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  1. A complete moisture and humidity testing kit for the Pest Control Professional, featuring the Tramex MRH III Moisture and Humidity Meter, allowing for non-destructive testing of multiple building material types, as well as pin type testing to identify Moisture Content in wood and wall cavities, and a Hygro-i Relative Humidity probe for identifying areas of high relative humidity, both ambient and in existing cavities, that may be conducive to wood destroying organisms. The Pest Control Professional Kit comes in a protective heavy-duty carrying case with die-cut foam lining. Features: - Deep signal, non-destructive penetration up to 1.25\" in non-destructive mode. - Detects moisture through paint, wall coverings, drywall, ceramic tiles, floor coverings, wood, roof coverings and most building materials. - Hold function 'freezes' meter reading when inspecting areas where the meter face is not visible. - Audio signal sounds when meter indicates high readings. - Large clear backlit digital display giving meaningful readings. - Precision in very low moisture content readings and up to 55% moisture content readings in wood in non-invasive mode. - Attachable pin-type wood probe for accessing hard to reach areas and for probing into wall cavities and wood. - Attachable Hygro-i�; Relative Humidity probe for identifying areas of high RH, both ambient and in existing cavities, that may be conducive to wooddestroying organisms.Specifications: - Material: Wall coverings, drywall, ceramic tiles, floor coverings, wood, roof coverings and most building materials. - Industry: Pest Control, Termite Inspection. - Reference Scale for Building Materials: 0 to 100 (comparative) - Moisture content of wood: MRH III NDT 5 - 55%. Pin-type Probe 7-40% - Relative Humidity: 0 to 99% - Depth of penetration: Non-destructive MRH III up to 1�\" (30mm). Pin-type Probe 7\" (180mm). - Display: Digital / Backlit - Power: 9 Volt PP3 Battery x 2 (included) - Size: 16.9\" x 13.6\" x 5.1\" (430mm x 345m

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  2. Electronic Pest Repeller Ultrasonic Rejector for Mouse Mosquito

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  3. Pest Control Reject Rat Spider Insect Ultrasonic Repeller Repellent

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  4. How annoying it is when bugs mosquitos and flies are buzzing around in your house especially during those hot days in summer Besides do you know they are vectors and can transmit a wide range of diseases To protect your family from such threat you will definitely need this Maxkon 40W Insect Killer Eco Mosquito Fly Bug Zapper Electronic Home Pest Control ndash Grey. Featuring 2 replaceable 20w ultraviolet bulbs with a shelf life of 8000 hours this bug zapper attracts all pesky flying insects into the device and kill them once they touch the extremely high-voltage metal grid. Perfect for domestic commercial and industrial usage as this cost-effective mosquito trap is capable of getting rid of all flying pests within its coverage area of 150 square meters. With that being said the cleaning and maintenance is super easy as this eco pest control is equipped with a removable plastic tray for dead insects.

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  5. Our Ultrasonic Pest RepellentnbspSolar Powered Bird animalnbspRepeller is an effective method to get rid of the uninvited garden visitors. Without bothering the family life this bird repellent adopts ultrasonic in various frequency range to keep different animals and pests away. Therersquore three kinds of frequency to repel mice and foxes cats and racoons bats and birds. For the strong wild animals therersquore powerful LED flashing light equipped to scare them away. In a word this ultrasonic pest repeller can be a great helper to get rid of all kinds of animals that may burst into your home.Besides the remarkable repelling effect its 110-degree infrared sensor angle can help to track all unexpected animals accurately. Through the ldquoSensitivityrdquo button you can adjust to the protection range by turning the knob in the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The maximum coverage size of the pest repellent is an 315sqm area suitable for most families and gardens in various sizes.Another benefit that helps to win customersrsquo favour is its solar-powered feature. Before the first use it is usually recommended to get a two-full-day sunlight charge for better operation. With environmentally-friendly solar power and additional battery power the ultrasonic bird repeller can serve for a long time and keep pest away well.

