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  1. The LED LENSER P7 has been designed for pros and users who expect only the best This flashlight is equipped with Advanced Focus System lenses and with the focusing mechanism of our newly-developed Speed Focus. The lamp achieves the same light output as 3 to 4 heavy conventional electric torches Circular spotlight or sharply focused beam with a range of up to 200 meters - the choice is yours The P7 has a modular design, a Dynamic Switch (an important feature for police and armed forces), and three different brightness levels. One set of inexpensive batteries provides up to 120 hours of light (in economy mode). Purchase LED LENSER P7 and you get the best lamp LED LENSER lighting research has to offer. * Average values. May vary +/- 15% depending on type of chip and batteries. Compared to the average luminous flux (lumen) of standard flashlights equipped with 3 D-cells and light bulbs. Specifications: Lens: AFS Rapid Focus On/Off: Dynamic Switch Lumens: 320 lm* Max Distance: 260 m* Max Run Time: 50h** Battery: 4 x AAA Length: 130 mm Weight: 175 g Includes: Batteries, Wrist Strap, Belt Pouch

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  2. The Led Lenser V2 Step Up Classic Line Torch is a high end LED torch that throws a beam up to 78.5 metres with a rapid advanced focus system and requires just one AA battery. Specifications Power: 23 LumensLens: AFS Rapid Focus with Light RingOn/Off: Front SwitchMaximum Distance: 78.5 metresMaximum Run Time: 14 hours Length: 131 mmBattery Type: 1 x AA (included)Weight: 73 gramsIncludes: 2 sets of AA batteries

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  3. The all-new Led Lenser P5R.2 rechargeable torch has power and portability in a rechargeable option. The P5R.2 comes with a one-of-a-kind, Floating Charge System™ for wall-mounted or on-the-go charging. Just pop the light into the magnetic recharging system (no need to mess around with wires or batteries) and store for as long as you like - there's no battery memory. To recharge on the go, the system comes with a USB cord. With an output of up to 270 lumens and the ability to be recharged up to 1000 times, you'll be ready for anything. Specifications Power: 270 LumensLens: AFS Rapid Lock FocusOn/Off: Basic SLT Tail SwitchMaximum Distance: 240 metresMaximum Run Time: 12 hours Length: 117 mmBattery Type: 14500 Lithium Ion (included)Weight: 75 gramsIncludes: Lithium ion battery, charging station, intelligent clip, wrist strap, floating USB charger.

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  4. For years, LED Lenser has been producing flashlights unlike anyone else. Taking advantage of the advanced power of the latest in LED technology, their products are designed to operate for hours on end without overheating or needing a bulb replacement. When it comes to flashlights, LED Lenser truly are the best of the best. For a tool you can truly rely on, pick up the LED Lenser P5 Flashlight. This lightweight torch is sure to come in handy for all sorts of situations, with a 120 meters beam distance and up to 140 lumens of luminous flux. It features LED Lenser's famed Advanced Focus System - allowing for a seamless transition from a low beam to a focused high beam - helping set it apart from other flashlights. You're sure to find it endlessly useful. P5 Flashlight features: Designed and engineered in Germany. 140 lumens. 120 meter beam distance. 4 hour battery life. Lightweight design. Small enough to fit in your pocket. Rapid Focus - a single-hand mechanism used to change the light beam lightning fast. Advanced Focus System - allows a seamless transition from homogenous low beam to sharply focused high beam. Features keyring attachment. Requires one AA battery - included. Presented in an LED Lenser gift box. Length: 12cm.

