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  1. Party Theme: Become Leatherface on Halloween in this genuine horror movie costume for men. Material: Polyester Characteristics: Semi stretch fabrics Pull over shirt Tie back apron attached Apron with printed patterns 1/2 Coverage mask with elastic fitting Synthetic hairs attached This is an Officially Licensed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre costume Parts included: Wig-mask Apron-shirt Note: Toy chainsaw, trousers & shoes are not included.

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  2. BATTERY CHARGER AFTERMARKET MAKITA BL1830 144V 18V BL1815 BL1430 FREE POSTAGE AUSTRALIA WIDE Aftermarket Battery Charger For Makita Drill 144V 18V Liion BL1815 BL1830 BL1835 BL1840 BL1430 240V 50Hz input power rate is 73W when charging This charger charges Makita 144V18V Liion battery ONLY The higher the charging current the less the charging time but the more heat produced and the fewer running cycles in battery life

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  3. MAKITA BL1830 18V 30 AMP REPLACEMENT BATTERY BL1815 LXT mak18b Description Power Tool Cordless Drill Battery Application Power Tool Cordless Drill Original Brand Makita Chemistry Lithium Ion Voltage 18V Nominal Capacity 3Ah Watt Hour 540Wh Brand Lightningcell Width 745mm Height 652mm LengthBreadthDepth 1148mm Cell Type Used samsung Cells Used for increased run time Comments This battery pack contains fast charge high rate lithium ion cells with built in cell safety protection This Power Tool Battery is compatible with the follow models MAKITA BDF451SFE BDF452HW BGA452 BHP451 BHR240 BJR181 LXT400 BML185 BSS610 BTD140 LXT600 BCS550 BVR850 LXT401 BVR450 LXT402 LXT202 BPB180 BCS550 BCS550Z BDA350 BDA350Z BDF451 BDF451Z BDF454Z BFR550L BFR550Z BFR750 BFR750L BFR750Z BFS450 BFS450RFE BFS450Z BGA452 BGA452Z BHP451 BHP451SFE BHP451Z BHP452 BHP454 BHP454Z BHR202 BHR202RFE BHR202Z BHR240 BHR240Z BHR241 BHR241Z BJR181 BJR181X BJR181X1 BJR181Z BJR182 BJR182X BJR182Z BJS130 BJS130Z BJV180 BJV180Z BML184 BML185 BPB180 BPB180Z BSS501 BSS501Z BSS610 BSS610SFE BSS610X2 BSS610Z BSS611X BSS611Z BST221Z BTD140 BTD140SFE BTD140Z BTD141 BTD141Z BTD144 BTD144RFE BTD144Z BTDW251Z BTL061 BTL061Z BTL063 BTL063Z BTP140 BTP140Z BTW251 BTW251Z BTW253 BTW253Z BTW450 BTW450Z BUB182 BUB182Z BVR350 BVR350Z BVR450 BVR450Z BVR850 BVR850Z DF454D DF454DRFX DF454DZ HP454D HP454DRFX HP454DZ HR202D HR202DRFX HR202DZK JR120D JR120DRF JR120DZK ML184 ML185 MR100 MR100W PB108D PB108DRFX PB108DZ TD140D TD144DRFX TD144DZ TD251DRFX TD251DZ TW251D

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  4. Makita 38-Piece Impact Driver Bit Set

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  5. Makita 35-Piece Impact Drill Bit Set

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  6. Novelty plastic bloody chainsaw. Chase all your guests around with our Plastic Bloody Chainsaw! Chainsaw measures approx 45cm long x 14.5cm wide at the base and 5.5cm wide at the blade. Chainsaw is quite flat measuring approx 1cm in depth. Featuring a black plastic blade with blood smears and a silver handle, this terrifying chainsaw makes a fantastic accessory to a Freddy Krueger or Jason themed Halloween outfit - use it as part of your costume or hang it up as a prop to create a creepy atmosphere in your horror themed party room. Designed for novelty toy use only. Not recommended for children under 3 years.

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  7. Terrify your guests with our gory inflatable chainsaw! This awesome chainsaw prop measures approx 62.8cm. Our inflatable chainsaw makes a great prop for a Halloween or Horror themed party - use it as part of a Freddy or Jason costume. You can also put it on your party table as a prop up or suspend it from the ceiling with string to set the mood for your party! Made from vinyl and to be inflated with air. Novelty toy use. Not recommended for children under 3 years.

