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  1. This Folding Exercise Bike with Hand Monitor is ideal to help you get in shape in the comfort of your home. Equipped with a 2.5kg fly wheel with adjustable magnetic resistance this bike allows you to adjust the resistance level as your fitness level increases. Featuring non-skid foot pedals with safety straps you can create your personal spin class in the safety of your living room. The adjustable seat height and soft padded seat offer additional comfort. Compact and durable this exercise bike is easy to set and fold down for easy storage. Tone up and get fit with this amazing stationary exercise bike

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  2. Aircycle - PROUDLY NZ MADE & SUPPORTER OF ARTHRITIS NZ�The Aircycle provides a natural means of arthritis care that helps to relieve pain and maintain joint flexibility.� It also provides a means to gentle exercise to help build muscle strength and provide diabetic foot care whilst also reducing the chance of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and easing aches, cramps, pains and ankle swelling.�Arthritis CareConditions such as arthritis have a major impact on your lifestyle and day to day routine, but you can help to manage its impact.���The Aircycle offers you a natural and effective self management tool.� As a more proactive approach to managing your physical health, the Aircycle helps to improve circulation, to relieve the pain of arthritis, and enable you to maintain joint flexibility.��Exercise & Diabetic Foot CareAs we get older, finding a way to exercise that our bodies can cope with can become a difficult task.�� The Air cycle gives you a way to exercise that couldn't be easier, or more effective.� Build muscle, get proactive diabetic foot care, and improve circulation in the comfort of your home, car, or office. You'll love the improvement it has on your day to day ease of movement!�Maintaining good circulation to and in the feet is a key factor in diabetic foot care, as ulcers and other foot problems can often occur and go undetected � sometimes leading to amputation.� The Air cycle cannot change or cure your diabetes, but it can help stimulate and maintain the circulation in your feet. Creating a whirlpool action, the Aircycle pumps fresh blood into your feet and throughout your lower body making it an effective preventative diabetic foot treatment.� Circulation BoosterIt is a great circulation booster and that is why exercise 2 (treadle action � working the calf muscle pump) reduces swollen ankles (odema) so quickly (gets rid of accumulated fluid).� It also helps avoid numbness and loss of feeling (Diabetic foot complications), gets rid of night cramps (almost 1

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  3. Zooboo 1 Pair Weight-bearing Adjustable Tying Hand Wrap Wrist Strap for Weight Exercise Fitness Boxing Training

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  4. Stretch it, pull it, poke it!Research shows that students with sensory issues, ADHD and Asd can concentrate better when they are allowed to fidget. This exercise putty helps children with busy hands quietly fidget, improving their focus and concentration by keeping their hands occupied. The putty isgreat for strengthening fingers for writing andpromote the development of the pincer grasp by hiding objects in it.Made from the highest quality silicone, 66fit Hand Therapy Exercise Putty is clean to use, bleed proof and non-oily meaning that it leaves no residue on the hands during or after use.Excellent as a stress buster and for rehabilitation after a hand injury plus for general exercise to improve grip and finger strength.This 85g sized, unscented hand exercise putty is sold individually, in varying levels of resistance:Red (soft/ medium)Green (medium)Blue (firm) It is reusable and we do recommend that after use the putty is replaced into the plastic storage tub and left in a cool place to firm up again.

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  5. For anyone training a horse in dressage, classically based in-hand work is a valuable but unfortunately often undervalued part of its education. It is a rarely used tool, but one which variation to the everyday routine and schools both the horse and trainer. This book explains step-by-step and with clear illustrations the straightforward way towards the correct training of horses, working from the ground. Particular emphasis is given to the description of lateral movements, which for a supple horse as well as for the preparation towards the more advanced movements, play a central role.

