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  1. A quality tool for trimming fingernails & toenails Features an elegant design with sharp, heavy duty curved blades Cutting blades stay sharp Can also be used to trim hangnails Maintenance: clean blades after use

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  2. Children's Care Kit: 1x Baby Nail Clipper 1x Baby Nail File 1x Nail Brush 1x Baby Nail Scissors

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  3. Manicare Nail Scissors - Curved � �Curved �Finest quality stainless steel. �Deluxe satin finish. �Durable and long lasting. �Precision ground Curved blades. � � ► View all Manicare Products

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  4. Manicare Nail Scissors - Curved - Extra Large Grip� �Finest quality stainless steel scissors with hand ground blades for a perfect pedicure. With a deluxe satin finish & long handles, these professional scissors are heavy duty, functional & long-lasting. � ► View all Manicare Products

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  5. Quality stainless steel nail scissors designed with curved blades for trimming both fine and hard nails. Ideal for gently cutting nails cleanly, accurately and easily.

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  6. Sally Hansen Finest Fingernails Combo Nail & Cuticle Scissors

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  7. My Beauty Nail Scissors

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  8. TNS Professional Podiatry Toe Nail Scissors (Straight Blade) This professional nail scissors offer you a shorter straight blade for more control over your cutting. They feature strong, perfectly sharpened blades that cut toenails smoothly and easily. The stainless steel blades keep their its sharpness for a very long time, even when the scissors are used to cut thick toenails.

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  9. TNS Professional Stainless Steel Curved Manicure Scissors These professional manicure scissors are made of high grade stainless steel with a matte finish. It's lightweight construction help perform the job faster and more efficiently. Sharp blades and a curved point allows for greater precision when grooming. Ideal for shortening the natural nail, removing the dead cuticle, hang nails, and modifications to silk wraps and nail art. For professional use only.

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  10. When a company is known for making some of the best knives around, the last thing you'd expect them to do is release a collection of beauty and body care items, correct? After all, Henckels are known for their two-hundred year history of knife-making, and knives are tough, and they shouldn't be put anywhere near the body! But the great thing is, Henckels' grooming products are just as tough and reliable as their cooking instruments. Like the blades of their knives, Henckels' Beauty range is crafted in forged stainless steel, with an undeniable durability and quality, while German design and engineering create some of the most solid and also the most beautiful body care products around. Henckels Beauty. Two words we thought we'd never say together (but glad we did!) Twinox Nail Scissors feature: Designed in Germany. Made from 18/10 forged stainless steel. Satin finish. For trimming nails in a square or rounded shape. Length: 9.5cm.

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  11. It's important to use the right scissors for the task in hand, and when it comes to cutting or shaping nails, only specialist instruments will do. These high-quality scissors, made in Germany, have sharp blades and are fashioned from the finest sandblasted, ice-tempered steel. With golden screw. The blades are also curved for extra-precise cutting, while the total length is around 9 cm or 3.55 inches. These scissors are also easy to sterilise and hygienic, making them ideal for professional use. This product is from the well-established producer Otto Herder Manicure, known for the quality of its cutting instruments. These scissors are designed to give great control over the arc of the cut, and to work without slipping from your grasp. Soak hands to soften calcified growth beforehand, then dry them, and ensure scissors are clean from the last use. Tidy up your nails at least every few weeks without being over-zealous,to ensure healthy growth. Otto Herder Manicure has been making the highest quality manicure equipment for more than a century. With over 100 years of experience behind them, the company prides itself on having the latest manufacturing technology, as well as combining high-tech machines with traditional skills. Based in the heart of Solingen, a city in Germany renowned for producing high-end blades and cutting instruments, it manufactures top quality manicure equipment. Length: 9 cm / 3.54" inches Suitable for professional or home use Ice-tempered stainless steel With golden screw Made in Germany

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  12. Perfect combination of nail and cuticle scissors in one tip. Made of stainless steel. A combination of scissors with nail and cuticle tip, perfect for taking care of your hands. Fine quality scissors supplied by a traditional Solingen company with more than 80 years experience in making the well recognized Solingen quality manicure tools. The scissors are made of stainless steel, which makes them corrosion-free and endure. Length is 9 cm / 3.5 inches. The surface is perfectly polished. For the another combination of two-in-one tool for taking care of your nails and cuticles take a look at Mont Bleu glass nail files. Back to nail scissors page, where you can find many types of nail and cuticle scissors that will definitely fit your needs.

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  13. BeautyPRO Precision Instruments Straight Nail & Cuticle Scissors

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  14. Revlon Nail Grooming Scissors

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  15. Designed specifically for babies, Niegeloh German baby nail scissors Inox Style n4 continue Niegeloh\'s professional line of Inox Style n4 manicure scissors, which feature excellence in design and perfectly ground cutting edge. With rounded tips and safety grinding of the blades, they cut (not tear) soft baby nails beautifully. Comfortable wide grips allow parents with larger hands excellent handling and precise manoeuvring for stress-free nail cutting routine. For premium quality, German baby scissors Inox Style n4 are made of anti-allergic and nickel-free stainless steel – so you can rest assured that you don\'t expose your little one to nickel – a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis which affects up to 20% of children1,2. These baby scissors are guaranteed to last and delight parents with safe and precise baby nail trimming. And they make an excellent gift idea for a baby shower. Manufactured by Niegeloh Solingen Germany. Family tradition since 1936. Length: 9 cm. Niegeloh Solingen is the world leader in producing the highest quality manicure and pedicure instruments, distinguished by workmanship, design and function. Products made by Niegeloh Solingen are known for their ultimate quality and innovative approaches to manufacturing. When you buy a Niegeloh Solingen manicure tool, you buy the best of the best quality that lasts and performs beautifully on nails. 1. Militello, G. et al. Current Opinion In Paediatrics. 18(4) 2006, 385-390 2. Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy. Website:

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  16. Niegeloh Solingen nail scissors represent the best of German workmanship that will never disappoint. Crafted by hand in the old city of Solingen (Germany), they are perfectly sharpened and balanced, to give your nails a neat and well-presented look. Elegant 24 carat gold plating adds a luxury touch, highlighting hard to find quality and long lasting durability. Each pair of Niegeloh scissors goes through individual testing to ensure the pair you receive is ready to use and the cutting edge is primed for a perfect and precise cut. Slight curve of the blades follows the countour of your nails and helps to follow natural shape of your nails. This is the quality you will want to pass to your children so they also enjoy beautiful nails with the best manicure tools from Germany. Length 9 cm. Niegeloh Solingen is the world leader in producing the highest quality manicure and pedicure instruments, distinguished by workmanship, design and function. Products made by Niegeloh Solingen are known for their ultimate quality and innovative approaches to manufacturing. When you buy a Niegeloh Solingen manicure tool, you buy the best of the best quality that lasts and performs beautifully on nails.

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  17. Manicare Nail Scissors - Straight (31300)

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