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  1. BATTERY CHARGER AFTERMARKET MAKITA BL1830 144V 18V BL1815 BL1430 FREE POSTAGE AUSTRALIA WIDE Aftermarket Battery Charger For Makita Drill 144V 18V Liion BL1815 BL1830 BL1835 BL1840 BL1430 240V 50Hz input power rate is 73W when charging This charger charges Makita 144V18V Liion battery ONLY The higher the charging current the less the charging time but the more heat produced and the fewer running cycles in battery life

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  2. MAKITA BL1830 18V 30 AMP REPLACEMENT BATTERY BL1815 LXT mak18b Description Power Tool Cordless Drill Battery Application Power Tool Cordless Drill Original Brand Makita Chemistry Lithium Ion Voltage 18V Nominal Capacity 3Ah Watt Hour 540Wh Brand Lightningcell Width 745mm Height 652mm LengthBreadthDepth 1148mm Cell Type Used samsung Cells Used for increased run time Comments This battery pack contains fast charge high rate lithium ion cells with built in cell safety protection This Power Tool Battery is compatible with the follow models MAKITA BDF451SFE BDF452HW BGA452 BHP451 BHR240 BJR181 LXT400 BML185 BSS610 BTD140 LXT600 BCS550 BVR850 LXT401 BVR450 LXT402 LXT202 BPB180 BCS550 BCS550Z BDA350 BDA350Z BDF451 BDF451Z BDF454Z BFR550L BFR550Z BFR750 BFR750L BFR750Z BFS450 BFS450RFE BFS450Z BGA452 BGA452Z BHP451 BHP451SFE BHP451Z BHP452 BHP454 BHP454Z BHR202 BHR202RFE BHR202Z BHR240 BHR240Z BHR241 BHR241Z BJR181 BJR181X BJR181X1 BJR181Z BJR182 BJR182X BJR182Z BJS130 BJS130Z BJV180 BJV180Z BML184 BML185 BPB180 BPB180Z BSS501 BSS501Z BSS610 BSS610SFE BSS610X2 BSS610Z BSS611X BSS611Z BST221Z BTD140 BTD140SFE BTD140Z BTD141 BTD141Z BTD144 BTD144RFE BTD144Z BTDW251Z BTL061 BTL061Z BTL063 BTL063Z BTP140 BTP140Z BTW251 BTW251Z BTW253 BTW253Z BTW450 BTW450Z BUB182 BUB182Z BVR350 BVR350Z BVR450 BVR450Z BVR850 BVR850Z DF454D DF454DRFX DF454DZ HP454D HP454DRFX HP454DZ HR202D HR202DRFX HR202DZK JR120D JR120DRF JR120DZK ML184 ML185 MR100 MR100W PB108D PB108DRFX PB108DZ TD140D TD144DRFX TD144DZ TD251DRFX TD251DZ TW251D

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  3. MAKITA 8281D 8433D NICD 144V 13AH REPLACEMENT BATTERY Replacement for MAKITA 5094DWD 5630DWD ML140Flashlight ML143Flashlight UB140D UB140DWB UC120DWDE VR250DWDE MAKITA 1051 4000 6000 8433 JR Series Power Tools Battery Battery Type NiCd Voltage 1440V Compatible with 1480V Capacity 1300mAh Color Red Dimension 9423 x 9380 x 10290 mm Product Type Replacement Battery Brand New Not Genuine Condition New Weight 85970 g per item Product ID 8281D Replace Code 1420 1422 1433 1434 14351435F1926001 192699A 1930600 1931012 1931575 1931583 1937814 1941722 PA14

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  4. MAKITA MAKTEC BCM1222 BCM1222 REPL DRILL BATTERY Description Power Tool Cordless Drill Battery Application Power Tool Cordless Drill Original Brand Makita maktec Chemistry Nickel Cadmium NiCd Voltage 12V Nominal Capacity 2400mAh Brand Master this product is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand Width 83mm Height 103mm LengthBreadthDepth 92mm Weight 695g Comments Battery pack contains fast chargehigh rate discharge Sanyo cells Suitable For Makita models 1050DWA 1050DWB 1050DWBE 4191DE 4191DWA 4330DE 4330DWA 4331DWA 4331DWD 5093DE 5093DWA 6213DWAE 6213DWBE 6213DWBLE 6214DWAE 6214DWDE 6216DWBE 6216DWDE 6216DWFE 6217DWDE 6226DWE 6226DWLE 6227DWE 6313DWAE 6314DWAE 6314DWDE 6316DWFE 6317DWAE 6317DWDE 6503DE 6503DWD 6835DWA 6835DWAE 6835DWD 6909DWAE 6911HDWA 6914DWAE 6914DWBE 6916DWD 6916DWDE 6918DWD 6918DWDE 6960DWA 8413DWD 8413DWDE 8413DWFE DA312DW DA312DWA DA312DWD ML120 ML121 ML122 MT063SK MT063SK2 UB121DZ UC120DWA UC120DWE UC1220DWA VR250DWAE 1220 1222 1233 1234 1235 1250 1925974 1925982 1926815 192698A 1930595 1931004 1931575 Maktec models MT063SK MT063SK2 1250

