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  1. This pack contains: - 1 x Mosquito Lantern - 1 x Repellent Pad - 1 x Candle

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  2. - Repels for up to 8 hours

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  3. Mortein Mozzie Zapper Mat Refills use high quality ingredients to ensure odourless, low irritant protection from mosquitoes for you and your family, all night long. When turned on, the Mortein Mozzie Zapper starts repelling mosquitoes within 10 minutes. For use in conjunction with Mortein Mozzie Zapper plug-in unit.

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  4. Mortein Naturgard Auto Protect Indoor system gives you the control you need to enjoy protection from pests everyday. Mortein Naturegard Auto Protect releases regular bursts of mist to continuously keep your home protected from insects. (Controls flies, mosquitoes, moths, ants and American cockroaches and helps control German cockroaches and fleas.) Now a red flash will indicate that the refill needs changing ensuring continuous protection. The adjustable time settings give you the control to select between three levels of spray frequency, allowing you to adjust the protection to reflect the insect activity in your home. It can also be switched off for those times or days you do not need protection. Over 24 hours the system disperses no more spray than a single 3-4 second spray of regular fly spray.

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  5. 2 x Mortein Outdoor Mosquito Coils 30-Pack 360g

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  6. Mortein Peaceful Nights Mozzie Zapper Prime + Refills - 2.75mL

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  7. Tips The mosquito coil diffuser can be found here .

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  8. Tips The Iron Stick Diffuser can be found here .

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  9. A pack of tablets for refilling your portable mosquito killer unit. Each pack contains 5 cartridges, each designed to last around 6 nights.

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  10. A 35ml refill for the use with the Lifesystems Dual Mosquito Killer Unit .

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  11. Off! Clip On Mosquito Repellent 2 Refills

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  12. A pack of ten refill coils for the New Mountain mosquito diffuser. These coils have a unique and relaxing aroma and are chemical and toxin free. Made from Australian sandalwood with a blend of essential oils, these coils will repel mozzies for up to 6 ho

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  13. Pack of 2 replacement pellets for the Para'Kito mosquito protection wristbands and clips. Each pellet diffuses a blend of 7 plant essential oils to naturally deter mosquitoes in any climate. Simply insert a replaceable pellet into the band or clip and st

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  14. These pleasant, effective coils feature pure Australian Sandalwood and are perfect for your next BBQ or gathering.

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  15. Natural Mosquito sticks with the inclusion of Pure Australian Sandalwood to assist in repelling insects effectively. Incense sticks 50cm Long

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  16. Sure Travel Mosquito Plug & Refills

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  17. Top up you Lifesystems plug-in mosquito killer unit with this handy compact Mosquito Killer Liquid Refill. With enough liquid to provide 40 nights worth of protection this is perfect for the frequent traveller with limited space. Sleep in comfort safe in the knowldege that you have yourself protected and won& 039;t wake up covered in bites. Lifesystems Mosquito Killer Liquid Refill Features: Lasts For Up To 40 Nights Treats Approx Odorless 35ml Liquid Weight: 45g

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  18. Replacement cartridges for the Portable Mosquito Killer Unit. Each refill pack includes 5 cartridges, each designed to last for approximately 6 nights. Weight: 0.05g Dimensions (unpacked): 65 / 35 / 0.5 mm Items: 5

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