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  1. Navman MiVUE780 GPS Device

    MiVUE780 offers better protection featuring EASYSHARE via WIFI to instantly save or share your footage or back up emergency and event files straight to your mobile device, from there you can share to social media or email, without needing to connect to a computer. Packed with the premium dash cam features including a 1080p Full HD all glass lens camera, GPS tracking, 3-Axis G-Shock sensor, Optimised Day and Night Recording, Headlight Alert, Driver Fatigue Alert, Safety Camera Alerts and Event Recording Mode. Track your position wherever you go. The built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver automatically records your driving information including location, direction and speed.

  2. Navman MYESCAPE IV GPS Device

    The Navman MYESCAPE IV is for people who really want to get away from it all, designed specifically for drivers of 4WD, motorhomes or light commercial vehicles or those who tow caravans or boats.  Not only does it include Australian and New Zealand maps with specific routing for large vehicles, it also includes pre-loaded off-road tracks for 4WDs. Sometimes you need to get away from it all, take the road less travelled and inject a bit of fun and adventure in your life. Whether you choose to escape with your 4WD, motorhome, ute or with a caravan or boat in tow, the Navman MYESCAPE IV can guide you safely down the road less travelled.

  3. Navman MOVE85LM GPS Device

    The Navman MOVE85LM is great value for money and is packed full of features like Speed Limit Alerts, Lane Guidance, 3D Junction Views, so you will never miss a turn, Spoken Safety Alerts warn you when there is an upcoming speed or red light camera and warns you to slow down in school zones, plus Lifetime Maps to give you all the latest information you need including new roads and speed cameras. Driver Fatigue Alert is also available to keep you safe on the road. Never worry about maps again. Updated quarterly, you will always stay up to date with our Lifetime FREE Maps including updates to safety alerts at no additional cost. Warns about speed and red-light cameras, school zones and more.

    $159 - $176
  4. Navman MY670LMT GPS Device

    The MY670LMT has way too many features to list here All on a big 6 LCD touchscreen as well as Premium Driver Alerts warning of tricky road conditions ahead such as merging lanes, steep hills and hairpin bends. You’ll also find 3D Landmarks, Lane Guidance, Location Capture, Spoken Street Names, Smart Find Keyword Search, Trip Select, Zomato Restaurant Guide and Lifetime Maps, preloaded with multiple languages. Stay in touch on the go. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity turns your Navman into a handsfree car kit so you can safely make and receive calls via a compatible Bluetooth mobile phone. 3D Landmarks are highly detailed images of well-known buildings to help orientate you on the map and keep you moving in the right direction without stress or confusion.

  5. Navman MiVUE730 GPS Device

    MiVUE730 gives you extra security while on the road, the 3-Axis G-Shock sensor together with GPS Tracking gives you solid evidence of the direction and speed of impact plus with exact GPS location of where an accident occurred. Optimised Day/Night Recording in high quality 1080p Full HD means your footage is crystal clear no matter what time of day. Track your position wherever you go. The built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver automatically records your driving information including location, direction and speed. The 3-axis G-Sensor, in the event of a collision, shows the direction the impact came from, providing more information on how an impact happened.

  6. Navman MIVUE800 GPS Device

    A MiVUE800 Dual Camera will safeguard your vehicle from potential accidents from every angle with two 1080p Full HD cameras for front and rear recording, Optimised Day and Night Recording for crystal clear footage even in low light conditions and Event Recording Mode will give more details to assist with insurance claims or fight fraudulent ones. It also comes with Headlight and Driver Fatigue Alerts from Navman’s MiVue series. If your vehicle is hit or damaged while parked, the Parking Mode has built in sensors to automatically detect motion and start recording when you add Navman’s SmartBox power supply kit to provide continuous recording around the clock.

