 215 60 16 Tyre. Looking for an everyday sport tyre that’s ready when you are to tackle a few corners with enthusiasm? Dunlop’s SP Sport 200E is the tyre for you. The SP Sport 200E uses jointless band technology and a silica compound to ensure minimal disruption to the tyre wall during cornering, while also promoting confident braking. Low rolling resistance helps to improve fuel consumption, and the SP Sport 200E is the chosen standard tyre for various new models from Ford, Toyota and more.

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  7. 215 60 16 Tyre. ATR sport tyres are made for sport enthusiasts who are expecting a tough performance and high traction. Giving you the ultimate experience both in dry and wet handling or even drifting.

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  8. 215 60 16 Tyre. The Goodyear Eagle Efficient Grip Performance tyre is designed to be fitted to passenger cars. It is the next generation of the Eagle EfficientGrip.

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  9. 215 60 16 Tyre. The Dunlop SP Sport 300E is a tyre for the sporting driver offering excellent handling, cornering ability and steering response. The SP Sport 300E features a silica tread compound, jointless band technology and low rolling resistance to improve fuel economy. The SP Sport 300E ensures surefooted performance in both wet and dry conditions, and is available in a wide range of sizes.

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  10. 215 60 16 Tyre. Here’s a tyre from Goodyear that puts fuel economy at the top of the list, while still offering superb steering and handling characteristics. Goodyear’s Eagle NCT5 uses a silica tread construction combined with a spiral overlay to ensure minimum rolling resistance to squeeze every last kilometre from a tank of fuel. The Eagle NCT5 offers excellent wet weather performance, and is the chosen standard fitment from a range of carmakers for their new models.

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  11. 215 60 16 Tyre. The Michelin Primacy HP is a quiet, comfortable tyre engineered for luxury touring sedans. It provides precise dry handling and shorter stopping distances in wet conditions thanks to its unique rubber compounds. This also ensures increased sport handling for overall performance on wet surfaces. The reinforced sidewalls and Zero Pressure Technology allow the car to be driven up to 80kms with no air pressure, while the Comfort Control Technology reduces vibrations and road noise for a quieter ride. The Michelin Primacy HP is fitted as original equipment on luxury sedans like the Lexus GS 430, Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6.

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  12. 215 60 16 Tyre. The Dunlop SP Sport 230 is a high performance passenger tyre offering maximum handling and stability at higher speeds. It is chosen as an Original Equipment (OE) by leading vehicle manufacturers for its quality and superior performance. The tread block design works with the enhanced compound to bring effective braking and precision handling in both wet and dry driving conditions and excellent wet road traction for a high quality ride.

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  13. 215 60 16 Tyre. The Mayrun MR500 tyre is an ultra high performance tyre offering a combination of quiet ride, excellent handling, superior all-weather, and long mileage, making them a great value for passenger car use.

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  14. 215 60 16 Tyre. Looking for a tyre that offers shorter braking distance, reduced noise levels and improved fuel efficiency? This is the tyre for the job. The ContiComfortContact 5 is the perfect comfort tyre. It provides dramatically reduced sound levels when on the highway thanks to the specially designed ‘noise breakers,’ built into the tread pattern. And, the Advanced Silica Compound Technology lowers rolling resistance for better fuel economy. The ContiComfortContact 5 also ensures superb comfort, along with improved handling and premium safety performance to amplify your driving pleasure.

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