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  1. Fontana Forni Margherita PO500 Pizza Ovens

    The Fontana MARGHERITA Oven features 60 x 60 cm cooking chamber. Equipped with a practical stainless steel trolley with shelf, wheels and hook to hang tools. It comes complete with a woodholder plate, fire tool, flue pipe and chimney top and removable stainless steel door for the cooking chamber. The fire surface is made of high quality refractory chamotte which is certified for food use. The internal structure is made of stainless steel, while the external one is electro galvanised steel treated with paints at high temperature for maximum resistance to heat, weather and rust. The insulation of the oven is made of natural rock wool that maintains temperature more efficiently and avoids the external structure becoming too hot.

  2. :Brand: waykeaModel: PS1601Size: 41cm x 1.3cm (dia. x thickness)Net weight: 2.3kg.Material: CordieriteDesign concept: Waykea Cordierite Pizza Stone Series is made of natural FDA grade cordierite material, which is totally safe and healthy. Pizza with crispy crust is fantastic, but traditional metal pizza pan is hard to remove the moisture resulting in no-crust pizza. So is the advantage of cordierite material, which will absorb the moisture and avoid sticking. Cordierite pizza stone will heat fast and evenly, and 3/8 thickness is nice for better heat transferring. Excellent thermal shock resistance will withstand extremely-high temperature without cracking. 41cm dia. is nicely suitable for all kinds of size pizzas, from small to large, also for breads, pastries, biscuits and more. The pizza stone is not only for making pizzas at home, but for re-heating frozen pizzas. Use this multipurpose pizza stone to take place of your old pizza pans at home!

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  3. :How to make perfect pizza at homeA pizza stone is incredibly easy to use, and simulates the taste of pizza cooked in a professional brick oven. Simply place the pizza stone in a cold oven, pre-heat the oven as usual and then slide your pizza onto the stone to cook. The stone distributes heat to the base of the pizza, drawing out moisture to create an even, crispy finish. This Kenley pizza stone can be used with home-made or store bought pizzas.Great gift setThis Kenley pizza stone set comes with a black, circular pizza stone and a rolling pizza cutter. Made from high impact ceramic, the pizza stone is food safe, made from FDA approved materials and easy to clean. The 38cm pizza stone is large enough to cook a family pizza and the pizza cutter will let you slice it up quickly and easily. The pizza stone retains heat so should be handled carefully when hot. High impact ceramic is very tough and can blunt or damage knives, including pizza cutters so it’s best to transfer your pizza before cutting.

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  4. Create authentic style pizza at home with the Masterpro Electric Pizza Oven! The Masterpro Pizza Oven by Davis & Waddell cooks your favourite pizza to perfection every time! Simply place your pizza onto the tray and it will cook within 5 minutes... perfect for feeding your hungry family in a hurry! Features Dual cooking elements that heat to 300 degrees celcius The bottom element heats the fixed ceramic baking stone to...

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  5. Proffesional Pizza Oven Peel Paddle 90cm Wood Handle Specifications: * Total Length 900mm * Head size 310mm x 350mm * Aluminium Head

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  6. Half Yearly Sale Clearance on Now -Protect your Gasmate Pizza Oven from the elements and keep it clean with the Gasmate Pizza Oven Cover. Constructed with heavy-duty polyester with PVC backing, the Gasmate Pizza Oven Cover affords you a level of confidence and peace of mind, keeping your Oven in the Outdoors. Key Features Tough and durable, this cover is built to last. Designed with you in mind, the Gasmate Pizza Oven Cover gurantees quality protection at all times.Shop with Confidence,

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  7. PROFESSIONAL PIZZA OVEN PEEL PADDLE 90CM WOOD HANDLE Professional Pizza Oven Peel Paddle 90cm Wood Handle FEATURES Total Length 900mm Head size 310mm x 350mm Aluminum Head PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Professional Pizza Oven Peel Paddle 90cm Wood Handle

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  8. Cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven is simply made for Kiwi outdoor living and The Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven is the one comprehensive source of everything you need to know to share in that lifestyle. Should you build your own or buy a pre-cast oven, where's the best place to site it, what firewood burns best, what tools do you need, how do you fire the oven and maintain the temperature, and, most importantly, what can you cook in it? Highly regarded chef tutor and author Alan Brown built his own oven, and here he shares invaluable practical advice on all aspects of oven management, as well as his own irresistible recipes, photographed in sumptuous full colour by Todd Eyre. You won't believe how delicious food tastes cooked in a pizza oven, whether seafood, meat, vegetables, bread, desserts or, of course, pizzas! The Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven also includes the popular Shed magazine article on how to build a pizza oven, as well as profiles of 17 Kiwis and their ovens, with their (often hilarious) experiences, recipes and tips.

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  9. The arrival of the outdoor wood fired pizza oven into suburban backyards has opened up a new world for pizza lovers and those who appreciate well-cooked food. In The Outdoor Woodfire Pizza Oven, author and chef John Pellicano takes the reader through the steps of building and maintaining an outdoor pizza oven, and shares 50 of his best pizza recipes. In addition to helping the reader to master making the dough, the variety of toppings on offer will make a gourmet chef of even the most casual weekend entertainer. The book also suggests other foods that can be successfully cooked in an outdoor oven: foods such as roast meat, chicken wings, and vegetable dishes. About the Author John Pellicano is a chef and lecturer. He has extensive experience in the food industry and has dipped into his Italian heritage and culinary expertise to compile this, his first book.

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  10. 2pc Avanti BBQ Barbecue Oven 38cm Bread Pizza Baking Stone Carry Tray Cook Rack

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  11. Building a Wood-fired Oven for Bread and Pizza

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  12. 2x Avanti Aluminium Pizza Tray 36cm Oven Safe Kitchen Outdoors Chef Cooking

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  13. Master Pro Red Ultimate Electric Pizza Oven Ceramic Baking Stone Toaster Maker

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  14. Avanti Aluminium Pizza Tray 36cm Oven Safe Kitchen Outdoors Chef Cooking Dough

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  15. 2x Avanti Aluminium Pizza Tray 36cm Oven Safe Kitchen Outdoors Chef Cooking

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  16. 2x Avanti Pizza Baking Stone 33cm Baking Chef Oven Ceramic Oven Safe Kitchen

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  17. Master Pro Black Ultimate Electric Pizza Oven Ceramic Baking Stone Toaster Maker

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  18. Baker's Secret Pizza/Oven Chip Crisper 30.5cm

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  19. Wood-Fired Oven Cookbook : '70 Recipes for Incredible Stone-Baked Pizzas and Breads, Roasts, Cakes and Desserts, All Specially Devised for the Ou

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