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  1. Camping is great but sometimes the need for mod-cons becomes a necessity - wife craves for a hot toast the kids are bored and want to watch a DVD your beers are warm and you do anything for an icy sip. Thats why you dont leave home without your best mate the GenTrax 2.5kva generator. Weighing just 18kg and neatly cased in tough HDPE material he doesnt take up much room so theres still room to pack the toaster DVD player and the fridge. His 4-stroke engine packs a punch but hes so quiet you wont even know hes come along for the ride

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  2. Your best mate on the road has just added a couple of notches to his belt by adding a touch of luxury to his output and incorporating remote technology into his routine. He always has your back even when its a cool night at the campsite and youre rugged up in your sleeping bag. You want to charge your phone without leaving the warmth so you whip out your remote control and bam your mate the GenTrax generator is up and running while youre still zipped up tight and warm. And hes campsite friendly so you can still get a good nights sleep while your phone is on charge.

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  3. With a GP Series portable generator, you get affordable reliability and features not usually found on basic portable models. That's why these generators are a favourite for home use, camping, job sites, or outdoor events. 6.5KVA/ 9KVA surgeThe Generac OHV petrol engine with splash lubrication provides a long engine lifeSingle touch electric start, battery included, provides hassle-free start up.Hour meter tracks maintenance intervalsLarge-capacity steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge provides durability and extended run timesLow-oil level shutdown automatically safeguards engine from damageCovered outlets provides added protection from the environment & rugged working conditions.Hardened 1 1/4? steel tube cradle for added strength and durabilityFold-down, locking handle for sturdy portability and compact storageHeavy-duty, never flat wheels for reliable portabilityPlug-in battery charger jack keeps battery charged and ready to go.Includes warranty- 2 Years Domestic, 1 Year CommercialEngineered in USAFeaturesAC Rated Output running Watts: 6500AC Maximum Output motor starting Watts: 8125AC Voltage 240VACAC Frequency 50HzEngine RPM: 3600Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)Manual ChokeDimensions and WeightLength 692mmWidth 687mmHeight 632mmUnit weight 84.4 KgGp6500E Brochure-Click Here

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  4. Bring the power with you wherever you go with this portable, silent 4 stroke inverter generator. Includes a 12V outlet and is extremely easy to service yourself. Officially launched, Outbax Camping is proud to bring you the MM3500. It's massive 2500W peak output allows you run any appliance. The MM3500 has achieved technology even Honda and Yamaha have not yet reached. Jam packed with 2500W into a portable size case, and still only weighing 28kg. Powerful enough to handle a load up to 2500W, the Inverter Generator satisfies your needs for 240V power when you are out and about. Powered by a 125cc overhead Cam 4 stroke engine, the MM3500 is capable of running any tools up to 2500W while maintaining 2200W easily. Continuing Gentrax's excellence in producing high quality product, the MM3500 generates 100% Pure Sine Wave power. This clean wave power is safe to run sensitive equipment from, such as laptops and televisions. Beware of other brand inverters which claim they produce Pure Sine Wave - you might not realize the difference until after a few months time, when your appliances start to malfunction. It's fully encased design hels to minimise sound levels to 58dB, which no other brand has been able to achieve. Carrying a 5.7L tank, the MM3500 can run for 4.2 hours on 100% load, and twice that on economy mode. It's dual AC outlet gives you the power to run 2 appliances at the same time. Economy mode gives you the option of fuel saving while running small loads, such as lights or camping fridges. Installed with a weatherproof Australian 240V 15A outlet, this machine is certified to be used in Australia. It's 12V 8.3A DC output gives you the option of running 12v appliances directly, or charging 12v batteries directly from the generator. Gentrax has achieved household name status in the US and Europe since 2009. Being the number 1 selling generator brand on eBay for the last year, it's a brand you can rely on. Whatever the job is, the MM3500 is guaranteed to run for year

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  5. This 3000W petrol generator is made by Thornado, one of the best power generator brands today. This multi-function generator is reliable, efficient and hassle free. The 3000 Watt Thornado Petrol Power Generator is top of the line piece of power generation and is the industry leaders. The Thornado 3000 Watt generator is powered with a Thornado 7HP engine. The Thornado 3000 Watt Petrol Generator is a perfect companion for powering you through most of the tough jobs. Whether you are using it for most kinds of applications around the house, construction, village, and factory or run a whole range of tools, white goods, lighting, the caravan or even an entire camp site, the Thornado 3000 Watt Petrol Generator has the power that you'll need. The control panel includes Engine Shut off switch, Digital V.F.T. Meter (Voltage/Frequency/Time), low oil alarm light, and Circuit breakers. It is also EPA approved and built based on patented Eco energy and patented AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator) ensuring accurate and stable voltage supply. The Thornado 3000 Watt Generator includes many revolutionary features. The alternator is designed with 100% copper winding to provide excellent electrical conductivity. The Oil Alarm system is designed to prevent the engine from being damaged because of a lack of oil in the crankcase. Before the oil level falls to an unsafe level, the low oil light will come on and the engine will shut off. Although the engine is automatically shut off, the engine switch will still remain in the ON position. The circuit breaker protects the individual circuit protectors. The circuit breaker will automatically switch OFF if the circuit is overloaded or if the appliance plugged into the circuit is faulty. The V.F.T. digital meter displays the running voltage, the running frequency and both the current time of use and the continuous time of use for maintenance purposes. The AVR is automatically regulating the voltage of the generator. As a load on a generator increases

