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  1. Little Orbit Monster High 13 Wishes Nintendo Wii Game

    Gamers will play as their favorite freaky-fab ghoul as they jump, climb and swing through multiple magical levels to save Monster High and their ghoulfriends. Features: - Journey inside the magic lamp to save the school and your friends - Jump, climb and swing through 12 magical levels - Play as your favorite Monster High characters and use their unique Freaky Flaws to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies - Combine characters' skills and use teamwork to solve puzzles and save the school - Choose multiple difficulty settings to Match Your Skills

  2. Little Orbit Monster High Skultimate Roller Maze Nintendo Wii Game

    On Your Mark, Get Set, SCREAM! It’s time to lace up your skates and get ready for Monster High: Skultimate Roller Maze! Pick your favorite Monster High character and assemble a team of friends and fiends as you skate your way through the catacombs of Monster High. Collect power-ups, avoid monstrous obstacles, scream past the competition and use each character’s special ability and ghoul power to win the race and bring home the victory! The importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship are the final nail in the coffin as you "Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster" Features: - Race as your favorite Monster High character - Compete on multiple treacherous courses - Customize your character and team to race to victory - Unique gameplay modes to keep the racing spirited

  3. Monster Miles Davis Tribute High Performance Head Phone

    Product: The Ultimate Jazz Experience Headphone Made for Enjoying Miles and All That Jazz From the groundbreaking sonorities of Birth of the Cool, through the rich orchestral textures of Sketches of Spain and the contemplative intimacy of Kind of Blue, you’ve never heard your favorite jazz the way you will through Miles Davis Tribute Jazz Headphones. Monster has designed these special edition in-ear monitors to be just as masterful and musically arresting as the genius that inspired them. Frontmen And Sidemen Take Center Stage Jazz is about musicianship and so are these tribute headphones, which have been designed to showcase your favorite musicians in every way. From Mingus’s upright to Jaco’s electric, bass players finally get their due. Whether it’s the delicacy of Paul Motian or the explosiveness of Tony Williams, drummers sound remarkably present. Pianists like Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock float through the soundstage with incredible immediacy. And of course, the sax…

  4. THQ Monster High Ghoul Spirit Nintendo DS Games

    Now you can join the student bodies with Monster High Ghoul Spirit, The Video Game. Mix and mingle with the Monster High guys and ghouls, perform creeparific activities, build a freaky-fab reputation and find out if you have what it takes to be crowned Scream Queen. Start by creating a ghoul version of you, using tons of monsterific options. Choose your ghoul type, pick a scary-cute outfit and killer hairstyle, customize your skin color complete with your very own freaky flaw. If you have a DSi camera, you can snap a picture and ghoulify yourself. Hang out with your new Monster High friends, perform scaretastic assignments (like a hair trim for Clawdeen or leading the spirit cheer) and go to classes to become an ogre achiever by earning ghastly grades. Just like in normie high school, your goal is knock em dead with your sinister style, gain a spirited rep and compete for the Scream Queen crown at the Terror Under the Sea Dance

  5. Monster Miles Davis Trumpet High Performance Headphones

    Miles Davis redefined the concept of smooth jazz, mixing elements of classical, rock, and electronic music to create a strikingly unique sound. Trumpet now redefines the personal audio experience to create the musicians' headphones. Every note, every nuance, is captured with never-heard-before realism, and the striking design -- based on Miles' iconic brass, with in-ear earbuds based on a trumpet mouthpiece and "kind of blue" cables -- serves as a fitting testimonial to the master's craft. These aren't just the best headphones for jazz. Whatever you listen to, Trumpet will become one of your all-time musical highs.