  7. Navman MYTRUCK III GPS Device

    Navigate safely and with ease with the Navman MYTRUCK III GPS Navigator. With like B-Double Heavy Vehicle Routing, live traffic updates, and comprehensive driver alerts, this GPS Navigator is your one-stop solution for a safe, smart, and hassle-free journey. Navman MYTRUCK III GPS Navigator’s truck mode lets you see upcoming narrow bridges, low tunnels, sharp turns, and more. It also utilises Australian B-Double Heavy Vehicle Routing, so you can anticipate roads with weight and hazard material restrictions and plan detours ahead of time. Integrated with detailed maps of Australia and New Zealand, the Navman MYTRUCK III Navigator lets you locate your destination easily. Comprehensive voice directions and spoken street names, you won’t miss a turn when trying to reach your stop.

  8. Navman DriveDuo SUV GPS Device

    Navman’s brand new DRIVEDUO SUV is the first device of its kind in Australia a 6inch GPS with a built in dashcam with special features for SUV and 4WD vehicles, large vehicles and those towing a caravan or boat. It is packed with tonnes of great features that make every day driving easier, plus features the weekend adventurer or occasional 4WD explorer will love, getting t them out of the city and discovering the places less travelled. The DRIVEDUO SUV comes with a superior inbuilt Super 2K Full HD dash cam for extremely high quality recording, Large Vehicle Routing with specific guidance for larger vehicles, 4WD Off Road Routing from a number of sources, and an adjustable neck dashcam that lets you point the camera in the best position for your vehicle.

  9. Navman Drive Duo GPS Drive

    ave the best of both worlds with the DRIVE DUO a great dash cam and the best sat-nav features in one. It has a 5inch LCD screen, Bluetooth Handsfree, Live Traffic Updates, 3D Landmark Guidance, Speed Limit and Spoken Safety Alerts, Premium Driver Alerts, Zomato Restaurant Guide and Lifetime Maps, plus the camera is 1080p Full HD, has GPS tracking, and a 3-Axis G- shock sensor so if you are in an accident all the vital information is automatically recorded and saved. You can even add a rear camera to record what’s happening behind too.

    $194 - $279
  10. Navman EZY400LMT GPS Device

    Easy to use, the Navman EZY400LMT has user-friendly functions giving you all the essential you need on your daily drive: 3D Junction Views with Real Signage and Lane Guidance so you never miss a turn, Bluetooth Handsfree, Live Traffic Updates, Spoken Safety Alerts, Speed Limit Alerts and Driver Fatigue Alert, plus Lifetime maps. There is even a Digital Logbook which is great for keeping track of mileage and fuel consumption for tax time or for keeping track of hours driven by learner drivers.

    $144 - $193
  11. Navman MiVUE850 GPS Device

    The MiVUE850Dual Camera is the ultimate in-car recording accessory. It provides safety from every angle with a WQHD 1440p front camera and 1080p Full HD rear camera, EZYSHARE via the WIFI connection to your phone which enables you to directly upload footage to social media or email or save for safe keeping , Optimised Day and Night Recording, 150° Wide Angle Glass Lens, Headlight Alert, Driver Fatigue Alert, Safety Camera Alert and ADAS such as Forward Collison warning you if you are travelling too close to the car in front and are at an unsafe stopping distance and Lane Departure Warnings letting you know if you veer into the lane beside you or into oncoming traffic.

    $374 - $445
  12. Philips SHL5000 Headphones

    The Philips Ear Gear Headphones RED headphones are designed to enjoy your music everywhere you go. The soft cushions allow you to keep on listening to your favourite tracks. The great sound quality gives you a new listening experience.Youll forget youre wearing them! Features -Lightweight headband enhances comfort and adds durability -Soft ear cushions so you can keep on listening -30mm speaker drivers give you great sound with a deep bass -Noise isolation for pure music -A 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use -Headphone folds flat for easy storing and carrying Specs: -Connector Type : 24k Gold plated 3.5 mm stereo -Frequency Response:10 - 28 000 Hz -Impedance Ohm:32 -Magnet Type : Neodymium -Maximum Power Input: 50 mW -Noise Isolation:Yes -Sensitivity: 106 dB