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  8. Patented Easy Start system HUGE POWER-direct air injection carburettor Balanced design for ease of use and manoeuvrability Easy service access to engine, filters and spark plug Quick tension chain mechanism, integrated chain brake Auto chain lubricator, adjustable chain oil feed High quality air filter, fuel tank viewing window Bonus bag, bar cover, tool kit and fuel mixer Also includes ear muffs, gloves and safety goggles Patented 'A-VIBE' anti-vibration system Exceeds AS/NZS safety standards

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  9. 2015Commercial Series featuringconstant speed control Original SURELOCK - for superior grinds Constant 3,000RPM commercial motor ensures you never burn, hot spot or soften your chain. SAVE $$$- Never pay to have your chainsaw sharpened again! 35W Illuminated work area CAD designed solid alloy construction BONUS 3 x 145mm .325 pitch grinding wheel Four way absolute precision adjustment Sharpen 0.325 pitch 12-month Australian warranty CE, GS, C-TICK and EMC certifications

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  10. Featuring a powerful 20V 1500mAh Lithium battery, you can start trimming the branches professionally in seconds. Efficient and lightweight design equipped with a comfortable and convenient handle and quick connect coupling for easy change of attachments, the Powerful Gardening Tool is designed to make difficult tasks easy. The pole chainsaw comes with 1 extra extension pole which allows you to reach up to 3.5 metres for those hard-to-get branches! Flexible gear joint allows blades to adjust in a range of up to 90 degree. The 2 in 1 Powerful Gardening Tool will make any gardening work simple, easy and effortless. Features Market leading 1500mAh lithium battery Auto-oil-lubricating Oil indication window Alternative 8’’ chainsaw and 21’’ trimmer Comfortable soft grip handle Durable trimmer with 5 adjustable angles Bonus 0.9m extension pole 2.7m total Length, 3.5m average reach Battery charger and shoulder strap included Light weight and robust design No mess, fumes or fueling up Allen key included for chain tension adjustment Easy access to all switches Minimal assembly required Specifications Brand: Giantz Battery: 20V 1500mAh Lithium Chainsaw: 8 Inch Cutting Blade: 21 Inch Double-Action Two-Sided Chain Speed: 2.9 metres per second Cutting Blade No-Load Speed: 1400rpm Bar and Chain Lubrication: Automatic Oil Pot Capacity: 80ml Throttle Control Handle: Rubber Over Moulded Shaft: Aluminium Extension Pole: 0.9m Charger: 240V Charging Time: 4 Hours Length: 1.8 - 2.7m Product Content 1 x Electric Pole Chainsaw 1 x Extension Pole 1 x Branch Trimmer

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  11. Featuring a powerful 62CC 2-stroke engine with an E-start recoil pull system, you can start trimming the branches professionally in seconds. Efficient and lightweight design equipped with a comfortable and convenient P-handle and quick connect coupling for easy change of attachments, the 75CC Powerful Gardening Tool is designed to make difficult tasks easy. The pole chainsaw comes with 3 extra thick alloy extension shafts which allows you to reach up to 5.6 metres for those hard-to-get branches! The 62CC Powerful Gardening Tool will make any gardening work simple, easy and effortless. Features Giantz latest 62cc pro-series Powerful 62CC 2-stroke engine Inbuilt anti-vibration mechanism Anti-slip padding for easy operation Super responsive direct air injection carburetor 3x reinforce extension poles with 2mm thickness 12" sprocket nose bar w/ a low-kickback saw chain Easy starting pulling system Auto chain lubricator, adjustable chain oil feed Superior 26mm anodized alloy poles Easy access to all controlling switched Shoulder strap included Bonus tool kit and safety set Note: As weight increases with each extension, an assistant may be required beyond 3m. Specification Brand: Giantz Engine Type: Petrol EURO 2 - Two Stroke Commercial Dual Weighted Crank / Double Ringed Piston Displacement / Maximum Power: 62CC /3.4hp (4.1 peak) Idle Speed: 3300RPM Max. Engine Speed: 11,000 RPM with centrifugal clutch Reach: 5.6 Metres (when held at hip height) Fuel Tank Capacity: 1250ml Fuel Mix: 25:1 (25 parts fuel to 1 part two stroke oil) Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded 95 +RON Bar Length / Type: 12" Sprocket Nose Bar Oil Capacity / Type: 150mL SAE#10W-30 or Similar Chain Spec: 12", Pitch 3/8", Gauge 0.05, Links 44 Shafts: Commercial Alloy 7mm Multi Tines Spline External Diameter: 26mm Pole Coupling type: Quick Spring Connect Length: 85cm Product Content 1 x GIANTZ 62CC Pole Chainsaw 3 x Extension Poles 1 x Fuel Mix Tank 1 x Shoulder Strap 1 x Tool Kit 1 x User Manual 1 p

