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  1. Troy Calcium Syrup is a palatable, flavoured calcium supplement for the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency in dogs and cats. shop online with Vetsupply today.

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  2. How annoying it is when bugs mosquitos and flies are buzzing around in your house especially during those hot days in summer Besides do you know they are vectors and can transmit a wide range of diseases To protect your family from such threat you will definitely need this Maxkon 40W Insect Killer Eco Mosquito Fly Bug Zapper Electronic Home Pest Control ndash Grey. Featuring 2 replaceable 20w ultraviolet bulbs with a shelf life of 8000 hours this bug zapper attracts all pesky flying insects into the device and kill them once they touch the extremely high-voltage metal grid. Perfect for domestic commercial and industrial usage as this cost-effective mosquito trap is capable of getting rid of all flying pests within its coverage area of 150 square meters. With that being said the cleaning and maintenance is super easy as this eco pest control is equipped with a removable plastic tray for dead insects.

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  3. DIGIFLEX Bed Sleeping King Canopy Netting Insect Mosquito Fly Net WhiteApart from being a fully functional insect shield, it also gives you a wonderful new look to your bedroom. Features This net can be used outdoors as a dramatic way to protect from flying insects too. Ring is made of metal (Not Rattan) it won't crack. Light-weight - can be easily stored away. No opening for better protection. Hangs from the ceiling. Contents 1 x Bed net

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  4. Contains a powerful and effective natural herbal formula suitable for horses sensitive to citronella. Suitable for all exposed areas of coat, repelling all flying and biting insects and improving coat condition and shine. Invisible upon application and does not stain. HSE approved as safe and effective. Contains no listed FEI banned substances. Safe for you, your horse and the environment.

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  5. Nobody likes being surrounded by insects, and in the summer months flies and mosquitoes can become a real problem. The solution is simple, install an electric insect zapper and let the UV- A light do the work luring light seeking insects such as flies, moths and mosquitoes onto the high voltage grid. The insects are despatched instantly and your home, outdoor area or office are insect free! No need for toxic insect sprays or pungent insect coils, the insect zapper will take care of areas up to 150m2. Mount it on the wall permanently or leave it free standing and move it from room to room as needed. It even comes with a 12 month warranty, so get mozzie zapping today! Features Highly effective electric insect zapper Made from long lasting, durable aluminium TUV approved magnetic transformer Made with ABS fire-resistant material Mount on the wall or leave free standing Avoid use of chemicals and insect sprays Easy to install Low power consumption Oil and scratch proof Large removable collection tray for easy insect removal Protective outer mesh grid Suitable for home or office CE, GS, RoHS, SAA, TUV, LVD, EMC approved Specifications Material: Aluminium alloy & ABS fireproof plastic Coverage: 150m2 Killing voltage: AC2000V UV-A lamp: 2x20W T8/BL Average life span of tube: 8000 hours Voltage: 240V/50Hz Power: 45W Dimension: 64x9x36cm Colour: Silver Prodcut Content 1 x Electric Insect Killer

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  6. Great for entertaining in the backyard or illuminating your garden paths, these two in one solar lights are amazing! Not only do they throw out a welcoming warm glow with their auto sensing UV LED light, require no electricity operating entirely on solar power they also attract and despatch insects all at once! No need for pesticides or insect sprays, these lights come with their own built in bug zapper that, once fully charged, operates for up to 9 hours. Perfect for the front porch, courtyard, barbeque area or verandah – place wherever you want to congregate outdoors at night without annoying flies and mosquitoes. Comes in a 4 pack and requires no wiring or electricity. Features 2-in-1 UV bug zapper and solar LED garden light Energy saving as requires no electricity, fully solar powered Lasts up to 6-9 hours from a full charge Attracts and despatches small flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies Warm glow illuminates your garden, pathways or front yard Auto turn on at dawn and off at dusk Great bright white LED light Great bright purple UV light Metal safety grill cage Able to switch between light or bug zapper function Ni-MH rechargeable battery included Poisonous vapour and odour free No electricity or wiring required No tools required for installation Perfect for outdoor entertaining all year round Specifications Waterproof rating: IP65 White LED: 1pc UV LED: 1pc Battery: 600mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Dimension: 14 x 14 x 42cm Colour: Black Product Content 4 x Solar Bug Zapper 1 x User Manual

