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  1. The Elixir 2 Backpacking Tent 2018 from MSR is a 2-person backpacking tent that offers enough space for you and your gear within a quick and simple design. The tent is easy to set up thanks to the colour coded poles and the inner canopy clips onto the poles. With 2 larger front entry ways and vestibules, you can keep all your gear out of the weather and still get easy access into the tent. The design of the tent combines a strong flysheet with breathable mesh to offer a combination of ventilation and protection. Inside the tent there are 2 gear lofts for you to keep all your essentials close to hand and up off the floor of the tent. The included footprint helps protect the base of the tent helping to prolong its life.

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  2. The Hubba Tour 2 Tent from MSR is a unique tent that offers excellent protection for multi-day hikers and cycle tourers. It features a small pack size and minimal weight without sacrificing those all important features. Thanks to the main section of the tent having an Exo-skeleton, it is easy to erect quickly, even in difficult weather conditions. The large vestibule area also features a single pole that can be threaded easily to ensure you have shelter within minutes. This area also has an integrated ground sheet that covers the majority of the floor, only leaving the entrance bare to allow for space to store muddy boots without getting the tent too dirty.The inner tent is attached to the outer for easy pitching that helps to keep it dry in wet conditions. It is spacious and features gear loft storage as well as pockets to help you keep everything you need handy and organised. Adjustable ventilation at each end of the inner tent allows great air flow regardless of cold and wet or warm and dry weather conditions.

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  3. The Hubba NX Footprint from MSR is a custom-fit protection for your Hubba tent floor, providing increased protection from water and wear-and-tear.

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  4. Custom-fit protection for your tent floor, providing increased protection from water and wear-and-tear.Colour - Grey

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  5. The ultimate multi-purpose spoon

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  6. Completely collapsible for optimal packing efficiency, our burliest medium-to-large capacity water storage and delivery systems are perfect for everything from alpine- to road warrior-style expeditions. Armed with incredibly tough 500 and 1000-denier Cordura� exteriors and laminated with a BPA-Free and food-grade polyurethane lining, our Dromedary Bags can handle freezing and just about any kind of abuse you can imagine. Accessories like the Shower or Hydration Kits add do-all versatility.

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  7. The Fury 2-person mountaineering tent offers unmatched double-wall strength and reliability. Its small footprint allows it to be pitched with minimal platform prep on steep slopes and ridges and it weighs just 6 lbs. 4 oz. (2.84 kg).�A roomy, hooped front vestibule maximizes critical interior space and a large rear window keeps weight down without compromising the excellent cross-ventilation that�s mandatory in a tent of this size.

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  8. Redesigned for 2014: Reinvented as the most livable tent available for its ultralight weight, the bestselling MSR Hubba Hubba 2-person backpacking tent now weighs in at a trim 1.54 kg / 3 lb 7 oz. Ultra-compact and precision-engineered, the tent feels as light and efficient to use as it does to carry. From its optimized, symmetrical geometry and non-tapered floor that maximize space, down to its integrated, adjustable stake-out loops that speed setup, this tent redefines livability. Whether you�re setting out to climb the Sawatch Range or circumnavigate Mount Rainier along the Wonderland Trail, the freestanding, 3-season Hubba Hubba tent lets you enjoy the full backcountry experience � including time spent in the tent. Ultralight: Minimum weight is 1.54 kg / 3 lb 7 oz; two Fast & Light� options from .97 kg /2 lb 2 oz. Maximum Space: Head and elbow room throughout tent; two large side-entry vestibules to store gear. Livable: Two large StayDry� doors with built-in rain gutters; adaptable, cross-ventilating rainfly. Easy Setup & Packing: Unified hub-and-pole system with color-coded clips; ultra-compact compression stuff sack.

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  9. The MSR Hubba Hubba NX footprint extends the life of your tent by protecting the floor from abrasion and excess wear and tear.

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  10. Three used to be a crowd � especially in the backcountry. But now, the freestanding Carbon Reflex 3 shelter eliminates the hassle of figuring out sleeping arrangements for three. With two full doors and vestibules, it offers uncompromised accommodations at the weight of many ultralight 2-person tents. And that means it makes a great option for two as well�especially on longer trips where the value of extra space is fully realized�with the built-in versatility to add a third any time you like.