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  6. Youve never played like this before. PlayStationVita is the next generation portable which packs innovative features into a stylish compact form to deliver amazing games & entertainment in the palm of your hands. With access to Sony Entertainment Network

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  7. Youve never played like this before. PlayStationVita is the next generation portable which packs innovative features into a stylish compact form to deliver amazing games & entertainment in the palm of your hands. With access to Sony Entertainment Network

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  8. Daiwa Generation Black Rods V2 Travel Rods Portable Fishing Rods For Sale – See our range of models to choose from below. Not the models you were looking for? – See Our full range for sale here The Daiwa Generation Black fishing rods have, arguably, re-written the books on performance consistency across a huge range of fishing techniques and applications. The latest incarnation, the GB V2, is proving as popular as its predecessor and for good reason. The same components and technological approach cover fishing 1kg Ultra-light for Bream to tossing hefty metal slices at huge Greenbacks from the rocks or larger divers at barra using 10 kilo rigs. Consistency means predictability. Predictability provides oceans of confidence. Now consider all of this brilliance in a travel rod. Travel fishing Rods have certainly matured in recent years. Gone are the days of telescopic hit and miss blanks adorned with hardware of dubious quality at best. The Daiwa Generation Black Rods V2 Travel Rods are superlative performers and ideal for the modern angler where convenience and ease of transportation have become as critical as top end performance. Blank technology such as HVF graphite across the range, and the X45 contained in the baitcasters provides the foundation. Add to this V-Joint technology, the Daiwa rod section joining method that maintains blank performance integrity, and you have some serious class. Now, dress with Fuji gear and you have a portable fishing rod that only resembles a travel rod in so much as you can break down to make it easily transportable. For all intent and purpose, they are simply performance kit. The range is outstanding. Hit the snags chasing barra or saratoga to name a few with your Bulldog. Cast at the racks for Bream with your Blackjack, or throw metal slices at Tailor and Salmon from your favourite ledge with the Daiwa Shorehunter. The Daiwa Generation Black Rods V2 Travel Rods for sale now cover most inshore applications and will also s

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  9. Bring power with you wherever you go, with the Boswell LM2000i! It has an eco mode which provides longer lasting fuel efficiency, and dual 240V power outlets. This generator is portable, quiet, light and weight efficient. Its great to take with when camping to keep your laptop and cell phone charged. Its enclosed construction is built to make this generator so quiet you will hardly know its running. It features an eco control switch that automatically adjusts engine speed based on the items you're powering. This will save fuel and run longer without refueling.

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  10. No matter where you might be, you can efficiently provide your sensitive portable appliances with the cleanest power supply possible. 4.5 hours run time on one tank. 2500W of clean Inverter Power, perfect for camping and caravanning, it will run just about all your portable appliances with clean and efficient power, perfect for sensitive equipment like computers, it also has 12V 8A outlet for charging batteries, it also has low oil alert to ensure you are protected.

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  11. Get a powerful source of power with this Lectron EC2000i Portable Sine Wave Inverter Featuring any economy switch this silent generator is a must have for outdoor adventures extended camping trips backyard barbeques or for traveling workmen. Featuring a state-of-the art protection system this 240V generator can charge laptops kettles battery charges toasters and more without the risk of overcharging or burn outBONUS PROTECTION SYSTEM Circuit protection turns on automatically when machine is overloaded Low oil warning and automatic shut off when oil is below the safe level Engine speed is now adjustable with the economy switch-Slowing down engine speed reduces fuel consumption and lowers noise production.

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  12. Be powered in any situation or location with this portable pure sine silenced inverter generator. It has 6 hours of continuous output and a 12 month warranty. Electricity has become somewhat of a necessity for all of us. Even when we go camping, we constantly need electricity to be able to charge our gadgets. Gadgets such as iPods and speakers for entertainment and phones to keep the GPS running so we don't get lost. How then do we carry enough electricity to be able to meet all our needs? This product is your solution. Enjoy the peace and quiet on your next camping trip with this silent inverter 3.5kW generator. Suitable for all and including sensitive equipment, it supplies continuous power for 6 hours and 8 hours on economy with its 4 stroke engine, making it an essential part of every camping trip.

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