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  12. This Product: ForMakita, Kerrick, Hako, Nilfisk plus many more commercial vacuums Pack of5 vacuum dust bags Starbag Synthetic vacuum bags mean maximum filtration and vacuum suction

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  13. Giantz 58CC Chainsaw Featuring a powerful and efficient 58CC motor, this Premium Commercial Grade Giantz chainsaw with an extra set of 20?robust bar and chain, it is perfect for cutting trunks and large branches. With balanced weight distribution design and double recoil combined system, the chainsaw is very easy to operate, with a short start-up time. Integrated with an air injection carburetor which not only adds power to the chainsaw, but also provides an alternative option for users to select the 'anti-freeze' mode to ensure the engine works smoothly under the cold weather (0-5_C). Comes with an automatic braking system, which can also be manually operated, to stop saw chain rotation upon occurrence of kickback during operation for extra safety. Note: Extra safety gear such as safety boots, helmet and protective clothing do not come with the purchase of this item. Features * Upgraded air filter and inlet manifold * Robust 65mn steel chain for excellent wear-resistance * Equipped with 20?robust bar & chain * Heavy duty sprocket nose for smooth operation * Auto-throttle locking design prevents choking * Unique double recoil pull system for easy start-up * Balanced weight distribution for easy operation * Carburetor antifreeze mechanism * Low kickback semi-chisel chains * Comes with a carry bag for easy storage & transportation * Comes with a protective chain cover and a set of safety kit * Engine: 2-stroke * Maximum power: 4.2Hp (Peak) * Displacement: 58cc * Engine power: 2200watts * Ignition type: CDI * Fuel tank capacity: 550ml * Oil capacity: 260ml * Bar length: 20" * Chain type: Low kickback premium semi-chisel * 22" chain: 0.325" pitch, 0.058" gauge, 86 drive links * Guide bar type: Sprocket nose * Bar oil type: SAE#10W-30 * Type of engine oil / fuel mixture : 2 stroke oil / 25:1 / 25 part fuel mix with 1 part oil * Weight: 8.50kg Packages Contents 1 x Giantz 58CC Chainsaw 2 x Bar Chain 1 x Tool Kit 1 x Safety Kit 1 x Chainsaw Shar

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  14. Gardening Tool Featuring a powerful 65CC 2-stroke engine with an E-start recoil pull system, you can start trimming the branches professionally in seconds. Efficient and lightweight design equipped with a comfortable and convenient D-handle and quick connect coupling for easy change of attachments, the 65CC 2 IN 1 Powerful Gardening Tool is designed to make difficult tasks easy. The pole chainsaw comes with 3 extra thick alloy extension shafts which allows you to reach up to 5.3 metres for those hard-to-get branches! Flexible gear joint allows blades to adjust in a range of up to 90 degree. The 2 in 1 Powerful Gardening Tool will make any gardening work simple, easy and effortless.Features* 2 in 1 gardening tools with hedge trimmer* 65CC 2-stroke engine* E-start recoil pull system* Safe interlock system* Inbuilt anti-vibration mechanism* Anti-slip padding for easy operation* Super responsive direct air injection carburettor* 12 inch sprocket nose bar with a low-kickback saw chain* Large fuel tank for time-efficient operation* Extra thick alloy extension shafts* Comes with a safety kit and tool set* GS/CE/EMC certified* Ignition: CDI* Power: 2kw/6500rpm* Max. engine speed: 7500 RPM* Fuel mix ratio: 25:1* Fuel tank capacity: 1.2L* Fuel type: Unleaded 95 + RON* Bar oil capacity: 150ml SAE#10W-30 or similar* Shaft diameter: 26mm, 1M in length* Cutting capacity: 450mm* Degrees of rotation: 90 degree* Chain type: 12" Semi-chisel, 3/8 inch pitch, 0.05 gauge, 44 links* Coupling type: Dual floating bearing quick connect* Hedge trimmer blade material: Ultra-hardened knife steel* Hedge trimmer blade length: 450mm* Max reach height: 5.3MPackage Contents* 1 x Pole Chainsaw* 3 x Extension shaft* 1 x Hedge Trimmer* 1 x Safety Set* 1 x Tool Kit* 1 x User Manual