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  7. The forensic entomologist turns a dispassionate, analytic eye on scenes from which most people would recoil—human corpses in various stages of decay, usually the remains of people who have met a premature end through accident or mayhem. To Lee Goff and his fellow forensic entomologists, each body recovered at a crime scene is an ecosystem, a unique microenvironment colonized in succession by a diverse array of flies, beetles, mites, spiders, and other arthropods: some using the body to provision their young, some feeding directly on the tissues and by-products of decay, and still others preying on the scavengers.Using actual cases on which he has consulted, Goff shows how knowledge of these insects and their habits allows forensic entomologists to furnish investigators with crucial evidence about crimes. Even when a body has been reduced to a skeleton, insect evidence can often provide the only available estimate of the postmortem interval, or time elapsed since death, as well as clues to whether the body has been moved from the original crime scene, and whether drugs have contributed to the death.An experienced forensic investigator who regularly advises law enforcement agencies in the United States and abroad, Goff is uniquely qualified to tell the fascinating if unsettling story of the development and practice of forensic entomology.

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  8. Flying Insects...this book includes winged insects that are especially big or beautiful or fast and or skilful, or dangerous plus a few more that show that simply show their amazing diversity. Here we look at the familiar fat and furry bumble bee and the not so familiar robber fly and amongst others the mosquito.

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  9. Mortein Fast Knockdown Fly & Mosquito Killer Low Allergenic has been carefully formulated to kill insects fast.

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  10. Flying Fox Fruit Bat Jett - Bocchetta

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  11. Flying Fox Fruit Bat Stuffed Toy - Wild Republic

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  12. FLY ASSASSIN | FLY GUN SWATTERWhen the mercury starts warming up, do you find yourself with the swatter out instead of a nice cold drink? Flies are annoying, gross and for some, a challenge. Get your game face on and go into this fight with a real fly weapon. This Fly Assassin Gun Swatter is fast, fun and guaranteed to get you results.Features: Get rid of that annoying buzz Fun, fast and effective Great for the office Safety string so the dart doesn’t fly far Specifications: Packaged in a re-usable bag 12.5 X 10 X 11.5 cm Note: This is not a TOY

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  13. Features: Brand new Quality product Easy to fit and remove Leave your windows open and enjoy the fresh cooler air Keep Spiders, Moths, Mosquitoes, flies, wasps, bugs etc away Specifications: Colour: Black Material: Fiberglass Size: 1.83×30m Size of holes: 1.2×1.2mm Diameter of wires: 0.28mm

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  14. Troy Fly Repel X Insecticidal and Insect Repellent for Dogs, 500mlSuitable for use on dogs, horses, cattle and pigs, Repel X kills flies and fleas quickly on contact. It also effectively repels flies, mosquitos and other biting insects. This is extremely useful in preventing insect bites and the irritation associated with them.Spray the animal lightly using a sweeping motion, going from head to rear avoiding contact with eyes. Apply twice daily when flies are bad and apply to the animal's surroundings (npt plastic material/fabrics).Easy to apply.Helps to repel biting insects and kill fleas and flies.Active ingredients:N, N-Diethyltoluamide 20g/L, Di-N-propyl isocinchomeronate 20g/L, N-Octyl Biccloheptene dicaroboximide 10g/L, Piperonyl Butoxide 8g/L, Citronella 5g/L, Pyrethrins 2g/L.

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  15. Cetrigen Antibacterial Spray for Wounds with Insect Repellent, 500mlCetrigen antibacterial spray is an antibacterial spray that is formulated to treat superficial cuts and wounds in dogs, horses and farm animals. It helps to dry the wound, prevent bacterial infection and repels flies that can cause irritation to a healing wound.Easy to apply trigger spray bottle.Liquid is purple, allowing you to easily identify where it has been applied.Simply spray lightly over the wound and wipe away any run off.

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  16. Fruit fly ninja is a discreet and effective solution for bars and homes having issues with fruit flies. Just peel the sticker and place it in the problem area. The flies will be drawn to the liquid and become trapped and gradually eliminate all fruit flies. 1 fruit fly ninja trap will be effective for 2-3 weeks.

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  17. Learn all about insects with Fly Guy and Buzz! Fly Guy and Buzz are ready for their next field trip! And in FLY GUY PRESENTS: INSECTS they go outside to learn all about other insects like Fly Guy! With straightforward text, humorous asides, and kid-friendly full-bleed photographs throughout, young readers will learn lots of fun facts about all sorts of bugs. Award-winning author/illustrator Tedd Arnold really brings nonfiction to life!

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