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  1. LG Nexus 5X 16GB Mobile Phone

    The Google Nexus 5X offers great performance, wide carrier compatibility, great pictures, an excellent fingerprint sensor and a relatively small, lightweight chassis, all for a fairly low price.

  2. LG TDC8031E Dryers

    SENSOR DRY Moisture sensors on the LG dryer detect the elevel of moisture and adjust the drying time for an optimal result. EASY TO INSTALL No need to install vent or pipe ACCESSORIES Stacking kit, Shoe rack accessories included TIME DELAY The unit can be programmed to dry up to 3~19 hours later. Useful for when you want to dry at different times, especially where electricity rates may differ throughout the day.

  3. This white LG washer/dryer has a 4.5 star WELS water rating and a 4.5 star energy for bill savings, and the capacity to wash 10 kg and dry 6 kg so you can easily handle a 5 or more person household's needs. Its high 1600 rpm maximum spin speed allows you to powerfully extract water after washing to shorten drying time. Also, the white LG SGTW17160H features a 2 year manufacturer warranty. It's 1215mm high, 600mm wide, and 675mm deep, so take careful measurements of where your washer and dryer in one needs to fit, leaving enough space for the door to open.

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  4. This HL1071D1/1-AUS 7kg Hoover front-load washer has One Touch technology*, so it can connect to your Android phone (if it has NFC connectivity). Then you can use an app to download extra washing cycles (sports gear, swimsuits, baby sanitising, bedding, pet hair, lingerie, silk etc.) and the instruction manual, and use voice assist to say what youre washing (fabrics, colours and stain level) and get washing program and option advice. This washer has intuitive touch controls, a clever end delay so it can finish when youre ready to unload it, can create a playlist of favourites to get washing on fast, and gives you tips and tricks for the best washing results. Holding your phone over the washers One Touch symbol gives you a usage and efficiency snapshot so you can track and improve your energy consumption, and you can do a health check so you know when to run an auto clean cycle or clean the filter so the washer always performs at its best. *One Touch technology works in proximity control only: it is not possible to remotely carry out operations (e.g. from another room, or outside of the household).

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  5. MOLD PC P.C MIDDLE GRAY T2.0 NA TRIO-PJTHeight: 25mm Width: 110mm Depth: 65mm Weight: 0.015kgUsed In: WD-1223FB, WD-1236TD, WD13020D, WD13020D1, WD14022D6, WD1402CRD6, WD-1433RD, WD-1435RD, WD-1438RD, WD14700RD, WD-1470FD, WD-8023FB,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: WD-8023FB - Model Version: WD-80230FB.AOWREAP - Model Part: Handle / Latch Parts

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  6. MOLD PC PC MIDDLE GRAY NA L100 TA-PJTHeight: 95mm Width: 65mm Depth: 25mm Weight: 0.012kgUsed In: WD-1015FB, WD-1025FB, WD-1074FHB, WD11020D, WD11020D1, WD12020D, WD12021D6, WD-1274FHB, WD-1412RD, WD-1460FHD, WD-1610FD, WD-8013F, WD-8016F, WD-8074FHB,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: WD-8013F - Model Version: WD-80130F.AOWREAP - Model Part: Handle / Latch Parts

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  7. GENUINE LG PART COLOUR GREY FREE CALL STATEWIDE TO CHECK GASKET IS CORRECT FOR YOUR MODELHeight: 90mm Width: 380mm Depth: 380mm Weight: 0.95kgUsed In: WD-1015FB, WD-1025FB, WD-1074FHB, WD-1223FB, WD-1274FHB, WD-1460FHD, WD-1610FD, WD-80130F, WD-8013F, WD-8016F, WD-8023FB, WD-8074FHB,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: WD-80130F - Model Version: WD-80130F.AOWPEIN - Model Part: Seal / Gasket

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  8. SUITS LG MODELS: LD12AW2, LD14AT1, LD14AT2, LD14AT3, LD14AW1, LD14AW2, LD14AW3, LD212W, LD4050W, LD4120W, WD8013C, WF-T655TH, LD1204W1, WTH950 Replaces LG part number 4681EA2002J, and 4618EN2005A Hanning pump marked as part number: DP025-208 220TO240V 350MA 35W 50HZ 2P 30uF 450VAC 3000 GENUINE QUALITY LG PART 4681EA2002F *** BEWARE OF CHEAP INFERIOR GENERIC IMPORTS WHICH MAY NOT LAST LONG***Weight: 0.441kgUsed In: LD-1204M1, LD-1204W, LD-1204W1, LD-1403W, LD-1403W1, LD-1415M, LD-1415M1, LD-1415T1, LD-1415W1, LD-1416T, LD-1419M2, LD-1419T2, LD-1419W2, LD-1420B2, LD-1420I1, LD-1420I2, LD-1420T1, LD-1420T2, LD-1420W2, LD-1421T2, LD-1421W2, LD-1426T, LD-14AT2, LD-14AT3, LD-14AW2, LD-14AW3, LD-2120W, LD-4050W, LD-4080T, LD-4120M, WD-1019BD, WD-1074FHB, WD11020D, WD11020D1, WD12020D, WD12021D6, WD-1219BD, WD-1227RD, WD-1248RD, WD12490FD, WD-1255RD, WD-1256RD, WD12570FD, WD12576FD, WD12580D6, WD12585FD6, WD12590D6, WD12595D6, WD12595FD6, WD-1274FHB, WD13020D, WD13020D1, WD13050SD, WD14022D6, WD-1412RD, WD-1433RD, WD-1435RD, WD-1438RD, WD14700RD, WD-1480RD, WD-8013F, WD-8016F, WD-8050FH, WT-R801,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: WD12490FD - Model Version: F1242RDS.ATWREAP - Model Part: Motor / Pump Parts