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  6. Playing with Graphic Style is a lively and playful approach to discovering different design styles. This engaging guide begins with an introduction to the philosophy of learning through the process of play. This series of experimental design projects will cover the distinctions between a personal and universal style, historical and contemporary style, one-of-a kind styles and how lettering, type and typography often define style. The awareness and sensitivity to type styles, forms, and type choices gained through these visual experiments will increase the designer's confidence in their personal and professional work. This book can be used in the classroom or independently, and readers can go directly to exercises that appeal to them. Don't be afraid to try something different! Playing with Graphic Style offers 50 experiments that apply the fundamental principles of graphic design in a way that is creative, fun and interactive.

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  7. <!--cke_bookmark_378S--><!--cke_bookmark_378E--> The 66fit Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser is designed to strengthen forearms hands and fingers post-injury or simply to improve general grip strength as part of your exercise regime. Strengthen and tone your hands and forearms with the 66fit Adjustable Hand Exerciser! The 66fit Grip and Hand Exerciser is the ideal tool to build up hand and forearm strength right from the early stages of rehabilitation right through to anyone just wanting to increase general hand and grip strength and improve grip function and tone. The 66fit exerciser is often recommended to aid recovery from injuries such as sprained wrist and broken forearm or fingers. Why Choose the 66fit Adjustable Hand and Grip Exerciser? Manufactured to a high standard the 66fit grip exerciser is a versatile, easy-to-use product designed with portability, practicality and easy storage in mind. The 66fit hand exerciser allows the user to adjust the tension to their current resistance level and, as their performance improves, to readjust and increase as required. The exerciser features an easy turn knob at the front with the weights (10kg to 40kg) and increments printed clearly on the side. Simply turn the knob to wind the spring either further in for a lighter weight or turn the opposite way to wind out to achieve a heavier weight and therefore a greater resistance. Then simply squeeze together and feel the benefit! Comfortable to use with an easy grip handle, the 66fit adjustable grip exerciser is a great pocket sized piece of equipment ideal for use both home and away. The colour box features instructional graphics to show how to operate the hand grip exerciser, with additional in-depth videos available online. Features The 66fit Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser is designed to strengthen forearms hands and fingers post-injury or simply to improve general grip strength as part of your exercise regime. This

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  8. Specially formulated thermo-plastic rubber egg. Strengthens wrists, hands, forearms and fingers and increases hand coordination. Simply squeeze the egg in any plane to target the required muscle. Ideal for players of racket sports and for rehabilitation. Available in light, medium, strong.

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  9. Specially formulated thermo-plastic rubber egg. Strengthens wrists, hands, forearms and fingers and increases hand coordination. Simply squeeze the egg in any plane to target the required muscle. Ideal for players of racket sports and for rehabilitation. Available in light, medium, strong.

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  10. The Genki Flat Fitness Bench is the ultimate tool for fitness at home. With this simple bench there is no need for a number of bulky machines that are difficult to move and hard to store. Constructed with solid sturdy metal tubing and high quality padding this simple piece of home fitness equipment is perfect for a complete home workout. Whether you are perfecting your squat form or doing simple weight training exercises a flat bench is great for targeting all areas of your body. Equipped with capped feet with protective ends to protect your floors from damage and scuffs this flat bench is suitable for exercising your arms back or toning your upper chest this versatile flat bench has got you covered Note Minor assembly required. Barbells dumbbells are not included and are for illustration purposes only.

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  11. DL - 12PC - 1 12PCS Screwdriver Hand Tool

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  12. Denon AHW150 Head Phones

    Integrated amplifier professionally tuned to heart-pounding bass so you can energize your workout Rechargeable Battery for long workouts (up to 7 hours) Flexible neckband, articulating in-ear design provides superior fit Sweat proof earpiece with built-in air cushion for extreme comfort and ventilation Anti-microbial ear tips reduce the built-up of bacteria

  13. Cuisinart HM90RSA Hand Mixer

    Introducing a hand mixer that’s as easy to put away as it is to operate! The Cuisinart® Power Advantage® PLUS 9-Speed Hand Mixer performs any task a recipe calls for, and then tucks into its own storage case! Once it’s mixed heavy batters, whipped up fluffy meringues and kneaded homemade bread dough, just clean it up and put it away. Extra-long beaters for thick batters, chef’s whisk for picture-perfect meringues, and dough hooks for homemade breads and a lever pops them all off to clean.  They fit into a clear case, and the mixer snaps on top. Plenty of power, perfect control, and compact storage. That’s a mixer anyone can love!

