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  1. Kogan Cordless 20.4V 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    Powerful 20.4V motor, cyclonic technology and advanced HEPA filtration system for a perfect clean. A 20.4V motor and cyclonic technology deliver a strong suction force to effectively clean a variety of soft and hard surfaces. The HEPA filtration system ensures that small dust and dirt particles are captured, to provide the perfect clean. Detachable handheld vacuum. Featuring a removable and extremely mobile handheld vacuum with additional turbo brush, you will able to access all those hard to reach spaces. Providing extra mobility with equal brush precision, you will not miss a spot! Bagless, lightweight design and large battery! The bagless capturing system can be emptied and replaced in seconds, without the need for fiddling with replacement bags! The lightweight design incorporates a battery indicator, and with a run time of 22 minutes, you can clean the whole house on a single charge. Simply place the vacuum on the charging base when it is not in use and it will be ready to…

  2. Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner

    Say goodbye to dust forever with a Dyson vacuum. This is an upright vacuum, which is great for heavily carpeted homes. The longer-than-average power cord of this vacuum cleaner will make cleaning more comfortable and extend your operating reach. This bagless vacuum weighs 7.8 kg, which enables vacuuming a multilevel house effortlessly. With a 15.8-meter operating radius, people whose homes have very widely scattered outlets will love this product. Measurements: 340 width x 391 depth x 1076 height.

    $690 - $779
  3. Nilfisk 12404901 Vacuum Cleaner

    Say goodbye to dust forever. The low profile of this versatile vacuum will make it easier and much more comfortable to clean stairs and get under furniture. It has a 6-metre cord and comes equipped with a cord rewind feature, made for easy storage. This Nilfisk vacuum produces 70 dB and features 350 watts of suction power, which enables you to make sure that the house stays in a state of spotless perfection. This is a bagless vacuum and it weighs 5.2 kg, which enables carrying up the stairs easily. Dimensions (mm): 280W x 400D x 280H.

    $168 - $169.98
  4. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Miele 10151520 C1 Young Style PowerLine Vacuum Cleaner from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350000 customers - Appliances Online Legendary Service!

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  5. BLIZZARD CX1 MULTI Powerline Miele Vacuum Cleaner Only from Appliance Central

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  6. S8360 Hardfloor REPLACEMENT Height Adjustable Two Piece Stainless Steel Wand Standard Floorhead SBD 650-3 SBB 235-3 Hard Floor Brush Designed for Gentle Cleaning of Hard Floors Integrated 3 Piece Accessories Crevice Nozzle for Inaccessible Areas Upholstery Nozzle for Soft Furnishings Dusting Brush with Synthetic Bristles Silence System for Low Noise Operation Plus/Minus Foot Switches Maximum Power Input - 1,200W Nominal Power Input - 1,000W Active HEPA Filter SF-AH 50 Unique HyClean High Performance Dustbag with Automatic Dust Trap (Bag Type: G/N) 3 Point Steering with Castor Wheels Operating Radius: 11m One Touch Cable Rewind Function Two Sided Park System for Storage Park System For Small Breaks "Change Dustbag" Indicator All Round Bumper Strip To Protect Furniturestip_tags

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  7. Smart navigation Triple cleaning system Extremely long life battery Furniture protection technology Advanced corner cleaning Non-stop power Timer Remote control stip_tags

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  8. User Convenience Electronic suction power Handle controls Illuminated power indicator LED Power indicator on handle Switch for electrobrush in the handle Electro brush socket Ergonomic carrying handle Ergonomic handle Comfort handle Comfort handle with integrated controls Silence system Suction tube Electro telescopic tube Park system for vacuuming breaks Park system with automatic switch-off Automatic setting Park system for storage - Both sides Comfort cable rewind Efficiency and sustainability Nominal power in Watts 2000 Mobility Castors with steel shaft gentle on floors Three-point manoeuvrability Operating radius 11Metres Cable length 7Metres Filter system Type of dustbag - Hyclean GN Dustbag volume 4.7Litres Dustbag change indicator Exhaust filter HEPA Airclean filter Filter change indicator Motor protection filter Safety Locking system for floor head and handle Automatic dustbag positioning All-round bumper strip Indicator light for thermal protection Performance data 2000 Watts Standard accessories 3-Piece accessory set integrated Upholstery tool Crevice tool Dusting brush with natural bristles Floor head SBD 285-3 Electro brush SEB 217-3 Filter - HEPA Air clean filter stip_tags

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  9. Cylinder vacuum cleaners Product brand Classic C1 Junior Engine version PowerLine Product type Classic C1 Junior User convenience Electronic suction power control Rotary selector Ergonomic carrying handle Ergonomic handle Silence System Suction tube EasyLock suction tube Park system for vacuuming breaks Park system for storage One sidestip_tags

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  10. Complete C3 Comfort TotalCare - S8790 REPLACEMENT Cylinder vacuum cleaner with handle controls and automatic setting for especially convenient operation. Energy-efficient and quiet vacuuming – 1200 W Very efficient, thorough and quiet thanks to AirTeQ floorhead Gentle on delicate hard floors – flexible Parquet Twister Effectively removes hair and lint with its turbobrush. Maximum air hygiene with HEPA AirClean filterstip_tags