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  5. MAKITA DC1804 CHARGER PACK Description NiCdNiMH power tool charger Brand Makita Fast multi voltage NiCdNiMH power tool charger for Makita 72V 18V batteriesOutput 2600mAFully automatic Suitable for the following Makita battery models 72V 7000 7001 7002 7033 7034 7100 96V 9000 9001 9002 9034 9102 9120 9122 9133 9134 9135 9100 PA09 12V 1200 1201 1202 1210 1220 1222 1233 1234 1235 PA12 144V 1420 1422 1433 1434 1435 PA14 18V 1822 1833 1834 1835 PA18

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  6. This Product: ForMakita, Kerrick, Hako, Nilfisk plus many more commercial vacuums Pack of5 vacuum dust bags Starbag Synthetic vacuum bags mean maximum filtration and vacuum suction

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  7. MAKITA 38-PIECE IMPACT DRIVER BIT SET Makita's new 38 drill and driver accessory set is compatible with all drills and impact drivers. It has a black oxide finish which resists corrosion and extends bit life. The black oxide finish stays sharper longer. FEATURES Driver drill accessory set Works with all drill drivers and impact drivers Precision 135 deg, split point prevents drill bit from walking 38 piece set Includes 1 magnetic bit holder, one 1/4'' hex to square adapter, two magnetic nut drivers at 1/4'' and 5/16'', four hex shank drill bits at 1/16'' and 1/4'', twenty-one assorted 1 insert bits, six assorted 2 driver bits, and three assorted 3.5 driver Color/Finish: Black oxide finish resists corrosion and extends drill bit life. Black oxide finish stays sharper longer. The set comes with a clam shell carrying case and has bit holders to keep the bits secure 1/4-Inch shank size PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Makita 38-Piece Impact Driver Bit Set Note : This order will be dispatched from our Perth Warehouse. This item may arrive in a separate delivery to the rest of your order. Usual dispatch time is 1-2 business days from order.

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  1. AUSTRALIA's No.1 SELLING ONLINE JACKHAMMER BRAND FOR OVER 7 YEARSThis 35mm Flat Chisel is a true trade quality bit! Forget the retail sting and take this opportunity to grab one at a fraction of the shelf price. Industry Standard 35mm width combined with a universal Hitachi/Makita hex means you only ever need to buy one of these. Resharpen time after time with plenty of meat. A true contractor grade bit ready to provide years of destruction!The perfect trade tool for - Driveways, Rockery, Pavers, Tiles, Pebble Crete, Flooring. Get the job done fast and efficiently!Make no mistake, Baumr are the online industry leaders with unparalleled quality comparable to that of chisels retailing for more than $200 - a bold statement backed up by an extensive 1 Year Warranty!BUY NOW and save stacks off retail for this top spec chisel / tile chipper.

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  2. The new Unimac Electric Grease Gun has landed and are already becoming the most demanded greasing solution by Aussies and Kiwis alike! A must have for tradesman or handyman, this class leading grease gun series offers superior performance which, gives you high pressure delivery - Up to 5 times faster than manual grease guns and inferior products.Unimac Electric Grease Gun = High Pressure Delivery + Precision Flow ControlFully featured with a high torque 12V DC Motor, the Unimac Electric Grease Gun Series is designed with a variable speed trigger, which provides superior flow control with the convenience of fully automatic operation. It delivers a massive 7,500PSI, allowing you to complete your lubrication tasks in half the time traditional units!The Unimac Electric Grease Gun comes with a full range of accessories and is designed to meet the demands of any lube application. Its plated steel barrel with a precision grease follower accepts 400g grease cartridges.Ergonomically designed with a patented pressure relief valve to prevent motor damage, the Unimac Grease Gun series is perfect for Cars, Trucks, Boats, Plant Equipment, ATVs, Garden Machinery, Tractors plus any application requiring uninterrupted grease flow!Unimac products have a proven track record, with unparalleled quality comparable to that of brands such as Dewalt, Makita & Hitachi retailing for more than $400 - a bold statement backed up by an extensive 1 Year Warranty!Stock is limited, and when it comes to getting the job done fast, ther e's nothing like having the best equipment at hand. Make an investment in quality equipment for your business. BUY NOW!Unimac - Engineered for Life!

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