  6. Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Solo Headphones

    The music you listen to in your headphones should capture all the sonic details the artist wanted you to hear. But normal headphones can’t deliver the rich, full sound in today’s digital audio tracks, especially not smaller, lightweight headphones. But Solos high performance headphones, which are designed for today’s active lifestyles, deliver sound so real, you’ll be amazed it’s all coming from something so compact and portable. Folding Design and Touring Case Solos fold up for easy packing. The included Touring case features rigid construction for enhanced construction. Built-in Mic for Hands-Free Calls and Online Chats ControlTalk's built-in mic let's you talk hands-free on your iPhone or music phone. It even works with online voice or video chats on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Control iPad, iPhone and iPod the Easy Way ControlTalk gives you on-cable playback control of your iPad, iPhone or iPod, including pause, next track and volume. Monster® Clean Cloth™ …

  7. Whether you're chillin' on the couch or heading for bed, this Monster High Monsters in Charge Throw Blanket promises comfort so snuggly, it's almost scary! This thriller-ific throw is crafted with soft plush material and features a funky-fierce image of some of those gorgeous MH ghouls. An edgy zipper graphic adds a sassy splash of spook-tacular style. The Monster High Throw Blanket - Monsters in Charge features:Includes a blanketDesigned in black with bright blue trim and colorful touchesDecorated with an image of Draculaura, Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf with a zipper accent and MH iconsPlush material is extra cuddlyMade of 100% polyesterMachine wash cold, tumble dry lowThe teenage children of the legendary monster menaces have gathered together under one attend high school at Monster High! These girls are wild, they're fierce, and they're totally trendy. They've left their parents' outdated haunting habits behind to form a killer style all their own. When you see them, you'll just have to gasp "Drop dead...gorgeous!"

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  8. Fang You Very Much!Thank fellow monsters with our Monster High Thank You Cards! These coffin-shaped Monster High Thank You Notes feature a pink, blue and gray plaid pattern against a black background with a punk rock skull and a "Fangs you very much!" headline. Send these thank you notes to your group of ghouls and seal with a sticker!Item Includes:8 Thank You Cards.8 Envelopes.8 Seal Stickers.

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  9. Party Time!Treat all your monsterous friends to some delicious beverages with these fun Monster High Party Cups. Featuring the funky Frankie Stein, these paper cups are just the thing to help decorate your fangtastic party!Item Includes:8 x Cups.Sizing:Each cup holds 9 oz/266mL.Please Note: Napkin not included.

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  10. Monsters thinnest, easiest to use Mini HDMI cable available providing the best display from your camera

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  11. A ghoul's got to eat! When dining in the Creepateria, the un-natural place to feed a monster appetite, Draculaura doll also dresses to see and be seen in fangtastic fashions. Her clawesome new outfit and monsterrific accessories show this ghoul knows how to do lunch. Plus, her batwing grilled cheese and goblet - that fit on her coffin-shaped lunch tray (in pink, of course!) - make any Daughter of Dracula drool. Her to-die-for look pairs a black tank decorated in a pink bat print with a pink skirt with equally creepy cool print in white. Killer accessories include a spooktacular necklace, matching bangles and heart-decorated pink heels. The next looming question: where to sit. Collect her GFFs (each sold separately) for lunch company! Includes Draculaura doll wearing fashion and accessories, lunch tray, food and drink. Doll cannot stand alone. Ages 6 and older.A fashionably fierce ghoul, Draculaura doll dresses to see and be seen in the CreepateriaShe's ready to do lunch in a black tank with pink bat print paired with a pink skirt with equally creepy cool print in whiteHer batwing grilled cheese and goblet fit on her pink coffin-shaped lunch trayKiller accessories include a spooktacular necklace, matching bangles and heart-decorated pink heelsA must have for any Monster High collection!

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  12. Monster High Inner Monster Fearfully Feisty 'n Mad Love Doll Fearfully Feisty to Fangtastic Love Some days are just frightful - others are an absolute horror show! Now, ghouls can express how their day is going with their own Monster High Inner Monster. Each set features a scary cool doll with an exposed brain and inner skeleton that permit eerie expression. The Fearfully Feisty & Fangtastic Love doll can go from scarily fierce to madly in love in an instant! Record her story in the fill-in-the-blank diary to take personalization to new scary heights. Plug emoticons into her inner skeleton to express her emotions inside out!View larger With all of these spooktacular accessories you can express your monster emotions!View larger Put on a New Face Press the exposed brain of this pink dual-persona to change the look in her eyes. They flip from fiery to flirty in an instant. Remove one faceplate and swap with the second to go from gore-geously fierce to madly in love. Then throw on the uhhhmazing pink and black wig to complete a killer look. Use the included brush to keep her looking her most frightful, then pose her in the doll stand to show how you truly feel! Eerie Expression Get even more expressive with the included emoticons - peggable pieces that fit into the exposed inner skeleton of this heart-decorated ghoul. Snap them into the holes to make a statement without saying a word. Eight scary cool options include a cluster of hearts or one heart with an arrow; Skullette icons in purr-fectly pretty pink, fiery red and black or black with 'headache'; and scary cool organs to display a nervous stomach or breathless excitement. Feeling Fashions Then dress up the outside to match with spooktacular style. Accessorize the gore-geous heart-print dress (with pink peplum and black mesh hi