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  11. Custom-fit protection for your tent floor, providing increased protection from water and wear-and-tear. Footprint can be set up with tent rainfly only (Fast & Light� pitch) for minimalist trips. This Footprint fits original Hubba Hubba�, Hubba Hubba HP, and Hubba Hubba NX tents

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  12. The Gear Shed doubles the storage space of any Hubba or Hubba Hubba tent with an additional 26 sq. ft. (2.5 sq. m) of covered storage, giving you the versatility to make one tent do it all.

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  13. New: Surprisingly lightweight and easy to assemble, the new MSR� Elixir 2 tent is an extremely livable performance backpacking tent�and a great value for all its features. Unlike many tents in this class, our freestanding tent design features two large doors, two large vestibules for storing gear, and true-to-size capacity for two. The versatile tent balances breathable mesh fabric with solid canopy fabric to provide ventilation, warmth and privacy, while the included footprint offers multiple setup options, including a freestanding Fast & Light� pitch with rainfly. Whether you�re planning your first backpacking trip or your next one, the Elixir 2�the most livable backpacking tent in its class�is your remedy. Lightweight: Minimum weight is just 2.10 kg (4 lb 10 oz), or set up in Fast & Light� mode for 1.61 kg (3 lb 9 oz). Livable: Unique pole geometry optimizes headroom and fits two mats; adaptable rainfly allows for excellent views. Easy Access: Two large StayDry� doors and two vestibules with optimized zipper orientation. Fast Setup: Freestanding system features color-coded poles, clips and webbing for fast and easy setup.

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  14. Now a full .17 kg (6 oz) lighter, the best-selling, freestanding MSR Hubba NX tent has been reinvented as the most livable, ultralight solo backpacking tent available. Expertly engineered for 3-season camping, the lightweight, compact tent won�t slow you down, whether you�re striking out early to earn solo views along a popular route, or finding your stride on a 10-day trek into the Alaskan wilderness. The tent�s optimized, symmetrical geometry and non-tapered floor maximize space�because you didn�t head out into the backcountry to feel constrained�while other precision-engineered features, from the StayDry� door to the adaptable, cross-ventilating rainfly, make the tent so livable, you won�t want to come home.

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  15. Make the most of your vestibule with floors designed to fit your MSR� tent. MudMat� floors make your vestibule into a clean, sheltered area where people, pets or gear can get out of the weather. Easy attachments at each corner make it simple to add a custom-sized floor to your vestibule. MudMat 2 is sized to fit the Nook� tent; MudMat 1 is sized to fit all other MSR� Experience� series tents.

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  16. The ultimate 2-person shelter for long-distance backpacking trips. Ultralight weight is critical for thru-hikers and long-distance backpackers, and at .41 kg (14 oz), this shelter meets that requirement and others: excellent ventilation, good protection, and enough livable space for two to be comfortable for weeks or months on the trail.�It�s also an extremely packable and adaptable shelter. Use the Mesh House on its own for bug-free protection, pair it with the Thru-Hiker 70 or 100 Wing (sold separately) for added wind and rain coverage.�

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  17. This ultralight shelter comfortably accommodates two plus gear�ideal for ultralight trips from spring through fall. With near-ground coverage on three sides and an option for total closure on one end, its ultralight, waterproof silnylon canopy pitches easily with trekking poles to offer excellent protection and ventilation that won�t slow you down. Reinforced peaks and guy out points ensure strength and lasting durability.

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  18. Wind and rain protection for small groups. Offering essential ultralight protection for minimalists, thru-hikers and long-distance backpackers, the Thru-Hiker 70 Wing and 100 Wing keep wind and rain at bay with minimal impact on total pack weight.�The 70 Wing accommodates 2-3 people and weighs as little as .38 kg (12 oz), while the 100 Wing offers ample room for 3 backpackers at a minimum weight of only .49 kg (1 lb 1 oz).�Use a wing shelter by itself on a fastpacking trip, or pair one with the Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2 or 3 (sold separately) for added wind and rain protection on a long-haul trip.

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  19. The ultimate dual-duty utensil.

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  20. The MSR Folding spoon collapses down to fit easily inside your pot kit for easy packing.

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