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  1. TOMTOM GO 720 AND MORE REPLACEMENT BATTERY FOR NAVIGATION SYSTEM Description Portable GPS Battery Application Portable GPS Devices Original Brand TomTom Chemistry Lithium Polymer Voltage 37V Nominal Capacity 1200mAh 481w Brand LIGHTNINGCELL this product is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand Width 361mm Height 5mm LengthBreadthDepth 60mm Weight 22g Comments Replacement battery compatible with TomTom Go 520 4M00001 Go 530 Go 530 Live Go 630 4CJ600000 4CH600000 Go 720 4M00002 4M00006 Go 730 4CH7000 730T 4CH7000 Go 740 4CF7002010 Go 740Live Go 930 4CH9000 930T 4CH9000 Go 940 4CF9002010 Go 940 Live Go720 Go730 Go940 Go530 Go520 Replaces battery models 1697461 VF8 AHL03714000 IS YOUR DEVICErsquoS BATTERY NOT LISTED HERE PLEASE CONTACT US WITH THE MAKE AND MODEL OF YOUR DEVICE AND BATTERY MODEL NUMBER AND WE WILL ENDEAVOUR TO FIND IT FOR YOU

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  2. GoPro Karma Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery Only from Camera-Warehouse

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  3. DJI Phantom 4/4 Pro - Intelligent Flight Battery Part 64/65 (5870mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer) - high capacity Only from PBTech

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  4. Bee-Bot Education STEM TTSB485 BlueBot Bluetooth Floor Robot Includes 1 x Lithium Polymer Battery (Rechargeable) Only from PBTech

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  5. SilverStone PB06BS Multi-Function Power Bank, 10000mAh, Lithium Polymer Battery, 12V Car Jump Starter Function For Emergency Rescue

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  6. IDEO PB001L 11000mAh Power Bank High Performance Durable Lithium Polymer Battery, Dual Charger with LCD battery indicator

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  7. Garmin Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack (for VIRB X).

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  8. Garmin (VIRB X/XE) Lithium-polymer Battery Pack

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  9. Genuine AU Stock | AU Manufacturer Warranty | Fast Australia-Wide Delivery | Local Customer Support | PayPal Accepted | Phone: 1300 365 220 | In-Store Pickup Available in SYD, MEL, BRIS

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  10. Garmin Lithium-polymer Battery Pack (VIRB) Only from Adventure Safety

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  11. Sennheiser 535105 BA 370 PX Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery Module

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  12. DJI Phantom 4 Pro - Intelligent Flight Battery For Obsiian (5870mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer) - high capacity Only from PBTech

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  13. 4X520 BATTERIES LITHIUM COIN CELL BUTTON BATTERY CR2025 FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE SPECIFICATIONS 100 new high quality generic This Battery provides an excellent combination of high energy and continuous voltage supply These batteries provide long shelf life for back up energy purposes together with ideal temperature resistance and superior storage capacity Voltage 3V Chemistry Lithium Model CR2025 Will replace the following 3 volt batteries CR2025 ECR2025 Usage Computers Cameras Digital Cameras PDA39s Remote Controls Camcorders Electronic Games Watches Calculators Electronic Instruments Car Security Alarm MP3 Players LED lights Digital Voice Recorders Toys Blood Glucose Cholesterol Testing Meters Hundreds of other electronic products requiring 3V Lithium Button Cells PACKAGE INCLUDES 20 pcs CR2025 2025 Button Battery

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  14. Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 64GB Tablet

    Even thinner, even lighter! Compared with the previous generation MiPad thickness of Mi Pad 2 is barely 6.95mm. Mi Pad 2 has an aluminum case, which in addition to the attractive exterior look also is lightweight, reliable and durable. Moreover, unlike the plastic casing, aluminum has a nice gentle shine. In addition that the casing of the tablet has been more pleasing to the touch, for its polishing, we used sandblasting technique, which preserves metallic texture and improves tactile sensation.

  15. Nitecore UM10 Intellicharger Tiny Digi Lithium Battery Charger with LCD Screen for 17500 18650 16340 14500 Batteries

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  16. The Panansonic CR2032 Lithium Battery is precision engineered and will keep your gadgets running at full capacity.

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  17. 4X1040 BATTERIES LITHIUM COIN CELL BUTTON BATTERY LR41 Description LR41 Alkaline Button Cell Battery replaces 192 AG3 G3A GP192 L736 LR41 RW87 V3GA Application Camera Toy Game Instrument Electronic Chemistry Alkaline Voltage 15V Nominal Capacity 23mAh Watt Hour 00Wh Brand Maxell Size Button Width 79mm Height 36mm Weight 06g Usage Computers Cameras Digital Cameras PDA39s Remote Controls Camcorders Electronic Games Watches Calculators Electronic Instruments Car Security Alarm MP3 Players LED lights Digital Voice Recorders Toys Blood Glucose Cholesterol Testing Meters Hundreds of other electronic products requiring 15V Lithium Button Cells PACKAGE INCLUDES 40 pcs LR41 Button Battery

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  18. PacVac Superpro Battery 700 Vacuum

    Take a step further with the new Superpro battery 700. No cords just freedom and performance without limits. Lighter than other battery back packs on the market, offering superior ergonomics and speed. Lighter than other battery backpacks on the market, offering superior ergonomics and speed. Ergonomic frame and harness. Battery reaches optimum charge in just 2 hours.