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  5. What's the difference between a Led Lenser torch and a normal torch? Let us enlighten you. When you use a normal torch, only 10% of your batteries' power is used to produce light. The other 90% is wasted, converted to heat. That's why torches get warm when you use them. That's a lot of wasted energy. But the LED revolution has changed all that. A torch that uses an LED (it stands for Light Emitting Diode) rather than a conventional bulb converts all the energy from your batteries to light, so your torch is brighter, and your batteries last longer. And, talking of things that last longer, an LED, unlike a bulb, can operate for tens of thousands of hours without ever needing to be replaced. That's what puts Led Lenser torches light years ahead of the competition! Slim, bright and adaptive, the Professional Series P6.2 was designed in order for people who need to shine light in small spaces - whether it be part of their job, or for a task around the home. The P6.2 shines a vivid light of 200 lumen on only two AA batteries, making it powerful for its size. Light up the night, with Led Lenser. Professional Series P6.2 Flashlight features: Very robust metal housing with splash-proof construction. Slim and lightweight design allows you to use this flashlight in tight spaces. Simple operation, with a single mode. Emits bright, white light at 200 lumens. Maximum range of 120 meters. Improved LED technology provides around 100,000 hours of light on a single bulb. Speed Focus allows you to simply slide the end of the torch to focus the beam of light to a fine point. Advanced Focus System provides a wide circle of light when defocused, and a bright beam when focused. Battery life of 25 hours. Requires 2 x AA batteries (included). Includes a wrist strap and a nylon storage pocket with belt loop and clip. Presented in a smart Led Lenser gift box. Peter's of Kensington is an authorised Led Lenser dealer. When you purchase any Led Lenser product from Peter's, you can rest assured y

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  6. The L7 has a focusable high intensity CREE LED with a maximum intensity of 100 Lumens that is housed in a tough Polycarbonate casing. Powered by three AAA batteries (supplied) with a burn time of up to 85 hours and a beam range of up to 650ft.

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  7. Description coming soon.

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  8. The Ledlenser T7M is a powerful tactical flashlight that delivers up to a massive 400 lumens, 8 light settings, and a unique glass-breaking tail. This flashlight features: 8 light settings . Smart Light Technology that offers two energy modes : Constant Current for a continuous light output and Energy Saving mode for optimising burning life. Smart Life Technology allows you to control how much power you use to operate your light. Advanced Focus System (AFS) , which allows for seamless transitions between a low beam to a sharply-focused high beam. Rapid Focus : a single-hand mechanism used to change the light beam lightning fast. Focus Lock system that keeps the bezel from moving when holstering and un-holstering throughout the night (a must for uniformed professionals). Glass-breaking tail . IPX4 water resistance . SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 180g Length: 13.2cm Lumens: 40-400 Max. Distance: 280m Max. Runtime: 35 hours (at 40 lumens) Battery Type: 4x AAA (not rechargeable)

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  9. LED Lenser P5.2 Flashlight

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  10. For a tool you can truly rely on, pick up the LED Lenser P7 Flashlight. This lightweight torch is sure to come in handy for all sorts of situations, with a 300 meters beam distance and up to 450 lumens of luminous flux.It features LED Lenser�s famed Advanced Focus System - allowing for a seamless transition from a low beam to a focused high beam - helping set it apart from other flashlights. You�re sure to find it endlessly useful.Features:A redesigned lens equipped with the latest LED technology for greater brightness levelsQuickly change the light beam using one hand - Rapid FocusFrom wide-area close range lighting (defocused) to a narrow long -distance beam (focused) - The patented Advanced Focus SystemLarger profile switch makes it easier to use when wearing glovesSustainability thanks to modular constructionRobust metal housing and high-quality gold contactsBeautiful Presented in a Led Lenser Gift Box

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  11. This battery is only suitable for the updated H14R.2 (with 1000 Lumens) which released in Dec 2015.

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  12. Offering top specifications and intuitive controls, the new Pro Series sets a higher bar for performance than ever before. Upgraded specs combine with the Advanced Focus System, Speed Focus, Dynamic Switching and near-legandary durability to make the P series a must-have. Galileo swore by the power of lenses, Newton swore by reflectors. Led Lenser have simply combined the two technologies - but better than anyone before. The result: the patented 3 Advance Focus System (AFS), which allows a seamless transition from homogeneous low beam to sharply focused high beam. The efficiency of the AFS even has experts thrilled! When you focus and defocus a flashlight or headlamp, the reflector lens moves in relation to the LED. With conventional mechanical systems this is done, for example, by turning the head of the flashlight. Since Led Lenser found this technology too slow and impractical, they developed Rapid Focus: a single-hand mechanism used to change the light beam lightning fast - using one hand.