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  6. Dual YS5528 Speaker Pest Repeller

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  7. Breaking HEOPTY010006 Bad - Vamonos Pest 70 x 38cm Rug

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  8. Fast, Same Day Dispatch. Free 365 Day Returns. 2000+ Amazing Gifts!

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  9. This Ultrasonic Pest Repeller uses frequency shifting techniques which may prevent pests from developing an immunity. The device has an output of 140dB that can protect up to 280 square metres. The repeller may be effective against mice, rats, roaches, fleas, flies, crickets, silverfish, waterbugs, moths, ants, spiders and most other common pests. The ultrasonic frequencies used are out of the hearing range of humans and most household pets such as cats, dogs, fish & birds etc. A test feature down shifts the frequency output to an audible range. We make no guarantees that this device will solve your particular problem, but there are thousands of people who swear by them. - Supplied with mains plug pack and installation guide. - 120mm dia x 75mm high.

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  10. Organic Pest-Inside/Peace 2 beanie hat set is a funny cool yet inspirational new baby gift! 100% brushed interlock cotton, machine wash/dry. All products, trademarks and copyrights are the rights of Silly Souls by babygags inc.

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  11. Apart from an A-Z of Pest-repellent Plants, this edition includes many other organic solutions, from traps and barriers to sprays, oils, dusting powders and washes. It helps you find a quick and easy solution to any garden, personal and household pest. This title comes from the bestselling author of "Herbs for Australian Gardens", "Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies" and "Asian Herbs & Vegetables".

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  12. For 23 years and through four editions, "Urban Pest Management in Australia" has been the major reference work for Australian pest control operators. This fifth edition has been extensively revised to support the constantly evolving pest management industry. It features an accessible new format, fully updated chapters, additional color plates and extra content, including a new section on putting pest control into practice. Ion Staunton draws on his 50 years of industry knowledge to bring Gerozisis and Hadlington's pest management 'bible' to a new generation of technicians.

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  13. Ramona is off to kindergarten, and it's the greatest day of her life. So why is she sitting on the bench while the rest of the students play the game gray duck? Laughs and minor upsets abound in an enormously popular story starring the one and only Ramona Quimby

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  14. This indoor electric insect killer uses UV-A tube to attract house flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects and zaps them once they touch the high voltage inner grid. UV-A tube is recognised to be the most effective way to attract light sensitive flying insects. This electric insect killer minimises the need for traditional insect spray. Features Durable aluminium construction TUV approval magnetic transformer ABS fire-resistant material Free standing or ceiling mounted design Low power consumption Large removable collection tray Protective outer mesh cover for safety Easy installation CE, GS, RoHS, SAA, TUV, LVD, EMC approved Material: Aluminium alloy & ABS fireproof plastic Coverage: 80m2 Killing voltage: AC2000V UV-A lamp: 2 x 10W T8/BL Average life span of tube: 8000 hours Voltage: 240V/50Hz Power: 2 x 10W Dimension: 38 x 30 x 9cm Colour: Silver Product Contents 1 x Electric Insect Killer

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  15. You have your space, the snakes have theirs but you may not wish to share your backyard or garden! If this is something you worry about because of danger posed to children, pets or birds then make your backyard less attractive to snakes by staking these repellers around your yard. A unique sonic pulse and vibration are emitted from the repellers to deter snakes within 706 square meter. Solar powered, there is no need for electricity and they are 100% portable and easy to install yourself. Great for around pet enclosures, aviaries, garden beds or orchards where snakes naturally live. Note: This product is effective on reducing the risk of snake encounter. However, it does not replace taking other precautions such as cutting long grass and wearing appropriate footwear and clothing while you are at outside area. Features High quality heavy duty ABS plastic & Aluminium material Emit both sonic pulse and vibration technology Solar powered w/ rechargeable replaceable NI-MH battery (Included) Weatherproof and UV resistant Wireless and convenient Safe and humane No poision and chemicals Zero operating cost Suitable for garden, yard, farm and orchard Specifications Effective range: 706 square meter per repeller Power supply: Solar energy cell 2V/ 80mA Rechargeable battery: 1.2V/ 600mAH AA Ni-MH Solar panel: Amorphous silicon Frequency: 400Hz +/- 50Hz Panel size: 6.5 x 5cm Quantity: 10 pieces Charging time: 8 hours IP rating: 44 Product Content 10 x Snake Repeller

