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  1. This Product: For Piranha vacuums Single Thor handvac main filter Genuine vacuum filter for best performance Replace every 12 months or when needed

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  2. Omega ANPE2400W Heater

    Keep yourself warm and comfortable when the cold sets in using the Omega Altise 2400W Panel Convection Heater with Filtration System. With a built-in filtration system, this heater works with reduced dust build-up and can alternatively function as an essential oil warmer. For added safety and peace of mind, the Omega Altise Heater comes with a child lock and a safety tip over switch.

  3. Heller OIL11T Heater

    Indulge in the comforting warmth of this Heller OIL11T heater. This is an electric, freestanding and radiant product. It is made for rapid heating. This product has 3 comfort settings and features a timer, which enables you to pre-heat any room. The thermostat enables setting the temperature you seek. It features pre-mounted wheels and is a 2400-watt heater, allowing you to properly heat any office. With automatic tip-over protection, Heller OIL11T shuts down when placed at a dangerous angle. Make sure you bring this quality heating unit home for your whole family to indulge in.

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  4. Sega Thor God of Thunder PS3 Playstation 3 Game

    In Thor: The Video Game game, Thor battles through the numerous worlds of Norse mythology to save Asgard, the capital city of the Norse Gods. Thor must overcome monstrous foes lifted from the pages of the comics including Ulik, Ymir, and Surtur, as well as other monstrous denizens. Players will wield the iconic Mjölnir, Thor's legendary hammer, to fight enemies on an immense scale while controlling the elemental storm powers of lightning, thunder, and wind to vanquish enemies. As Thor earns Valor points through his exploits, players can acquire new abilities, powers, and weapon upgrades. The PS3 version features cinematic, third-person action gameplay with melee combos, ranged hammer throws, tide-turning elemental powers, and an upgrade system to bolster Thor's powers as gamers progress. Players will take on enemies up to four times as large as Thor, with multiple grappling points and a variety of strategies for taking them down: go toe-to-toe with a 25 foot tall, 12 ton Ice…

  5. Add extra fun to your day with NECA's new line of super-oversized, foam versions of classic comic book items, from signature weapons to accessories and other iconic objects! Each has detailed paint deco to look just like the real thing, but is perfectly safe. Decorate your room or retail space, add a whimsical touch to your favorite costume, or take it out on the town for great photo opps. From Marvel Comics, only the worthy can lift the Mighty Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Our oversized version measures a massive 4 feet tall and can easily be lifted! Ships in one box.

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  6. Add extra fun to your day with NECAs new line of super-oversized foam versions of classic comic book items from signature weapons to accessories and other iconic objects! Each has detailed paint deco to look just like the real thing but is perfectly safe. Decorate your room or retail space add a whimsical touch to your favorite costume or take it out on the town for great photo opps.From Marvel Comics only the worthy can lift the Mighty Thors hammer Mjolnir. Our oversized version measures a massive 4 feet tall and can easily be lifted!Ships in one box.

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  1. Leatherman Piranha 2 7-In-1 Multi Tool - Silver Only $17.99 from Catch

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  2. General Piranha is trying to get the treasure and escape with his wave runner. Duncan's team are trying to stop the General. Duncan's team please come fast before the heritage treasure go to the bad guy's hand. The shark try to stop him but won't last long. This play set comes with a wave runner, a shark, other accessories and a tobees. Model No.:7419 Number of Pieces: 34 Series: Duncan's Treasure Suitable for children from the age of 4+

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  3. While battling dangers from the nine realms, Thor shares his outlook on life, love, and war in this immersive new volume. Whether it’s handling mischievous siblings, defeating the Frost Giants, or falling in love with a mortal, Thor’s experiences span centuries. With removable items such as Donald Blake’s medical degree, a copy of the Superhuman Registration Act, pages from ancient Asgardian texts, and much more, this insightful look into Thor’s universe will soon be a fan-favorite.

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  4. The stylish EuroChef Portable Electric Induction Cooktop boasts 2400 watts of cooking power, and many smart features at your fingertips. A single burner provides powerful induction, which cooks twice as fast as the conventional gas range and electric cooktop. It's estimated that only 40% of the energy used to power a gas cooktop goes toward cooking the food. For the Euro-Chef Induction Cooktop, however, that number more than doubles to an impressive 84%.The EuroChef offers immediate heating adjustments, and the precision of 8 temperature/power levels to choose from. Plus, there are also 8 pre-programed settings for common tasks such as heating milk, steaming and boiling. No more messy and hard to clean cooking surfaces - the EuroChef features a non-stick stay-cool glass surface, which makes it very easy to clean. The EuroChef has many safety benefits given that there are no open flames or gas fumes to worry about - and the surface stays cool to the touch. The in-built timer allows you to cook a dish, which will automatically switch off once the time has elapsed. Order your EuroChef Portable Electric Induction Cooktop today! 