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  13. Romance is in the air in this brand new Monster High graphic novel featuring a collection of six original stories about all your favourite ghouls. The Fraidy Hawkins Day Dance is creeping up, and the monsters are aflutter with romantic hopes and screams! To make things even more screamtastic, the girls must ask out the guys! Join in on the 'winks' with Cleo, Scarah, Draculaura, Lagoona, Iris Clops and more!

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  14. Your uhhh-ltimate source for gossip has been taken over by none other than Frankie Stein! The voltageous ghoul wants to make a name for herself by putting together a freaky-fab new issue of the online magazine - the Gory Gazette - and she needs all her best ghoulfriends to pitch in.But her GFFs are a bit distracted: Deuce's snakes are mad at Cleo, Howleen steals Clawdeen's designs and Draculaura puts the wrong potion in her Home Ick cookies! Can Abbey, Ghoulia and Robecca help Frankie sort out her friends and pull off the best issue ever?Find out what the mysterious editor-in-chief thinks of Frankie's work in this fangtastic collection of new graphic stories from Monster High!

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  15. Dear New Student, Welcome to Monster High! It may look like any other high school from the outside, but lurk closer and you'll see rather nontraditional student bodies and faculty. So be a monster too! Fill out your class schedule, help Frankie with her Home Ick assignment, and catch a ride with Draculaura to the Maul. Over 100 pages of activities and doodle fun will immerse you in the world! Have a fangtastic time at Monster High!

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  16. GFFs Rochelle, Robecca, and Venus begin to settle in at Monster High and are having a fangtastic time getting involved in the student body. Rochelle is tutoring the trolls, Robecca is blasting onto the Skulltimate Roller Maze team, and Venus is starting a compost pile with Lagoona Blue The ghoulfriends are even recruited to help Toralei and Cleo plan the Hex Factor Talent Show.But during Mr. Mummy's Catacombing class, the ghouls find hints of a new threat to the school. And when white cats start showing up around the Creepateria-a bad omen for monsters -the GFFs begin to wonder if their fun is over. Is Toralei playing pranks? Or is something more sinister haunting the halls of Monster High?

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  17. From Lisi Harrison, the "New York Times" bestselling author of The Clique and Alphas, comes a new series with a fresh twist on high school, romance, and the "horrors" of trying to fit in.The monster community has kept a low profile at the local high school, but when two new girls enroll, the town will never be the same. Created just fifteen days ago, Frankie Stein is psyched to trade her father's formaldehyde-smelling basement lab for parties and prom.But with a student body totally freaked out by rumors of monsters stalking the halls, Frankie learns that high school can be rough for a chic freak like her. She thinks she finds a friend in fellow new student Melody Carver-but can a "normie" be trusted with her big secret?

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  18. ""Thelonius Monster once swallowed a fly, and decided that flies would taste grand in a pie. That silly guy ""Judy Sierra's funny read-aloud romp presents a monster that children will love as he makes a goo-filled crust, lures hundreds and thousands of succulent flies into it, and invites his "disgusting-ist" friends and relations to a gala fly-pie party. "How it glistens And listen—it hums " shout the ravenous monsters. But just as his guests are about to dig in—the pie flies off. "Bye, bye, fly pie."Judy Sierra's story in rhyme begs to be read aloud during Halloween season or any season, and Edward Koren's signature hairy monsters capture all the humor of this deliciously gross tale.

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  19. Create your own on-the-go style! Color and design this fashion bag with markers and sparkling gems! The bag features a strong canvas material and stylish handle.

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