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  1. Leica X Typ 113 Digital Camera

    Brillant image quality The extremely fast initial aperture of its Leica-Summilux 35 mm f/1.7 ASPH. lens creates an exceptionally beautiful bokeh, as a result, the exploration of the creative possibilities of selective focus is fascinating and particularly rewarding with the Leica X. The lens is almost completely insensitive to flare and ghosting affects. And all this is possible without an extra lens hood. It delivers bright, clear, and incredibly sharp photos – from infinity to a close-focus distance of only 0.2 metres. As well the CMOS sensor of the Leica X fulfills what its APS-C format promises: outstanding photos with exceptional colour fidelity and the finest rendition of details – even in unfavorable light. Highest quality in every respect The new Leica X fascinates with its timeless design that subtracts the superfluous to concentrate on the essentials. Above all, it delivers the highest quality with regard to materials and finish – down to even the tiniest details. Everything…

    $3755 - $3784
  2. Leica M Monochrom Digital Camera

    This compact camera features a 18-megapixel resolution, designed for shooting very crisp pictures of scenery with exquisite detail. It weighs 600 g. Mounting point is ideal for professionals. This Leica camera features a CCD sensor and has an above-average max ISO of 10000, which is great for capturing photos in darker lighting conditions. Thanks to its Full Frame sensor, you can capture highly-defined images in darker lighting conditions.

  3. Leica Q Typ 116 Digital Camera

    Leica Q (Typ 116) Digital Camera wields a full-frame 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, leveraging the power of the Leica Maestro II series image processor, high-resolution, low-noise imaging is possible at sensitivities up to ISO 50,000 and at a continuous rate of 10 fps. Also, the camera utilizes a Summilux 28mm f1.7 ASPH. lens to allow users to dramatically separate the subject from the background as well as work in difficult light conditions. Further, the Q (Typ 116) has a built-in 3.68-megapixel LCOS electronic viewfinder which provides a live through-the-lens image with handling similar to that of a rangefinder. The rear 3.0" 1,040k-dot touchscreen LCD monitor helps by allowing users to quickly take control of their focus by just tapping on their subject. Focusing aids are also available in the form of Focus Peaking and Live View Zoom. Another benefit of the updated Maestro II processor is full HD 1080p video capture at 60 or 30 fps. Share your photos and videos instantly thanks to an…

  4. Leica M10 Digital Camera

    The Leica M10 blends a pared-down physical design with enhanced imaging capabilities to produce an elegant and intuitive tool for still photography. Utilizing a redeveloped 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor and Maestro II image processor, the M10 yields high-resolution imagery with an extended dynamic range, high sensitivity to ISO 50000, and a continuous shooting rate of 5 fps. Separating itself from previous digital M rangefinders, the M10 features a slim body profile reminiscent of M film cameras, and the optical viewfinder's magnification has been increased to 0.73x for greater composition and focusing accuracy.

    $8019 - $8878
  5. Leica TL Digital Camera

    Take sharp pics of life's best moments with this delightful Nikon camera. This digital camera comes equipped with a 7-x zoom and is a compact model, which enables snapping quality pics of friends and family. The 14.2 megapixel resolution is ideal for most users. It has an optical image stabilizer and features a maximum ISO of 3200. This is great for capturing photos in darker lighting conditions. This camera has a 1/2.3 CCD sensor. In burst setting, it can take up to 3 fps. It has an average battery life of 210 shots and features 720p video capabilities, which enable capturing videos of events and occasions. Weighing in at only 156 grams, this small digital camera won't weigh down your bag.

