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  1. Myrurgia Maja 3 x 100g Perfumed Soap Bar.

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  2. Myrurgia Maja Perfumed Hand Liquid Soap

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  3. Launched by the design house of Myrurgia in 1921, MAJA is classified as a refined, subtle, oriental fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a balanced blend of citrus, lavender, spice and woods. It is recommended for evening wear.

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  4. Maja Gift Set - 147 ml x 3 Perfumed Soaps. Maja by Myrurgia is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women. Maja was originally launched in 1921 but this has been repackaged again in the early 2000's. The fragrance features nutmeg, carnation, patchouli, cloves, vetiver, rose, geranium, citruses and lavender.

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  5. Maja Women by Myrurgia 3 x 4.9 oz Round Soap

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  6. :Scent of seduction, 5 soaps 25g/.270ml each

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  7. :Maja Soap has been providing the secrets of beauty and seduction to all women since 1918. Maja's unmistakable aroma has delighted people with fine taste around the world. Exotic, unique, unforgettable, Maja is made from essential oils like Jasmine, Rose, Carnation and Geranium and then mixed with delicious Spanish olive oil, the Maja line of bath products is a Spanish classic. For better service, Puig, the original manufacturer has licenced Grisi Corporation to manufacture Maja in Mexico under strict supervision, keeping the quality as high as if it was made in Spain. The package is as elegant as the soap, with a red and black design that shows a beautiful señorita or Maja coquettishly fanning herself, it is ideal as a gift. Any room in which you use this 100% pure and organic liquid soap will be filled with a mysterious fragrance....try it today, risk FREE!

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  8. Myrurgia Maja 100g Perfumed Soap Bar.

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  9. :Maja for Women was created by Myrurgia in 1926. Maja by Myrurgia is a blend of romantic essences including roses, jasmine, and moss.

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  10. :Maja by Myrurgia 3 x 90ml 90gr Rectangular Soap

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  11. :The Maja luxury soap formula protects the natural composition of the skin leaving it noticeably smooth and supple. The experience is enhanced by the rich and unique Maja fragrance. The Maja dancing image on all Maja product labels since 1923 is the classic symbol of the style, passion and character of the Spanish woman worldwide.

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  12. :Maja Soap 12 Bars 50ml (50g)

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  13. Launched By The Design House Of Myrurgia In 1921. Maja Liquid Soap 240ml For Women Possesses A Blend Of: A Balanced Blend Of Citrus, Lavender, Spice And Woods. Recommended For Evening Use.? Men

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