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  1. Miele KM6113 Kitchen Cooktop

    Design Flat stainless steel rim Cooking zones 3 induction cooking zones with pan/pan size recognition and auto heat-up Booster function for all cooking zones Keeping warm function User convenience Onset touch sensor EasyControl plus controls along the front Cooktop and cooking zone on/off sensor controls Power levels 1-9 with digital display Timer from 1 minute to 9 h 30 min. with automatic switch-off Minute minder Indicators Residual heat indicator for each ring in control panel Digital power setting indicator 1-9 ON/OFF indicator, Programme lock, System lock and AutoBoost Booster indicator and 'no pan' indicator Safety Safety switch-off Lock function System lock Fault monitoring Overheating switch-off on induction rings Integrated cooling fan with automatic run-on Cleaning & Care Easy-to-clean ceramic glass Dimensions Cut-out dimensions W x D = 560 mm x 490 mm Appliance dimensions W x D = 574 mm x 504 mm Standard accessories Razor-blade…

  2. Miele KM6357 Kitchen Cooktops

    Brand:Miele, Model Number:KM6357, Dimension (H x W x D):45 x 806 x 526mm, Colour:Black, Fuel:Electric

    $2749 - $3599
  3. Miele KM5600 Kitchen Cooktop

    Make:Miele Model Number:KM5600 Dimension (W x D):560mm x 490mmColour:Black/red Fuel:Electric Warranty:2 Year Key Features: -57.4 cm wide -4 cooking zones -'Easy control' touch controls

  4. Miele KM3014 Kitchen Cooktops

    Gas on glass cooktop, Stainless steel frame, Cast iron pot rest (matt black enamel), 3 cooking zones for natural gas or liquid gas, Center left: Dual wok, 0.8 - 17.0 MJhr, Rear right: Small burner, 1.0 - 4.0 MJhr, Front right: Medium burner, 1.6 - 9.8 MJhr, Dual wok: 140 - 260 mm, Small burner: 100 - 200 mm, Medium burner: 120 - 220, Dial controls, Single-handed electronic ignition, Easy clean ceramic glass, Dishwasher-proof pot rests, GasStop Safety, Cooktop dimensions (W x D): 626 x 526 mm, Cut-out dimensions: 560-600 x 480-490 Brand:Miele, Model Number:KM3014, Dimension (H x W x D):46 x 626 x 526mm, Colour:BlackGlass, Fuel:Gas, Warranty:2 Year

  5. Miele KM3621G Kitchen Cooktop

    Miele gas cooktop, high quality stainless steel, thermoelectric ignition monitoring, metallic lacquered plastic control knobs, design, raised gas hob in high quality stainless steel, integrated controls, metallic lacquered plastic control knobs.

  6. Miele KM2354G Kitchen Cooktop

    Miele KM 2354 G. Case design: Built-in, Hob type: Gas, Top surface type: Stainless steel. Control type: Rotary, Control position: Top front. Width: 88.8 cm, Depth: 50.8 cm, Installation compartment width: 86.2 cm

  7. Miele KM63661 Kitchen Cooktop

    When cooking with induction heat is only generated where it is needed in the bottom of the pan. Cooking with induction is particularly efficient, as no heat is lost. And is particularly safe as the ceramic glass remains comparatively cool. With induction cooktops, the size of the pan is detected by the cooking zone, and energy is only used on this area. This ensures the most efficient use of energy. Each individual cooking zone has its own back-lit numerical keybank display.

  8. Miele KM6348 Kitchen Cooktop

    Independent cooker induction cooker with PowerFlex cooking area for maximum flexibility and performance. Intuitive Quick selection by number line - Direct selection Modern Design - 752 mm wide for flush mounting Flexible and fast - 4 cooking zones including 1 PowerFlex area Communication with the hood - automatic function Con @ ctivity Wide range of performance - warm function and TwinBooster

  9. Miele KM3034 Kitchen Cooktop

    The stunning Gas on Glass design of this hob is stylish and professional, with enamelled cast iron pan rests that aren’t just elegant – they’re durable and easy to clean. Rotary dial controls with press-down ignition makes getting started quick and easy, as well as giving you complete control of the temperature at all times. Five cooking areas, including a wok burner, ensure you canmeals of any complexity, and this advanced device also comes with Gas Stop safety technology that cuts the gas should the flame ever be unexpectedly extinguished.

    $2999 - $3099
  10. Miele KM6322 Kitchen Cooktop

    Quality All Miele appliances will give exceptional performance and are tested for up to 20 years of average use. No. of cooking zones Useable cooking areas. Stop and Go The Stop and Go function allows you to leave the hob for brief period as it will reduce the heat on all zones. Booster function Will operate zone at full power for 1015 mins to ensure very fast heat up times. PowerFlex The PowerFlex consists of two zones which can be individually or combined into a single large zone to achieve TwinBooster up to 7.4kW output. This provides huge benefits relating to technical advances and flexibility.