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  15. SAVE DOLLARS – never pay to have your saw chain sharpened again! Balanced motor for constant blade speed-means no hot spots! Light, rigid CAD design-unparalleled precision BONUS grinding wheels Rigid chain vice for accurate cuts and extended chain life Sharpen all pitches from 0.325, 404, 3/8, 3/16 Industry standard 10mm arbor – get consumables anywhere! Accepts all common chain types and sizes​ Why pay someone else to sharpen your chainsaw when you can do it yourself? With a light, rigid CAD design the Baumr-AG Rigid Pro-Series 320W Chain Sharpener keeps any sized chainsaw pitch razor sharp. Its balanced 220W solid copper engine delivers constant blade speed with no hot spots while its rigid chain vice and exclusive STEP-LOCK technology ensure precision cutting and clean grinds every time. You’ve got to have the ultimate DIY sharpening machine. Don’t rely on someone else to keep your chainsaw razor sharp. Your Baumr-AG makes doing it yourself easy with a genuine 220W solid copper motor handling all the grunt work. Some pretenders may advertise a “copper core” but this is the real deal – a genuine Baumr-AG fully copper wound commercial motor that peaks at 320W and maintains constant speed, ensuring no hot spots and the best precision cuts. Not only will it maintain the sharpness of your saw chain, it’ll keep it working better for longer with fine adjustment angle, pitch and depth of grind ensuring a correctly sharpened chain that won’t buck or kick-back. Buy now and take advantage of a limited offer that includes four precision grinding wheel and Baumr-AG’s latest superior infinity adjustable vice. Whether you’re a pro or a handyman, keep your chainsaw working like new – order your Baumr-AG chainsaw sharpener today! Grinding out four bonus wheels - This unit comes loaded with four bonus precision grinding wheels and Baumr-AG’s latest superior infinitely adjustable working vice, so you won’t need to worry about replacement grinders for a long time. Lock in a clean cu

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  16. This is a precision chain saw grinder giving accurate sharpening of each chain saw tooth, every tooth will be the same length and correct angle. This grinder makes chain saw sharpening so easy giving your chain saw a professional result. Powered by a 220W, 50Hz motor which peaks at 320W, grinds almost any chain type and size. The grinder also features a large transparent protective cover, operation handle, pre-drilled holes for bench mounting, an adjustable chain stop, 3 grinding wheels, max cutting length of 250mm as well as Light – rigid CAD designed construction and a high torque alloy motor. Features Light – rigid CAD Designed Constant 7000rpm Commercial Motor ensures you never burn, hot spot or soften your chain Industry Standard 10mm Arbor – get consumables anywhere 2x Thin Vitrified Grinding Wheel, .325 Pitch Grinding Wheel – 10mm Arbor 1x Thick Vitrified Grinding Wheel, .404 Pitch Grinding Wheel – 10mm Arbor Sharpen all pitches from 0.325, 404, 3/8, 3/16 Large Transparent Protective Cover Rigid chain vice for accurate cuts and extended chain life Cert: CE, GS, C-TICK, EMC, RoHS Specification Brand : Dynamic Power Operating Voltage : 220-240V Rated Power : 220W Max Power : 320W @ 50% Duty Cycle Max Motor RPM : 7,500RPM Max Cutting Length : 250mm Vice Capacity : 0.80” To 0.50” Maximum working angle : 35 Degrees Left to Right Wheel Dimensions : Diameter up to 100mm Cord Length : 0.3m Weight : 1.8kg

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  17. Your garden will never have looked this pristine as when this tree lopper is in action! With 2 extension poles included, and a lightweight body of only 8kg!

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  18. The Giantz 3-in-1 Pro Series Wheel Trimmer is simply amazing in getting your yard looking prim and proper. Powered by a hardworking 62cc 2-stroke petrol engine with a maximum speed of 11,000rpm, and running on 12 all-terrain wheels for easy manoeuvring and good traction, our 3-in-1 Wheel Trimmer combines three cutting action into one awesome machine. The Tri-blade Cutter takes down tough weeds and thick grass with absolute ease. Nothing gets in its way. Switch over to the Bump Feed Head and its just perfect for trimming low grass without straining your back, and maintaining neat yard edges without damaging fencing or garden skirting. And each time, the line snaps, just tap the head on the ground for the reserve line to extend out, ready for use. Finally, with the Circular Saw Blade, you can effortlessly saw through knotty bushes and thin tree trunks without the need to get specialized tools for the tasks. Plenty of savings there. At just 11kg, the Wheel Trimmer is lightweight and easy to control with easy access to all switches (stop and throttle control) from its soft-padded and slip-proof handle. The entire unit is also exceptional well balanced with an auxiliary rear wheel, exclusive to our Wheel Trimmer. Not least, its durable solid metal frame promises many years of reliable use. With the Giantz 3-in-1 Wheel Trimmer, you can certainly look forward to an easier time grooming the yard to your satisfaction in more ways than one. Order yours today.

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