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  1. This book is designed to guide beginning students through the fundamentals of tai chi in ten weeks. Dr. Aihan Kuhn teaches readers the twenty-four-step Yang-style form. She shares insight on warming up, healing, and avoiding injury. But tai chi is more than just a physical exercise. It is a way of…

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  2. Walking should be one of the most natural things we do. Most of us have been walking almost all of our lives. However, many have learned walking in a haphazard way. Wearing improper shoes, modeling ourselves after others whose walking is inefficient, and wrong ideas about how our body works are all…

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  3. :wooden drumsticks

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  4. This book has three goals *To motivate you choose tai chi as a way of improving your health and increasing your happiness for an entire lifetime. *To enliven your practice with or without a formal teacher. *To provide guidance to advance your tai chi practice from a mere act of 'doing' tai chi to a…

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  5. :Made of extra thick, durable glass. These Tiki glasses will add the perfect touch to your cocktail party, island themed event, or just a mai tai punch or pina colada at home.

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  6. The book then describes the practice of Tai Chi Chuan which includes more than 500 pictures of the Hand Form as demonstrated by Sifu CHENG. From there we move on to the strategy and tactics which form the basis of the application of the self-defence techniques and the practical training necessary…

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  7. Dan Docherty's The Complete Tai Chi Tutor leads you on a spiritual journey towards understanding the key principles and history of the art of Tai Chi. It investigates what is known and unknown concerning the origins and history of Tai Chi, from the ancient texts of Chinese civilization to the 21st…

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  8. Dan Docherty presents practical Tai Chi Chuan - the most common Tai Chi techniques - and explains them with reference to the Ming dynasty book The Classic of Boxing and to Chinese myth and legend. Beginners benefit from practising the postures, while advanced practitioners will gain greater insight…

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  9. The essence of Tai Chi Chuan lies in the rich philosophy of ancient China. While most Tai Chi practitioners are aware of the value that studying Chinese philosophy can bring to their practice, it is often difficult to pick out those texts that are most relevant to Tai Chi and connected to its…

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  10. Hong Kong, 1954. The British colony was not yet ready to hear about a Eurasian policeman having an affair with the police commissioner's daughter. Simon Lee tasted swift punishment. He was banished to the far tip of a wild and distant island a stone's throw from Chinese waters - to Tai O, the…

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  11. Written by a long-time teacher of Tai Chi, this book is designed to present Tai Chi as a tool for personal development and as a metaphor for living life in the clearest and most deliberate manner. Disclosure and Empowerment are key concepts that help practitioners advance in their training. Both…

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  12. TONE YOUR BODY, RELAX YOUR MIND Whatever your level of fitness, Step-by-Step Tai Chi offers a simple but effective program of exercise and stress reduction, based on the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. In addition to learning the fundamentals of Tai Chi through his carefully designed four-level…

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  13. Tai Chi Chuan is a form of graceful and slow exercise. It is Chinese and old but still extremely popular. This is because people who practice it benefit from it greatly. Tai Chi brings tranquility and relaxation to the mind, nervous system, and the entire body; and consequently balances off the…

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  14. Conventional medical science on the Chinese art of Tai Chi now shows what Tai Chi masters have known for centuries: regular practice leads to more vigor and flexibility, better balance and mobility, and a sense of well-being. Cutting-edge research from Harvard Medical School also supports the…

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  15. It is the early 19th century, when European traders and adventurers first began to penetrate the forbidding Chinese mainland. And it is in this exciting time and exotic place that a giant of an Englishman, Dirk Straun, sets out to turn the desolate island of Hong Kong into an impregnable fortress…

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  16. Explores the deep, internal work necessary for the effective practice of tai chi . Reveals the Taoist principles that gave birth to the Yang-style tai chi forms . Shows how tai chi can circulate powerful healing energies through the body Taoist adepts developed tai chi as both a martial art and a…

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  17. Discover Tai Ji Quan with this concise and easy-to-read primer. Seen in the West as a dynamic combination of yoga and meditation, Tai Ji Quan is an effective health and mind stilling exercise that has been practiced in China for millennia. Fully illustrated in colour, this book covers all the…

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  18. Originally published in 1998, this book has become a martial arts classic. It provides detailed descriptions of the three main internal martial arts--tai chi (taiji), hsing-i (xingyi) and ba gua (pakua)--and their sub-styles, as well as how they differ from each other and from such external arts as…

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  19. From the Best selling novel from James Clavell, comes this epic romantic adventure set in colonial China. Tai-Pan is Cinese for andquot;supreme leaderandquot;, and such a Tai-Pan is Dirk Struan, who is obsessed by his plan to make Hong Kong the andquot;jewel in the crown of her British…

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