    $2349 - $2799
  11. Miele KM6389 Kitchen Cooktop

    Independent cooker induction cooker in maximum width for optimum cooking and ease of use. Intuitive Quick selection by rows of numbers - Direct Dial Plus Modern Design - 928 mm wide for flush mounting Flexible and fast - 5 cooking zones including 2. PowerFlex areas Communication with the hood - automatic function Con @ ctivity Wide range of performance - warm function and TwinBooster

  12. Miele KM6118 Kitchen Cooktop

    Induction hob with onset controls 75 cm wide for versatile cooking at an attractive price Easy to use - EasyControl Plus including timer Attractive design - 75 cm wide with all-round frame Versatile - 4 cooking zones Shortest heat-up times - TwinBooster Food always cooked to perfection - keeping food warm function

  13. Miele KM6304 Kitchen Cooktop

    Featuring four cooking zones with nine different heat levels, pan recognition technology and numerous safety features, the Miele 614mm Induction Cooktop allows you to cook with control and precision.The cooktop features four cooking zones, each offering nine different heat levels so you can prepare meals with control and accuracy.Advanced pan recognition technology means the cooktop will only generate enough heat to match the surface area of the pan.Peace of mind – the Miele 614mm Induction Cooktop features residula heat indicators, a child lock function and auto shut off.The Miele 614MM Induction Cooktop features a handy booster function that enables users to heat food on maximum power for 10 – 15 minutes.The powerflex zone allows for the use of large or odly shaped cooking supplies like grills. This system ensures an even cook across the whole pan.

    $1999 - $2799
  14. Miele KM2012G Kitchen Cooktop

    Make:Miele Model Number:KM2012G Dimension (W x D):560mm x 490mm Colour:Stainless Steel Fuel:Gas Warranty:2 Year Key Features: -65cm wide -4 burner including wok burner -Stainless Steel

  15. Miele KM6669 Kitchen Cooktop

    Miele KM6669 innovative convenience the cooker hood reacts automatically to settings on the hob. Guaranteed perfect roasting results the temperature of the pan is kept constant and nothing burns. Versatile and flexible large cookware can also be heated quickly and easily. Food kept at serving temperature this function controls the temperature in the pan base and prevents food from burning.

  16. Miele KM6329 Kitchen Cooktop

    Miele KM6329 the hood reacts automatically to the settings on the hob. Versatile and flexible even large cookware can be heated quickly and easily. The heat generated during induction is not lost and the glass ceramic remains relatively cool. The quick selection per cooking zone is carried out via a central number series. The hood reacts automatically to the settings on the hob. The temperature at the bottom of the pot is adjusted while keeping warm, so that nothing burns.

  17. Miele KM6839 Kitchen Cooktop

    Induction cooktop with onset controls, with TempControl for intelligent and easy frying, Quick selection via number sequences, Modern design 752 wide for flush fit installation, Versatile 4 cooking zones, Communication with the hood automatic function, Broad performance spectrum. Operation via sensor controls, Smart Select White, Pan and pan size recognition, Stop & Go function, Minute minder. Easy to clean ceramic glass, Fault monitoring, Overheating protection, Residual heat indicator.

  18. Miele KM6115 Kitchen Cooktop

    Design Onset frame with concealed silicone join Basalt grey décor Cooking zones 4 induction zones with auto heat-up All are Vario zones with pan/pan size recognition and warming function, All zones feature booster function, 1 feature TwinBoosters Front left 160-230 mm Ø, 2300 W, TwinBooster 3000/3700 W Rear left 100-160 mm Ø, 1400 W, booster 2200 W Rear right 140-200 mm Ø, 1850 W, booster 3000 W Front right 140-200 mm Ø, 1850 W, booster 3000 W Total connected load: 7,40 kW Ease of use Centred controls with one single +/- control for all rings, power settings 1-9 Individual settings (e.g. ringtones), minute minder 4 timers available simultaneously, max. cooking time 9.5 h with automatic switch-off AutoBoost Booster function and pan/pan size recognition for each cooking zone Display Residual heat indicator for each ring in control panel Digital power setting indicator 1-9 ON/OFF indicator, Programme lock, System lock and AutoBoost Booster indicator and \'no pan\' indicator Safety Safety…

  19. Miele KM6879 Kitchen Cooktop

    Stove Independent induction hob with TempControl for smart & simple roast Intuitive Quick selection by number sequences - Smart Select White Modern design - 928 mm wide for the flush mounting Intelligent and flexible - 5 . Cooking zones including TempControl cooking zone Communication with the hood - automatic function Con @ activity Large range - keeping warm Plus and TwinBooster.

  20. Miele KM6092 Kitchen Cooktop

    626  mm wide with flexible cutting measure and round frame,Flexible and fast - 4 cooking zones including 1 PowerFlex range,Intuitive - display of the power stage and residual heat in the glass,Extremely quick boiling - TwinBooster,Food getting to the point - warm function.Miele cooktops feature cooking zones or burners in different size and geometry. So you can use pots and pans of every shape and size optimally. Many cooktops also offer you generous extended zones.

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