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  5. Odin, father of the Viking gods, shares his favorite tales of his son, Thor! With his mighty hammer Mjolnir firmly in hand, Thor sets out to show the warlike Giants why he should be feared. But Thor finds his battles with the Giants to be anything but easy. Known for his strength, bullheadedness, and temper, Thor find himself under the thumb of many a giant before his adventures are over. Outnumbered and outsized, Thor is forced to use his brains as well as his brawn. Unfortunately, Thor’s adopted brother, Loki, a Giant himself, has a habit of complicating everything. Each book in this series of Viking graphic novels features discussion questions, writing prompts, educational back matter, and a glossary.

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  6. Dimplex 2400W Oil Column Heater with Fan Only $229.00 from JB Hi-Fi

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  7. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Everdure NPE2400W Electric Panel Heater from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!

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  8. With the BIO Design Thermastrip 24 you can enjoy socialising with family and friends all year round in a warm and cosy atmosphere. With silent operation and modern minimalist aesthetics the ThermaStrip 24 is sure to seamlessly integrate into any outdoor living space. Simple to install swivel brackets allow for the flexibility to mount the sleek strip heater undercover on walls, ceilings or beams.A 2400 watt electric element is embedded in the black anodised aluminium strip that rapidly produces even and gentle heat dispersion. Plus, unlike gas heaters there is no glow or glare, and no need to refuel.GENTLE HEAT DISPERSIONRadiant technology rapidly produces even and gentle heat for the comfort of you and your guests.SLIMLINE AESTHETICSA sleek sophisticated design ensures that the heaters will blend into your outdoor living area.FUSS-FREE INSTALLATIONSwivel brackets allow you to tailor the heater to your requirements, and 240V power means simple installation.

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  9. Experience mythological action come to life with the Thor Ragnarok Thor Electronic Figure. Huge 30cm electronic Thor figure Have giant-sized battles Features exciting phrases and sound effects This 12-inch Thor Ragnarok Thor Electronic Figure includes exciting phrases and action sound effects. Press the button on Thor’s chest to hear a command from the Asgardian hero. Listen as the Thor figure declares, “I am the God of Thunder,” letting all who challenge him know of his mightiness.

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  10. Heller 11 Fin 2400W Heater with Timer Only $89.00 from JB Hi-Fi

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  11. The Baumr­AG 2400W Jackhammer is a full commercial grade unit, utilising the highest spec motor and mechanical components, combined with a high tensile reduction gear set. This is one of the few Jackhammers you are likely to find with these specs. The benefit of such a combination is a greater impact transfer with minimal loss through motor and gear cluster ­ a truly fantastic machine!The huge torque commercial motor allows the 2400 Series to utilise its maximum power for demolition works, whether it be tearing up foundations, ripping up driveways, demolishing re-enforced concrete floors or walls, breaking through solid rock or as the perfect companion while on site. The Baumr­AG 2400W Jackhammer also makes removing tiles or old pebbled surfaces a breeze. Need to bust through some stubborn foundations? Need to renovate that kitchen or bathroom? Do it the easy way, order your own Baumr­Ag 2400W Jackhammer today!

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  12. The Hero helps keep your look casual and comfortable featuring a traditional lacing system for a secure fit. Soft leather and textile lining ensure an abrasion-free environment. Removable Cool-Air and RUNOFF cushioned insole massages the foot, and has 100% caoutchouc rubber outsole that delivers long-lasting durability.

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  13. A trail of blood threatens to consume Thor’s past, present and future! Throughout the ages, gods have been vanishing, their mortal worshippers left in chaos. The only hope for these ravaged worlds is for Thor to unravel the gruesome mystery of the God Butcher! In the distant past, the Thunder God discovers a forgotten cave that echoes with the cries of tortured gods – and is shocked to find himself among them! In the present, Thor follows the bloody wake of murdered gods across the depths of space.

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  14. Description : Marske 2400W Steam Iron Professional Garment Steamer Variable Temperature and Steam Control 2400W steam iron can release explosive vapor to ensure smooth gliding on all fabrics and facilitates cleaning. There are 5 grade to adjust the temperature and 3 grade to adjust the steam, it's better for you to different folds of clothes. Different fabrics can be adjusted to different temperatures to iron. Feature : 370ml Capacity water tank support you iron 3~5 clothes, if water finish, you also continue to use it. Its spray function assists in ironing delicate fabrics. When fill the water, close the flap, it protect water well. Light weight is comfortable for you to use at home or on travel. Specification : Color : Blue / Purple Capacity of Water : 370ml Power Rate : 2400W Power : 220V Frequency Rating : 50~60HZ Bottom Material : Ceramic Floor Basic Material : ABS Plug : EU Plug (will also come with a mini&safe adaptor according to your country) Length of Power : 70.87in(180cm) Dimension : 11.81 x 4.72 x 6.10in (30 x 12 x15.5cm) Note : 1 . Do not let any part of your body comes in contact with iron bottom when it is turned ON or it is still hot 2 . You can use it on hemp, cotton, wool, silk, nylon clothes but not fur clothes Package Include : 1 x Garment Steamer Iron 1 x Capacity Cup 1 x English User Manual

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