    $29.95 - $38.32
  13. Behringer HPS5000 Headphones

    Closed-Type High-Performance Studio Headphones Ultra-wide frequency response High-definition bass and super-transparent highs Ultra-wide dynamic range High-efficiency cobalt capsule Single-sided coiled cord with oxygen-free copper wires Optimized oval-shaped ear cups Ultra-rugged headband construction High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

  14. Western Digital WD AV-GP WD5000AVDS 500GB SATA Hard Drive

    Green Power for AV: Cool, quiet, reliable. Power-conserving WD AV-GP drives offer significant power savings and thermally optimized operation resulting in lower cost of ownership and unsurpassed reliability for PVR/DVR, IPTV boxes and media server manufacturers. Buffer Size: 32 MB Buffer To Host (Serial ATA): 3 Gb/s (Max) Capacity: 500 GB

  15. Half Yearly Sale Clearance on Now -A satnav and a dash cam in one, the Navman DRIVE DUO 2.0 5-inch GPS Navigator with Built-in Full HD Dash Cam is all you need for a safe and worry-free ride. Packed with clever features like live traffic updates, landmark guidance, and lifetime maps of Australia and New Zealand, it’s your intuitive companion for getting to your destination quickly and safely. Key Features The Navman DRIVE DUO 2.0 5-inch GPS Navigator with Built-in Full HD Dash Cam has access

    + Shipping
  16. Half Yearly Sale Clearance on Now -A comprehensive companion for daily drives, the Navman EZY450LMT 5-inch GPS Navigator makes it easy for you to search for a destination, avoid traffic jams, and more. It provides safety alerts via voice, so you can keep your focus on the road while you drive. Key Features The Navman EZY450LMT 5-inch GPS Navigator has Lifetime Maps of Australia, making it easy for you to search the best route possible wherever your destination is around the country. This

    + Shipping
  17. Half Yearly Sale Clearance on Now -Built for large vehicles, the Navman Big Rig Duo 6-inch GPS Navigator with Built-in 2K Dash Cam provides comprehensive driver info about sharp turns, red light zones, roads with weight restrictions, and more to keep you, your load, and the other drivers sharing the road safe. Key Features The Navman Big Rig Duo 6-inch GPS Navigator has a built-in dashcam that supports full HD resolution, giving you an extra pair of eyes on the road to help prevent disputes

    + Shipping
  18. Half Yearly Sale Clearance on Now -Create clear recordings of your trip and get important feedback through audible alerts while driving with the Navman MiVUE860DC Tyre 2.7-inch In-Car Camera. Key Features The Navman MiVUE860DC Tyre 2.7-inch In-Car Camera simultaneously records your front and rear view at 1080p resolution and H.264 compression for clear footage that takes up minimal storage space. Equipped with a Low Light Sony sensor and featuring Wide Dynamic Range support, the camera can

    + Shipping
  19. NAVMAN M1100 338937010183 900MAH REPLACEMENT BATTERY 1 Year Australian Warranty Description Portable GPS Battery Application Portable GPS Devices Original Brand Mitac Navman Magellan Chemistry GPSBT3003 Lithium Ion Voltage 37V Nominal Capacity 1200mAh stronger than the original Brand LightningCell Termination Connector Width 365mm Height 55mm LengthBreadthDepth 504mm Weight 23g SUITABLE FOR NAVMAN SPIRIT V505 TV MIO SPIRIT V735 MY80T MY500XT MY85XLT

    FREE shipping
  20. NAVMAN S SERIES REPLACEMENT LITHIUM BATTERY Replacement battery compatible with Navman S30S35 S45S50 S70 S80 S90 S90iS300T Replaces Navman battery BPLP85011A1L Description Portable GPS Battery Application Portable GPS Devices Works on Navman Chemistry Lithium Ion Voltage 37V Nominal Capacity 1200mAh IS YOUR DEVICErsquoS BATTERY NOT LISTED HERE PLEASE CONTACT US WITH THE MAKE AND MODEL OF YOUR DEVICE AND BATTERY MODEL NUMBER AND WE WILL ENDEAVOUR TO FIND IT FOR YOU

    FREE shipping
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