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  11. S5381 replacement The Compact C2 range from Miele is the ideal solution if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is both lightweight and functional for use within your apartment or house. This model is perfect for carrying up and down the stairs with ease, and can just as easily be stored away in a cupboard or utility room due to its compact size. Standard floorhead + parquet floorhead Energy efficient motor 1800 Watts Hepa 13 filtration HyClean 3D efficiency dustbags 10 Metre operating radiusstip_tags

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  12. Pet hairs and odours are easy to tackle with a Turbobrush and Active AirClean filter Clean more of your home with a generous 11m operating radius Convenient controls enable power to be adjusted easily across different surfaces Silence System For Low Noise 2000W motor Plus/Minus Foot Switches 2 Sided Park System For Storage HyClean Dust Bag with Auto Dust Trap Change Dust Bag Indicator All Round Bumper Strip Protects Furniture Adjustable 2 Piece Stainless Steel Wand Adjustable SBD 285-3 floor head Integrated 3 piece accessories Crevice nozzle for inaccessible areas Upholstery nozzle for soft furnishings Dusting brush with synthetic bristles Silence system for low noise operation STB 205-3 Turbobrush floorhead for reliable pick-up of fluff & hair STB 101 Mini TurboBrush One-touch cable rewind function Park System for small breaks 3 point steering with castor wheels Operating radius: 11 m Castors on steel axelsstip_tags

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  13. VACUUM CLEANER BAGSPart Number: AF374S Material: Extended Long Life Synethetic BagsQuantity: 5 Per Pack   Suits The Following Brands & Models MIELES400 SERIES, WHITE PEARL, CARMEN RED, CORN YELLOW ,400 SERIES, S600 SERIES ,4000, 5000, 6000, 8000 SERIES ,S227i ,S232i ,S236i, S238i ,S240i, S270i, S271i S272i ,S274i ,S275i ,S278i, S282i ,S290, CAT & DOG ,METEOR ,SILVERSTAR, S400-456 ,S600-658 ,S800-S858 ,S5000-S5999 ,ARTICO

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  14. Synthetic Dust BagsPart Number: VP375S Product Name: Synthetic Dust Bags for Miele Vacuum Cleaner Suits The Following Brands & Models Miele BLACK DIAMOND S241i - S256i, S336i, S421i, S858, S290-S291, S180, S203-S204, S300i-S399, S270-S280, S180, S312, S363, S348, S500-S587, S700-S758, S4000-S4999, S217, S219, S220, S223, S224,S225,S226, 241-256i, 246i-2622i, 290-291, MN & FJM, S300 SERIES Comes in Pack of 5

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  15. Synthetic Dust BagsPart Number: VP374S Product Name: Synthetic Dust Bags for Miele Vacuum Cleaner Suits The Following Brands & Models S400 Series, White Pearl, Carmen Red, Corn Yellow, 400 Series, S600 Series, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000 Series S227-S240i, S269i-S282i, S227i, S229, S230i, S232i, S236i, S237i, S238i, S240i AMBASSADOR, S270i S271i FLAMENCO, S271i LOTUS GREEN, S272i, S274i, S275i, S276i, S278i, S278i SILVERSTAR S280i, S280i SILVERSTAR, S282i, S290i CAT & DOG, METEOR, SILVERSTAR S400-456, S600-658, S800-S858, S5000-S5999, ARTICO, S8000

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  16. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Miele SF-AA50 Vacuum Cleaner Active AirClean Filter from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350000 customers - Appliances Online Legendary Service!

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  17. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Miele SF-HA50 Vacuum Cleaner Active HEPA Filter with Timestrip® from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350000 customers - Appliances Online Legendary Service!

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  18. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Miele STB101 Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350000 customers - Appliances Online Legendary Service!

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  19. This Product: Pack of5 Paper dust bags Bags are double folded and double glued for strength. We also stock the synthetic version of this bag for even better filtration and performance - Synthetic Miele Vacuum Bags AF375S Bag size is 23cm x 20.5cm Replaces Miele Original GN Vacuum Bags, FJM Vacuum Bags, H Vacuum Bags and also Type E Vacuum Bags Paper vacuum bags for straight-forward reliable performance ** Please note all Miele barrell cleaners have the same size fitting where the bag is positioned in the vacuum. The difference between bags is in the slight variations of the bag dimensions. For example these are slightly smaller than the original Miele GN bags but this will not affect performance in your vacuum.

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  20. This Product: 4 high flow synthetic vacuum bags + 1 premotor filter +1 Super Air Clean Filter (exhaust filter) The bags feature the new Hyclean technology which has 9 filtration layers and incoming airflow guides for maximum airflow These vacuum cleaner bags also feature protective netting and a self closing trap, which means the bags are super strong and have minimum leakage Because of the superior airflow and ultra durability these bags are perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers Genuine Miele dust bags for superior quality

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