    $2064 - $2449.95
  6. Leica T Typ 701 Digital Camera

    This Leica T (Typ 701) camera model embodies German minimalist sophistication and deluxe features for another outstanding quality piece from the innovator brand. Featuring a singular, solid aluminum body crafted with precision, the Leica T offers compact resiliency with a simple metal sheen that carries world class performance. The 16.5 Megapixel APS C sensor has an ISO range of 100-12500 and a shoot rate of 5 fps. It captures with precision to bring clarity and vibrant colours to life to all photos and video (1920 x 1080 HD at 30 fps). Meanwhile, its Wi-Fi capability allows for instant share, upload and remote control features with iOS and Android equipped mobile devices and smartphones. Worry not with compact storage, as the camera has a built in generous 16GB memory. Provisions for additional storage are included for SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards. It has a maximized 3.7 inch touch screen LCD laid flat at the back for a complete view and monitoring plane. It fully integrates…

  7. Leica SL Typ 601 Digital Camera

    Milled from two solid blocks of aluminum and packed with the latest and greatest in imaging technology the Leica SL (Typ 601) is a full-frame mirrorless camera ushering in the new professional Leica experience. The SL takes on all fronts with outstanding 24MP stills and high-quality DCI 4K video along with a best-in-class 4.4MP EVF with a magnification of 0.8x. Optimized for speed as well as quality it delivers one of the fastest AF systems available in a full-frame camera as well as a burst rate of 11 fps. With exceptional quality and fast operation the SL (Typ 601) allows shooters to take on nearly any scene with ease be it nature sports action or press photography.

    $7644 - $7666
  8. Leica Sofort Instant Digital Camera

    Leica Sofort is very small-sized and compact Instant Film Camera, it allows photographers to instantly develop and hold a tangible copy of the image captured. The Sofort is a different style of camera from Leica but offers the same high-end look and feel which separates it from other instant film offerings. It offers a compact body with clean and intuitive buttons for navigating the camera settings. The camera utilizes an Automatik-Hektor 60mm f/12.7 lens-equivalent to 34mm in full-frame terms with a three-zone manual focus selector that will give photographers more control over the images final appearance. The Sofort has been optimized for available light photography as well as with a mechanical shutter with speeds as long as 1/8 second and a built-in flash with a later firing speed that gives a more natural look.

    $429.95 - $456
  9. Leica M Typ 262 Digital Camera

    The Leica M (Typ 262) features a high-resolution CMOS full-frame sensor, designed exclusively for rangefinder photography, but excludes video recording and Live View. The 24-megapixel sensor delivers exceptional image quality and extreme sensitivity, and makes the Leica M (Typ 262) the ideal camera for photography in available light situations. At the same time, the camera’s Maestro processor guarantees fast processing of captured images, ensuring that it is immediately ready to shoot.

  10. Leica V-Lux 114 Digital Camera

    This camera features a 16-x optical zoom and it is a mirrorless camera, enabling you to hone your photography skills. Resolution of 20.1 megapixels is ideal for budding photographers. It can take up to 12 frames per second in burst mode. This wireless-enabled camera features a hot shoe, enabling you to connect compatible accessories. This digital camera weighs 830 grams and shoots videos in Ultra HD, intended for professional videographers. It features a max ISO of 12500 and has optical image stabilization, which enables reducing blurriness from handheld pictures. This Leica camera has a 1" MOS sensor.

  11. Leica D-Lux 109 Digital Camera

    This digital camera features a 3.1-x zoom and is a compact model, made for taking high-quality photos of friends and family. The 12.8-megapixel resolution is excellent for most users. It features built-in image stabilization technology and has a maximum ISO of 12500. This is excellent for taking pics in darker lighting conditions. This camera features a Micro Four Thirds MOS sensor, which enables capturing crisp photos in lesser lighting conditions. With 4K video capabilities, you can film in 4K resolution. This wireless-enabled camera weighs 365 g, which is great for travel.

  12. Kiwi Mount Adapter - Leica M Lens - Sony E Camera - LMA-L(M)_EM

    + Shipping: $9.95
  13. Kiwi Mount Adapter - Leica R Lens - micro 4/3 Camera

    + Shipping: $9.95
  14. Kiwi Mount Adapter - Leica M Lens - micro 4/3 Camera - LM-L(M)_M4/3

    + Shipping: $9.95
  15. Kiwi Mount Adapter - Leica M39 Lens - micro 4/3 Camera

    + Shipping: $9.95
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