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  1. 9V LITHIUM SMOKE ALARM BATTERY – TEN YEAR SHELF LIFE CR9VC1 is the model number for the long-life Smoke Alarm 9-volt battery. The battery encased in an aluminum housing. The aluminum housing reducesthe amount of moisture that can enter the battery over time, which enhances its life. It is also slightly larger than a regular alkaline battery, and may present a tighterfit in a small number of devices with smaller battery compartments that were originally designed to match the dimensions and shape of an alkaline battery, which has more rounded edges. The CR9VC1 is designed for applications in which the battery must either last a long time, such as in smoke alarms, or where it may be exposed to low temperatures or uncontrolled heat and humidity conditions, such as in electronic parking meters or other outdoor applications such as automatic watering systems and dog training transmitters. FEATURES: System: Lithium-Manganese Dioxide Non-Rechargeable 100% free of mercury, lead, and cadmium Lasts up to 10 times longer than Carbon-Zinc based batteries Up to 5 times longer than Alkaline based batteries SPECIFICATIONS: Volt Range: 5.4 to 9.9 V Average Voltage: 9.0 V Nominal Capacity: 1.2 Ah 9 mA to 5.4 V 23° C Max. Discharge: 120 mA continuous Pulse Capacity: Up to Up to 400 mA – Varies according to pulse characteristics, temperature, cell history, and the application. Weight: 36.4 Grams Operating Temp.: -20° C to 60° C Storage Temp.: -40° C to 60° C Self Discharge: < 0.16 % per Month Exterior/Housing: Aluminum / Mylar Label Terminals/Connector: Ni-plated Miniature Snap FACTS ABOUT LITHIUM: What exactly is lithium? How is it used? Is it safe? Theanswers may be surprising to any-lithium and lithium compounds are used in a large number of products that touch people’s daily lives. Light, but Tough Lithium is a naturally occurring element — number three on the Periodic Table, for anyone who remembers high school chemistry. It is mined primarily from brine deposits in the Andes Mountains of South America, and from the ore of a mineral called spodumene in North America and Australia. Lithium can also be extracted from sea water. In all, more than a dozen countries, from Argentina to Zimbabwe, produce over 6,000 tons of lithium compounds each year. Lithium is the lightest metal — indeed, the lightest solid substance — on earth. It also has the greatest energypotential of any solid. In addition, materials coated with lithium-based compounds can withstand extreme forces and temperatures. From Batteries . . . With this unique combination of light weight, high energyand temperature endurance, lithium is an ideal material withwhich to make batteries. 9-volt lithium batteries, for example, last up to four times longer than alkaline 9-volt batteries, and is the only 9-volt battery warranted for ten-year life in critical applications such as smoke alarms.Lithium batteries are also used in search-and-rescue transponders, medical equipment, wireless microphones, and abroad range of other portable electronic devices. The 9-volt lithium battery has even been used to power experiments aboard the space shuttle. Lithium is also the key ingredient in the most common photographic batteries — the kind that power almost all of today’s automatic cameras and flashes. . . . . to Cookware . . . The ability of lithium-based compounds to resist extreme forces and temperatures makes lithium a key ingredient in tough, resilient surface coatings. Such coatings have a widevariety of uses, from the most commonplace products to the highest-technology applications. In the kitchen, for example, lithium is found in stovetops and ceramic cookware.In the living room, the glass in color TV tubes contains lithium. Outdoors, lithium compounds are found on the soles of shoes and in photo-chromic eyeglass lenses that get darker when the sun shines. Duffers can thank lithium for helping DuPont™

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  2. Get the power you need to tackle those lengthy jobs with the Baumr-AG 58V Lithium-Ion Battery. Having this ultra-compact power source on-hand and on-charge is the smart way to execute your lawn mowing work around the garden. You won’t need to worry about rushing through your tasks before your charge is exhausted again. Take the time you need to perfect your garden.   Featuring the latest Li-Ion technology, this extremely powerful 58V, fast charging unit gives you optimal performance in the most practical way. You can leave it unused without having to worry about memory effects or loss of charge,  and for absolute convenience features a digital battery charge indicator. Compatible with the Baumr-AG E-Force 580 Lithium Cordless Lawn Mower, there really is nothing standing between you and achieving that perfect lawn!So give yourself the freedom to power on, order your Baumr-AG 58V Lithium-Ion Battery today!

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