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  1. Pacvac Superpro700 Vacuum

    Say goodbye to dust. The extreme mobility of this Pacvac backpack vacuum will cut down the vacuuming time for expansive homes and offices. It produces 65 dB, which is excellent for parent who needs to clean while their children are sleeping.

    $360 - $399
  2. Pacvac Hydropro 36 Vacuum

    Pacvac Hydropro 36 Litre Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner, The Hydropro series offers the ultimate in heavy-duty cleaning for every commercial environment.

  3. Pacvac Glide 300 Vacuum

    Lightweight and easy to use Premium commercial motor for enhanced suction 18M power cord Sturdy wheels for ease of use on any surface Easy to reach start button

    $319 - $393
  4. Pacvac Hydropro 21 Vacuum

    Manufactured to meet Pacvac's hgihest quality standards, this machine is suitable for both wet and dry vacuuming. Conveniently featuring a 21 litre tank capacity for the smaller commercial cleaning jobs. Convenient 21 litre tank capacity. Non marking wheels.

    $399 - $527
  5. PacVac Superpro Wispa 700 Vacuum

    The ultra-quiet Superpro wispa 700 is a versatile machine, designed to give users the option of reducing noise and energy use. This great feature prevents disturbing others whilst vacuuming and enables economical use of power. Ultra-quiet. Reduce energy use. HEPA rated Hypercone filter.

    $459 - $730
  6. PacVac Superpro Micron 700 Vacuum

    Pacvac Superpro 700 Micron Backpack Vacuum Cleaner The Superpro Micron 700 is specifically designed for chemical laboratories, high tech laboratories, and hazardous particulate situations like infection control-critical hospital wards. Used where Fine Particles are present. If you’re cleaning…

  7. Pacvac Superpro Duo 700 Vacuum

    The Superpro 700 is specifically designed for Cafes, Factories, Hospitals, Laboratories, Nursing Homes where accidental suction of liquid is likely to occur. Ametek 1000 watt 2 stage motor. Clear Dome Lid the offset inlet creates cyclonic airflow for stronger, more consistent airflow & more…

  8. PacVac Glide Wispa 300 Vacuum

    The ultra-quiet Glide wispa 300 has been further enhanced to give users the option of reducing noise and energy use. Not only does this design enable the economical use of power, the featured high grade HEPA rated filter traps 99.999% of fine dust particles, resulting in cleaner air quality.

  9. Pacvac Thrift 650 Vacuum

    The Thrift 650 is an ultra-lightweight machine, encompassing entry level accessories to suit the cost-conscious buyer. The combined effect of the powerful motor and hi-flow filter result in high levels of suction, delivering a quality performance at an economical price point.

  10. Pacvac Hydropro 76 Vacuum

    The Hydropro series is manufactured to meet Pacvac’s highest quality standards offering the ultimate in heavy duty cleaning for every commercial environment. With three distinct canister sizes to choose from, there’s a Hydropro suitable for every job, large or small, wet or dry. PacVac wet & dry…

  11. PacVac Superpro Battery 700 Vacuum

    Take a step further with the new Superpro battery 700. No cords just freedom and performance without limits. Lighter than other battery back packs on the market, offering superior ergonomics and speed. Lighter than other battery backpacks on the market, offering superior ergonomics and…

  12. PacVac Superpro Trans 700 Vacuum

    The Superpro Trans 700 is specifically wired for On-Board Power Systems found on various transportation such as Aircraft, Ships, Trains, etc. Two Piece Wand and Combination Floor Tool as Standard. Double Looped Cord Restraint,Prevents Accidental Disconnection of Power Cord. Specifically Wired For…

  13. PacVac Superpro 700 Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner Dry

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  14. Genuine Pacvac Disposable Dust Bag Suits Thrift - KC287SMS Part Number: KC287SMS Product Name: Disposable Dust Bag Features Available in a Pack of 5 Suits The Following Brands & Models Pacvac Thrift Backpack Vacuum Cleaner 600TH, 650TH

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  15. Genuine Air Inlet Grill For Pacvac Glide Part Number: G26 Product Name: Air Inlet Grill For Pacvac Glide Suits The Following Brands & Models PACVAC300G , 300GW

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  16. Pacvac RCD Piggy Back - UP112PB Part Number: UP112PB Product Name:   Pacvac RCD Piggy Back Suits The Following Brands & Models Pacvac Superpro Thrift  600TH, 650TH Pacvac Superpro 700 Series 700 , 700D, 700M, 700W, 700PL Pacvac Glide 300 Series 300G, 300GW Pacvac Hydropro  E21, E36, E76

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  17. Genuine Toggle Latch  - KC131 Part Number: KC131 Product Name:  Toggle Latch Suits The Following Brands & Models PACVAC All Superpro 700 Series Thrift 650TH, 600TH   Product Description: Single replacement side latch Genuine Pacvac Spare part for superior quality

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  18. VACUUM CLEANER REUSABLE CLOTH BAGSPart Number: #CB9 #KC502HC Material: Cloth Bags   Suits The Following Brands & Models PACVACSUPERPRO 700, SUPERPRO DUO 700, SUPERPRO WISPA 700

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  19. VACUUM FILTERPart Number: PV269HC Product Name: Pacvac Cone Filter (Insert) Suits The Following Brands & Models PACVACSuperPro 700, SuperPro Duo,SuperPro Micro

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  20. Pacvac Power Cord 18M 10A 2C 1MM2 Suits Thrift - KC108 Part Number: KC108 Product Name:   Power Cord 18M 10A Features 18M, 10Amp,  2C,  1MM2 Suits The Following Brands & Models Pacvac Superpro Thrift  600TH , 650TH , Superpro 700 Series All Vacuum Cleaners

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