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  1. JVC HA-S900 Headphone

    JVC HA-S900 offers high quality sound reproduction in a lightweight, foldable over-the-ear headphone. The superior performance of HA-S900 is achieved through the new RING PORT structure, which bonds the carbon compound diaphragm to the ported ring that controls the diaphragm’s movement (sound…

  2. JVC HA-RX900 Headphones

    The JVC Full Size Headphones with high-quality dynamic sound reproduction with 50mm Neodymium driver unit and two types of superior sound structure. Ring Port structure provides high-quality dynamic sound. Acoustic lenses tune direct and indirect sound by subtly offsetting holes in each lens.…

  3. JVC HA-NC120 Head Phone

    Block out the outside world and enjoy your music with these noise cancelling headphones from JVC! Providing up to 88% noise reduction and featuring a convenient foldable design they are the perfect headphones for travellers. With a 1.2m adjustable retractable cord you don't have to worry about…

    $65 - $129
  4. JVC HA-S160 Headphones

    Comfortable, affordable and providing excellent portable audio performance, the JVC FLATS Light-Weight Headphones are perfect for music lover on the go. The JVC FLATS Light-Weight Headphones, as the name suggests, fold flat to make them portable. The soft ear pads sit comfortably on the ears whilst…

  5. JVC HAKD5 Headphones

    These bright, pink on purple, headphones are great fun for children. They can enjoy decorating the wide headband with supplied stickers or their own. The Tinyphones are safe as well, with a volume limiter to a maximum of 85dB and no painted parts. They're a small size, designed for children over 4…

  6. Jvc HAFX38M Headphones

    New Marshmallow inner ear headphones with soft and secure memory foam earpieces. 1 button remote & mic for iPhone/Android. Comfortable and secure fit with new memory foam earpieces. Powerful sound with 10.0mm Neodymium driver unit1.0m tangle free colour cord with gold plated slim plug compatible…

  7. Jvc HAF250BT Headphones

    Your sporting life gets the boost and motivation required to keep you going with JVC Gumy sport Bluetooth wireless headphones HA-F250BT. Offering wirelessly-streamed audio from compatible devices within a 10m range compatible with smartphones. They feature Nozzle fit Earpiece uniquely shaped for…

  8. JVC HAFX102 Headphones

    XX Series inner ear headphones are upgraded with 11mm Neodymium driver units and Extreme Deep Bass Ports for the ultimate bass sound. Rubber protectors on the ear buds provide extra durability. Five color selections are offered to fit any personality. Extreme Bass Ports and 11mm Neodymium driver…

  9. JVC HAS30BT Headphones

    The stylishly designed HAS30BT Bluetooth headphones are ready for streaming audio from a compatible device within a 10m range. These light-weight on ear headphones powerful low frequencies and a Bass Boost function for your listening pleasure. You can now enjoy up to 17 hours of music without the…

  10. JVC HASR75 Headphones

    Integrated one button remote and microphone on headphone housing for iPhone / BlackBerry / Android (with Smart Switch for compatibility of most of smartphones).Rich yet clear sound by 30mm Neodymium driver unit.Soft headband cushion,Luxurious paper gift box.

  11. JVC HAMR60X Headphones

    HA-MR60X, JVC The Xtreme Xplosives headphones with built-in microphone and remote control deliver powerful sound and incredible bass reproduction. Featuring a tough, rugged construction, while the headband and ear pads are soft, padded and long-lasting. The metal and, above all, the rubber and…

  12. JVC HAS180 Headphones

    The JVC HAS180 is a range of colourful and seamless design on-ear headphones available in Blue, Black, Red or White.The powerful headphones provide high quality sound through its 30mm Neodymiun driver unit. In addition to crisp sound and deep bass,the headphones have been designed with comfort in…

  13. JVC HA-FRD60 Head Phones

    Carbon Nanotubes Micro-HD Driver Unit Headphone Micro-HD Driver Unit Carbon nanotubes diaphragm for extremely high clarity sound Compatible with iPhone / BlackBerry / Android mobile Phone hand-free function & music playback New fitting-support structure for wearing comfort and noise reduction 1.2m…

  14. Jvc HAFX39BT Headphones

    JVC Marshmallow neckband design, in ear Bluetooth headphones - ready for streaming, colourful and comfortable. Offering a massive 14 hours of battery life, 3-button mic and remote, and two size memory foam ear pieces for custom fitting. Charge it with the included micro USB cable. Tangle-free smart…

  15. JVC HANC80 Headphones

    With the JVC HANC80 noise-canceling headphone, now you can choose the most effective noise cancel mode for the circumstances. HANC80 offers both "wide" and "low" noise cancellation modes. The "wide" mode targets a wider frequency range than the "low" mode, and cancels the type of noise typically…

  16. JVC HA-RX500 Head Phone

    Features - High quality sound reproduction with large 40mm Neodymium driver unit - Ear direct structure with inclined unit for powerful sound - Twist action structure for more comfort during prolonged use - Comfortable head pads - 3.5m cord with gold plated plug - 6.3mm plug adaptor provided …

  17. Jvc HAF160 Headphones

    Gumy earbud headphones feature a soft rubber body with an oval shape that provides a snug fit and include a tangle-resistant 3.28 foot color matching cord. The bass boosting design insures they look as good as they sound. Oval form soft rubber body for comfortable fit. Eight vivid colors with color…

  18. JVC Ha-fx1x Head Phones

    - 10mm large diaphragm neodymium driver units and Extreme Deep Basse Ports deliver ultimate bass sound - Rubber protectors for body durability - Superior sound isolation - Comfortable fit with ergonomic contoured form and three sizes of silicone ear-pieces - 2.0mm-thick and robust 1.2m pure copper…

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