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  16. Pest control around your pets just got easier with the Natural Animal Solutions HerbaGuard Powder! You can now protect your pets from common pests in a natural, chemical-free, and pesticide-free way with the HerbaGuard Powder! This versatile powder can be used directly on your furry friends fur coat after a bath or right in the wash with your pets bedding, clothing, and other accessories. Specially formulated by professional Australian naturopaths, this powder is a blend of natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin. The main ingredient in the HerbaGuard Powder is the Diatomaceous Earth, which is an essential element to fight against pests and prevent them from infesting your pets body and environment. Bring home the HerbaGuard Powder from Natural Animal Solutions for all your pet maintenance needs and protect your furry companions from harmful pests with an all-natural product! Features: All-natural, pesticide-free, gentle powder formula for pest control around pets Contains Diatomaceous Earth main ingredient to help eliminate pests Formulated by professional Australian naturopaths Made in Australia with 100% safe and natural ingredients Contains zero animal ingredients and not tested on animals Can be used in the wash when doing pet laundry or sprinkled on your pets fur coat Best used for dogs, cats, and small animals (e.g., rabbits, chickens) Size: 225ml Dosage/How to Use: Directions for treating your pets the NAS way: If using in combination with HerbaGuard Powder, wash and dry your pets coat thoroughly. Sprinkle a generous amount of powder throughout the coat. Brush throughout the coat ensuring the powder makes contact with the skin. For ongoing issues, weekly top-ups are recommended. Directions for washing your pets bedding the NAS way: Add 2 heaped tablespoons of HerbaGuard Powder to the wash. Keep pests away from your precious pets with the HerbaGuard Powder!

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  17. XIT XT72FKS 72mm HD Multi-Coated Slim Filter Kit

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  18. XIT XTGPH4 GoPro HERO 4 Battery

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  19. Fumigation company or something more sinister...Find your inner Heisenberg with the Breaking Bad Vamanos Pest Control Mens Costume. This green jumpsuit features the iconic Vamanos Pest logo and a convenient green front zipper. You''ll be cooking in no time.Item Includes:Jumpsuit.Fit and Sizing:See size chart above for details.Fabric and Care:100% Polyester.Hand wash, hang dry.Please Note: Shoes not included.

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  20. With growing consumer awareness about the dangers of garden chemicals, turn to The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Control as the most reliable and comprehensive guide on the garden shelf. Rodale has been the category leader in organic methods for decades, and this thoroughly updated edition features the latest science-based recommendations for battling garden problems. With all-new photos of common and recently introduced pests and plant diseases, you can quickly identify whether you’ve discovered garden friend or foe and what action, if any, you should take.No other reference includes a wider range of methods for growing and maintaining an organic garden. The plant-by-plant guide features symptoms and solutions for 200 popular plants, including flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and fruits. The insect-and-disease encyclopaedia includes a photo identification guide and detailed descriptions of damage readers may see. The extensive coverage of the most up-to-date organic control techniques and products, presented in order of lowest impact to most intensive intervention, makes it easy to choose the best control.

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A plethora of camera accessories are available in the market today for anyone who wants to go from being an average photographer to a great one. These accessories are mostly for camera maintenance, protection and for in-camera effects. Camera accessories range from the simple lens hood and cap, to the batteries and charges available from camera manufacturers like Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony. Some of the most essential accessories are the camera bag (of course), the tripod or monopod kits, remote or cable shutter releases, various lens filters, camera and sensor cleaners and flash equipment. Myriad companies manufacture different accessories, and most will offer some very good deals.
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