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  13. LED LENSERs T7M, renamed from the popular MT7, is a powerful tactical flashlight with a unique glass-breaking tail. With the T7M you can use the Smart Light Technology system to choose between unvarying light intensity, or continuously-decreasing brightness resulting in longer run time. The Focus Lock system keeps the bezel from moving when holstering and unholstering throughout the day, a must for uniformed professionals. Bright, powerful and featuring eight light settings, the T7M tactical flashlight is the whole package.

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  14. LED LENSER M7 TORCH BLACK The LED LENSER M7 is one of the brightest and most versatile torches in our range. The Smart Light Technology makes eight lighting functions available. The lighting programmes, professional, easy and defence collate differing lighting functions for particular uses, ensuring that you are able to keep an overview despite the wide range of functions. The torch is controlled using a single push button. In addition, you can select from constant and regulated or constantly decreasing lighting performance. With the LED LENSER M7 you are purchasing a torch that supplies you both with light even under tough conditions and an S.O.S. function which offers added safety. PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x LED Lenser M7 Torch Black Note : This order will be dispatched from our Perth Warehouse. This item may arrive in a separate delivery to the rest of your order. Usual dispatch time is 1-2 business days from order.

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  15. LED LENSER M8 MICROCONTROLLER FLASHLIGHT TORCH 400 LUMENS Smart Light Technology provides eight light functions: Morse Tactical Task, Boost, Power, Low Power, Dim, Blink, SOS and Defense Strobe. FEATURES Designed and engineered in Germany 400 lumens 280 meter beam distance Strong, lightweight aluminum casing IPX4 water resistant Advanced speed focus system with spot to flood beam settings. To switch between focuses, push the bezel away from you Gold-plated contacts Two energy modes: Energy Saving and Constant Current Three light programs: Professional, Easy, Defense Includes nylon pouch, which can be attached to belts Batteries last up to 30 hours Requires two CR123 batteries included Presented in a Led Lenser gift box Colour: Black Length: 15cm PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Led Lenser M8 Microcontroller Flashlight Torch 400 Lumens Note : This order will be dispatched from our Perth Warehouse. This item may arrive in a separate delivery to the rest of your order. Usual dispatch time is 1-2 business days from order.

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  16. LED Lenser M14 Torch

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  17. LED Lenser Remote Pressure Switch for P7

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  18. LED Lenser SEO3 Headlamp (Green)The new headlamp series with its youthful design starts out with the LED LENSER SEO 3. It uses three high-quality LEDs with up to 90 Lumen. Just like all of the LED LENSER SEO lamps, it offers a key lock to prevent the lamp from switching on accidentally. The LED LENSER SEO 3 is a high-quality headlamp with impressive performance. Features: 3 High Intensity LEDs Smart Light Technology - Several Light Programs 1 x Glare-free High End Red LED Light to protect night vision Directional Lighting - Lamp Head swivels within an angle of 90 degrees Washable, replaceable, anti-allergic headband designed for comfort Carabiner Transport Lock - prevents light accidentally switching on Lightweight - ideal for extended duration use Casing glows when in use - see and be seen IPX6 - superior dust and water protection Specifications: LED 3x High End LED (white) 1x High End LED (red) Weight 96 g Luminous flux 90 lm* 15 lm* Beam distance 40 m* 18 m* Burning life 10 h* 40 h* Batteries 3x AAA Alkaline Energy Reservoir 4,05 Wh** Waterproof Level IPX6

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  19. LED Lenser SEO B3 Bike Light LemonLED Lenser SEO B3 Bike - Front, Lemon Lens: 1 x High End LED focusable (lemon) On/Off: Basic SLT: Power, Low Power, Signal Lumens: 100 Max Distance: 100 m Max Run Time: 40 h** Battery: 3 x AAA alkaline Weight: 105 g

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  1. LED Lenser P5.2 Flashlight Only $69.99 from Catch

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