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  1. OverviewMuscle recovery and cramp reliefMagnesium requirements can increase through exercise, stress and poor dietary habits. Supplementing with a highly bioavailable, non-irritant form of magnesium is important to promote optimal absorption, without upsetting the stomach.Features And…

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  2. OverviewRelieve sinus pain and nasal congestionFeatures & BenefitsAustralian-made traditional Chinese herbal formula to help: Acute and chronic sinusitis Sinus pressure, pain and headaches Congested sinuses and nasal passages Runny nose and sneezing Chronic hayfever (rhinitis)How It WorksOriental…

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  3. Kidnetone Fluid Balance, Kidney Health A powerful formula to support healthy kidney function Promotes healthy fluid metabolism Relieves fluid retention Reduces urinary frequency Also addresses Fatigue & exhaustion Reduced sexual vitality Menopausal overheating Andropause & potency Menstrual…

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  4. AntiOxid 8 Antioxidant, Healthy Ageing A powerful antioxidant formula to help: Neutralise damaging free radicals Enhance the body's antioxidant defences Reduce inflammation and regulate cell function Maintain healthy skin, liver, prostate and eyes Help maintain healthy cholesterol Support…

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  5. The Mini Botanic jar is a small, yet perfectly formed replica of the Botanic Jar. Available in all the Botanicals by Ecoya fragrances, the Mini Botanic Jar has a burn time of 18 hours and is presented in a miniature carton.Size: 50g / 1.8 ozColour: WhiteFeatures: ScentedDimension: 5.00 (W) x 6.00…

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  6. Oriental Botanicals Curcumin Excel 60 Capsules Synergistic anti-inflammatory formula Do you experience joint pain? The stiffness and swelling from mild osteoarthritis or the burning, aching pain from a sports injury? Invariably these types of pain indicate the presence of inflammation.…

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  7. Oriental Botanicals Livaclean 60 Tablets Liver, Gallbladder Health Oriental Botanicals Livaclean is a Chinese herbal medicine developed to provide a cleansing effect and to detoxify the liver. A Chinese herbal medicine formulated with the Western herb St Mary Thistle to: Detoxify the Liver Optimise…

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  8. Adrenalift Energy, Physical Performance Oriental Botanicals Adrenalift is a Chinese herbal medicine formulated with Cordyceps and four Ginsengs including Siberian, Indian, Korean and American Ginsengs. Oriental Botanicals Adrenalift optimises physical performance by economising energy production…

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  9. Allergone Powerful Natural Allergy & Hayfever Relief Allergies occur when the immune system ‘over-reacts’ to a perceived threat, which it should normally tolerate. In these instances, the immune system is said to be hypersensitive to a specific antigen or allergen such as pollen, dust, pollution or…

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