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  1. Spy Tech Mini Metal Detector Hunt for hidden treasures or lost articles with confidence with the handheld metal detector you can examine the scene just like a real secret agent! Gather and examine key evidence to help complete your mission! Specifications:• 30cm Long• High/Low sensitivity adjustment • LED display•  Age: 8+ years Delivery We deliver Australia-wide!

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  2. The detector is designed for accurate detection. Different discriminating circuitries allows the detector to distinguish metal objects between different types of ferrous iron and steel and non-ferrous metals gold and silver. You can also select what the targets type to be picked up by the detector. The powerful super sensitive Discriminator Metal Detector with waterproof coil provides you an underwater detection up to 180mm. The backlit LCD display allows you to use it in low light condition. This fabulous Metal Detector has been designed for wide range of users. It is used by archaeologist relic hunters and professional institutes which appreciate it is cost-effectiveness. You can hunt for coins relics jewellery gold and silver just about anywhere check metal in post package baggage detect underground pipe etc. Awesome detection for large objects and coins in depth Shaft length adjusts for comfortable use.

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  3. How to Turn a Calculator into a Metal Detector, Carry a Survival Kit in a Shoestring, Make a Gas Mask with a Balloon, Turn Dishwashng Liquid into a Copy Machine, Convert a Styrofoam Cup into a Speaker, and Make a James Bond Spy Jacket with Everyday ThingsDid you know that your standard issue of "Sports Illustrated" magazine can be turned into over 20 useful gadgets? In author Cy Tymony's "Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things," you'll learn how an average magazine can become many extraordinary gadgets such as a compass, hearing aid, magnifier, peashooter, and bottle opener."Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things" covers 40 educational and unique projects that anybody can successfully complete with simple household items. The book includes a list of necessary materials, detailed sketches, and step-by-step instructions for each gadget and gizmo. Among the sneaky schemes are:Creating a electroscope out of a glass jarTurning a drinking cup into a speakerUsing an AM radio as a metal detectorMaking a spy gadget jacket with over 20 individual sneaky uses ranging from a siren and whistle to a walkie-talkie and voice recorderThese days, "be prepared" applies to more than just the Boy Scouts. "Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things" provides loads of practical ideas, science projects, and captivating solutions for dealing with life's unexpected challenges. Great fun for the curious, inventive, and creative of all ages.

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  4. Hitec Hs-5086wp Metal Gear Set (Not For Sale, Only For Your Repair Service) - (HT5349)

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  5. Guess For Man 75ml EDT Mens Cologne

    Guess Man by Guess is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men. It boasts notes of nutmeg, white pepper, ginger and lavender.

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  6. The John Deere Roarin Tractor is a fantastic replica for the kids! It features motion activated lights and sound. This tractor is the perfect size for indoors or out. Press down on the cab roof button to activate realistic horn sound effects. Super bright headlights, and LED cab lights. There's also an on/off engine switch so you can play with the lights & sound, or in silent mode.  A fantastic solid toy of plastic construction, with wheels that spin, and authentic vehicle sounds.   Ages:3+ Code: 35633 Size: L 30cm  x H 21cm Requires 3x AAA batteries (included)

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  7. Make yourself at home after a long days work and lay down your burdens on to your 14 hook hanger rack. This rack features 14 hooks that will hold hats coats scarves handbags backpacks and etc allowing you to relax at the end of the day. Requiring only simple assembly this rack will be up in no time. There are6 Rotatable removable adjustable hooks on the pipe for customization. Place it near your door and you will be un encumbered within moments. The 14 hook hanger rack will help you take the load off.

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  8. Who wouldn't want to scour the backyard, the beach or the park for hidden treasure. Perhaps it was something hidden by Blackbeard the pirate hundreds of years ago or just the metal car that was lost in the backyard. Whatever you find, you can guarantee excitement as they dig. What could be more fun than hunting for lost items and hidden treasures with this children's digital metal detector! Features :The Discovery Kids Digital Metal Detector features a double coil for detecting common metals which are hiding underground and flashing LED indicator lights.When you find something blue LED lights flash and a beeping sound is made to make it easy to get as close to the object as possible.Play a game at the beach where you bury a known number of treasures and your child has to find them all for a reward.The Discovery Kids Digital Metal Detector has volume and sensitivity controls. The Discovery Kids Digital Metal Detector is great fun for budding treasure hunters, take it out and see what you can find.

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  9. This hardware set is designed for the Carisma M40B and M10DT.

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