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  1. DIY Self-resetting Wooden Plank Mouse Trap

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  2. 4X MULTI-CATCH RAT & MOUSE TRAP Do you hear mice or rats scurrying around your home when all else is quiet? Have you been finding chewed up corners on your furniture or nibbled items in your kitchen cupboards? The signs of rats or mice in your house are very disturbing! The Multi-Catch Trap will put an immediate end to your problem and get rid of any pesky rodents that are sharing your living space. For your convenience, this rat trap comes pre-assembled and ready for use. Designed by Humane Way, this Rat & Mouse Trap is safe for both people and non-target animals. The metal construction is durable and long-lasting, made with quality materials that are corrosion-resistant. It is simple to set up the Multi-Catch Trap. No tools are required; you just need to unfold the unit, place the bait, and set the trap in your home. A compact design allows you to fit this trap in tight places, such as behind appliances and cupboards, or under furniture. How do you know if you need a Multi-Catch Rat & Mouse Trap? Typical signs include nibbled food in your cabinets and sounds of squeaking – often during the nighttime. In addition, be on the lookout for hidden nests of rags or paper, and “runways” on furniture or walls (caused by mouse fur). Urine stains in cupboards or on floors are another telltale sign. The Multi-Catch Rat & Mouse Trap does not cause injury to the creatures, and there’s no risk of pets eating rodent poisons. In general, this method of pest control is safe and does not use any hazardous chemical pesticides. The trap is also suitable for preventing dead mice in inaccessible areas, where they’ll decompose and cause an unpleasant odor. Once trapped, the mouse or rat can be disposed of easily. FEATURES Rodent bait isn’t required Convenient set-up in one motion, within minutes Disposing of trapped rodents is easy No injury is caused to the pests No risk of harm to house pets or people Tough wire construction with a matte finish Corrosion-resistant Compact dimensions: 2

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  3. These traps are perfect for pet owners or families with allergies or small children as there is no need to use harmful baits with potentially lethal chemicals. Simply set the trap with alluring peanut butter, cheese or other tasty rodent treats inside the cage, position the cage in a known rodent traffic area in the roof or pantry and let mother nature do the rest. Once the rodent enters the cage, there is no way out! Check the cage regularly and remove or relocate the problem pest, replace the food bait and repeat the process. This cage can be used over and over again, it is cost effective and you don't need to use chemicals. This set of 4 small animal traps is ideal for commercial or domestic premises. Features Small animal trap x2 Humane cage for live trapping One-way entry only High capture rate Simple bait operation Ideal for capturing small pests alive and relocating Prefect for premises where chemicals or pesticides are not suitable Specifications Material: Galvanised iron wire Wire thickness: 2mm Size: 23x15x10cm Colour: Silver Product Content 2 x Humane Animal Trap Cage

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  4. Assembly is only half the fun as you build your game, Space Boot and trap...then, chase down the cheese. Don't get trapped as you search for the cheese in outer space. Collect 10 cheese bricks to win. Play it our way, or change things up! Find all of the cheese, customize the gameboard, add in some twists, and make it your own!For 2 - 4 players, aged 6 and up.Contents Include: 108 U-BUILD bricks, 4 mouse marbles, 4 small cardboard Cheese Hills, 1 large cardboard Cheese Mountain, 1 Trap part, 1 Space Boot part, 1 die with label sheet, a 20 x 20 gameboard, assembly guide and game guide.Ages 6+

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  5. Build a better mousetrap and you can catch your opponent's mouse before yours is caught! As you travel around the board, collect pieces to create your trap, then put it together and start up the whole crazy chain reaction - this is no ordinary mousetrap!Ages 6+For 2 to 4 players.

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  6. A plastic trap designed to capture and hold up to 4 mice without harming them. A one-way flap entrance resets itself after being triggered allowing more mice to enter and be caught. The tunnel design serves to attract mice to enter the trap easily. The label is removable to reveal a clear plastic lid which means you can see at a glance when something has been caught. The are plenty of ventilation points which reduces stress to the captured mice. Easy to bait and set. Each trap is provided with full instructions for use.

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  7. Kills 100+ mice per set of AA batteries (not included). Quick, effective and humane. Kills mice in seconds. Kill indicator shows when trap needs resetting. Safe to use around children and pets. Please note that this product may come in assorted colours, you may receive a random colour.

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  8. 4x Multi-Catch Rat & Mouse Trap

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  9. Mouse & the Traps - Fraternity Years [CD]

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  10. Like the Classic Mouse Trap game, Elefun Mouse Trap lets you trap your opponents' mice in the wacky trap you construct!Players: 2-3Ages: 4+

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  11. Baited ready to use trap, catches four or more mice in one setting. Self-setting mechanism safe for use in child and pet play areas. Clear view sliding lid for easy inspection and release of catch. Unobtrusive and safe for use around the home.

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  12. Mouse & the Traps - Lost Sessions [CD]

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  13. Joe Sierra - Mouse Trap [CD]

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