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  9. MOLD PC PC MIDDLE GRAY T2.5 NA DOOR,PEGASUS-PJTWeight: 0.02kgUsed In: WD14030D, WD14030FD, WD14030RD, WD14039D, WD-14313RD, WD-1457RD, WD14750SD, WD14756SD, WD14800RD, WD-1480RD, WD-1481RD, WD-1485RD, WD-1488RD,Appliance: Front Load - Model Num: WD14030D - Model Version: F1403FD.ABWREAP - Model Part: Handle / Latch Parts

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  10. 3650ER3002B Door Handle LG front loading washer. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  11. 4280FR4048C LG Washer Outer Tub Bearing 6205ZZ. In Stock for Immediate despatch. Buy online from Mr Appliance. Price match Guarantee

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  12. Replacement Plastic Washer Connector LG for your Hayward SharkVAC XL pool cleaner. Part Number: RCX12302

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  13. Holden Nova Lg Hatchback- Front Windscreen Washer PumpA brand new aftermarket Front Windscreen Washer Pump made to fit your car by one of the leading aftermarket part manufacturers. Please check that this part is suitable for

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  14. Holden Nova LG '94-'97 - Front Windscreen Washer Pump (Each)A brand new aftermarket front windscreen washer pump made by one of the leading aftermarket part manufacturers in the world. Please ensure that this pump is the correct part for your car, as it is made to fit the specific Holden models listed. This part is made to suit Holden Nova sedan models in the LG Series ranging from 07/1994 - 05/1997.We supply a number of different aftermarket spare parts for a range of vehicles - if you need anything please check out our range! If you require a product which isn't listed, please contact us with the relevant details and we will do our best to source it for you.

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  15. LG V30 Plus Dual 128GB 4G Mobile Cell Phone

    LG's revolutionary OLED display incorporates plastic for higher flexibility with breathtaking colour accuracy. Combined with FullVision technology. Let in the light to take clearer and brighter photos. The LG V30 Plus's F1.6 glass lens dramatically improves dynamic range and low-light capabilities. Capture the professional film look. Cine Video Mode gives you more vivid colours and greater dynamic range, just like real film. Meanwhile, the LG-Cine LOG profile and HDR sensor create dramatic film styles for truly cinematic storytelling.

    $674 - $898
  16. LG Q6 Dual 32GB 4G Mobile Cell Phone

    The latest, expansive 5.5inch IPS Full HD FullVision Display gives you more to see. The 18:9 screen brings a new dimension to the smartphone viewing experience. Immerse yourself in a whole new level of videos, gaming, and browsing. The LG Q6 metal body is solidified by the lightweight H Beam frame made from incredibly strong 7000 series aluminum. It's designed to better endure impact from any direction. Raise your selfie game with a 100-degree wide angle front camera to fit more friends and surroundings. The wide angle setting captures the whole scene, or set it to normal angle for closer, more personal portraits.

    $229 - $292
  17. LG 65UK7550PTA 65inch UHD LED LCD TV

    LG 65UK7550PTA 65inch UHD LED LCD AI Thin offers an enhanced interactive experience in the company is new 2018 TV lineup by employing Natural Language Processing to deliver intelligent voice-activated control. 4K HDR gives you a fantastic, high dynamic range picture with more realistic color for an enhanced viewing experience. DTS Virtual X give you the experience of surround sound, without the expense of additional speakers.

    $2149 - $2716
  18. LG OLED55B7T 55inch OLED UHD TV

    The LG OLED55B7T 4K UHD LED TV is one of the finest advanced television sets available in the Australian market in the present days. The design and the performance of this LG OLED TV not only offer you with an unparalleled viewing experience but it also upholds your prestige in front of everyone. The screen of this television is as thin as a blade due to the use of most advanced technologies. Thus, it can be attached more closely to the wall and goes perfectly with your home decor. Apart from its highly appealing design, the LG OLED55B7T 4K UHD LED TV enhances your viewing experience with the help of the self-lighting pixels technology that it uses. As a matter of fact, this OLED TV has transcended the LED technology as it offers you to witness an illumination of unparalleled colours. Each of the self-lighting pixels in this OLED turns on and off on its own to provide you with a surreal picture quality which only gets enhanced by the 55-inch screen size and 3840×2160 pixels picture…

    $2288 - $2809
  19. LG 22MP58VQ MP58 21.5inch Full HD Monitor

    Crisp images, sleek design, and adaptability make the LG 21.5" MP58 Full HD IPS Monitor a necessity when it comes to your workplace or home. Reader mode allows extended periods of use as it prevents screen flicker from over working the eyes, and a 4 screen split makes multitasking simple.

  20. LG 24MP48HQ 24inch Full HD LED Monitor

    Be blown away by the breathtaking clarity of this stunning LG 24” Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor (24MP48HQ) for enhanced work, gaming and movies. IPS display with cinema screen 1080p Full HD Reader Mode Flicker-Safe Minimalistic design Dual Smart Solution My Display Presets For those that demand exceptional image quality, trust in the LG 24” Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor (24MP48HQ) to deliver clarity, colour, resolution and richness that goes above and beyond. A 1920 × 1080 resolution and Full HD cinema display work in perfect harmony to deliver noticeable crispness to office tasks and browsing, complete immersion while gaming and breathtaking picture quality that takes your favourite movies to the next level.

    $218.9 - $263
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