  14. Kambrook KHM10 Hand Mixer

    As part of our rigorous testing procedures a KHM10 hand mixer completed over 100 hours of continuous testing. That should be enough time to make more than 100 pavlova's. We do this to be sure that Kambrook is the smarter choice. Features The 250W Essentials Hand Mixer has 5 speed control and turbo boost. Puts power into your mixing and beating. - Powerful 250W motor - 5 speed power control - Rapid beater release function - 5 Variable Speeds

  15. Liberty Fitness Systems presents the Abdominal / Back Extension Dual Function unit. Two favourite gym exercises combined into the one effective item. User experience is enhanced by AAA commercial graded upholstery and padding along with ergonomically positioned handles and motion designed to be fluid throughout the exercise movement in working the back or abdominal muscle groups. Adjustment is simple with easy to follow, illustrative instructions displaying how to set-up the unit for the intended exercise, how to perform the exercise movement and the related muscle group. Save space on your gym floor with the attractive, resilient and effective Abdominal / Back Extension Dual Function from the Liberty Fitness Systems Atlantic Series. Key features of the LFS - Abdominal / Back Extension Dual Function Informative, easy to follow, illustrative instructions provide a hassle-free, pleasurable training experience for your clients Commercial grade gym upholstery and padding Aircraft spec cable static tested to 4,200lb breaking strength End fittings tested to 250,000 cycles with full weight stack Weight stack = 90kg (15 x 6kg increments) Compact and efficient multi-purpose machine saving valuable floor space Deep groove, reinforced pulleys provide safe, secure and fluid motion throughout the movement cycle Finished with heat cured, electrostatic powder-coating Max User Weight = 150kg Assembled Dimensions = 130 x 110 x 153cm The Liberty Fitness Atlantic Series is backed by a warranty covering light commercial and domestic application such as personal training studios, corporate locales and personal home use. Frame: COMMERCIAL LIFETIME (10 Years) Parts: 5 Years (such as pulleys) Surface area: 1 Year Padding & Upholstery: 6 months High use items: 1 Year (hand grips, caps, cables, selector pins and shrouds) Labour: 3 Years (Return to base)

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  16. This modest-looking piece of steel is a home gym wonder. The Russian Twist/Swivel accepts Olympic-sized weight bars for a surprising variety of exercises that will shred your abs and core muscles. It's a popular favorite of bodybuilders, golfers, hockey players and MMA fighters, and its compact size is perfect for home gyms. This tough steel swivel is coated in a rust-resistant black powder finish. The swivel is multi-directional, allowing you to do one- and two-handed standing twists, presses, rotations and similar exercises that work a large range of core and arm muscles. Don't let its size and simplicity fool you. All you need is an Olympic weight bar to turn the Russian Twist/Swivel into an intense workout tool. Order yours today. Features of the Russian Twist/Swivel *Heavy-duty steel with powder-coated black finish *Accepts Olympic-sized weight bar for an amazing variety of exercises *Multi-dimensional swivel works your abs, core, and arms *Carton dimensions: 38 x 38 x 9.5cm Please note: Barbell is NOT included

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  17. Train and keep your body fit with the NOHrD 14 Bar WallBar Exercise Equipment in Black Walnut Wood. Key Features Featuring a black walnut wood body, the NOHrD 14 Bar WallBar Exercise Equipment in Black Walnut Wood seamlessly blends with most interior designs. The wooden wallbar features safety cord-equipped side arms to keep you safe during training. Automatically retracting when folded up, you can easily adjust the NOHrD wall bar’s side arms to suit your routine. The wall bar can

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