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  1. Primus Flasks (See our range of Primus flasks and food flasks for sale below) Prices vary depending on model Check your camping, outdoor adventure and picnic inventory. There is a very good chance you have Primus equipment on the list. The brand is synonymous with the Australian outdoors and has been part of our family adventures for decades. Keeping your hot food and hot drinks hot is a specialty for Primus. The range and quality of flasks and containers is outstanding. Check out the list of Vacuum flasks below, there’s an awesome flask for food, drink. Each product is ideal for taking to work, commuting, camping, fishing, on the boat, travelling or a day at the footy. They’re ideal for picnics or wherever you need to take hot food and know it will stay hot. There’s a few great products from which to choose. They’re affordably priced so you may just want to purchase a few and make yourself a primus kit. It’s primus, so you know they do all that is promised on the label. Features and Specifications common to all products 18/8 quality stainless steel inner and outer BPA free Vacuum Walls Copper plated walls PP plastic detail ( Flasks ) Compact handle ( Flasks ) Notice: Prices vary depending on which model you choose to purchase. If you would like to confirm the price for the model you are interested in. Head to the selection menu near our add to cart button, select a model and the price displayed after selection will be the price for that particular model. We sell the following models here at Fishing Tackle Shop Vacuum Food Carrier Flask (1500ml) Head out fishing on the colder days knowing you have a flask of hot food to stoke moral when the fish are off the chew. It’s brilliant for taking frankfurt’s for hotdogs, soups, stews, rice dishes and all sorts of soul warming food. They’re a great idea for a day at the footy. Don’t pay stadium prices for lunch, take you own hot meal in a Primus 1.2L Vacuum Food Flask. At

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  2. Primus LiTech Trek KettleProduct Description:Lightweight saucepan and frying pan made ??of hard anodised aluminum with a multilayer titanium non stick surface on the inside. folding handles and room for one 2207 gas cartridge. Comes in a practical net stuff sack.Features:Titanium non stick coating.Specifications:Item: 731722Height: 135 mm (5.3 inches)Diameter: : 125 mm (4.9 inches)Weight: (G integer) 285 g (10.1 oz)Ignition: NY Volume: (ml): 1 000 ml (33.8 fl. Oz.)

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  3. Primus thermal cooker for camping cooking Slow cooking is enjoying a renascence in contemporary kitchens. Diners cooks and foodies have become reacquainted with this ancient technique that releases flavours, richness, creates tender meets and fabulous, delicious dishes. Now you can do it when you’re camping without the need of your heavy old camp oven and the perfectly managed camp fire. Increasingly, many of the places we choose to camp have restricted fire policies with more and more locations banning open fires all together. Slow cooking in the outdoors requires a decent fire and cast iron camp oven, at least traditionally. With the Primus thermal cooker however, you no longer require either of those things. The conductive and heat retention properties of the Primus Thermal cooker allows you to heat using minimum heating resources, remove from the heat then allow the cooker to do the rest. Simply add the ingredients, heat per instructions, remove from the heat then go about your leisure pursuits while the cooker takes care of dinner. Once off the heat source, you can leave it to go fishing or bushwalking knowing you will return to a delicious hot meal. The meal will be perfectly cooked and the heat retained for up to 8 hours. It is suitable for use with either electric or gas stove tops, induction cookers and infrared stoves. Use it wherever you are for the perfect, flavoursome slow cooked meal that will see your diners coming back for more. They’re priced accessibly and proving very popular. If you close your eyes, you can nearly smell the perfect stew cooking in your Primus thermal cooker. Features and Specifications Approximate dimensions: 28.5cm Long x 27.5cm Wide x 26.5cm High Weight approx: 4.25kg empty Thermal properties: Outer wall is insulated and inner pot base is compressed copper and steel construction Extremely easy to use Light weight and easy to carry around Easy to read temperature display Convenient glass lid maximises heat retention

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  5. TEKONSHA PRIMUS IQ ELECTRIC BRAKE CONTROLLER MODEL 90160 AUSTRALIAN VERSION MADE IN MEXICO FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE PRIMUS IQ utilizes primary sensor technology based on the Prodigy technology then takes it one step further by adding a quotBoostquot feature The boost feature allows you to select one of three levels to apply more initial braking to the trailer when towing heavier loads The PRIMUS IQ also brakes proportionally when driving in reverse making it easier for you to back your trailer into those tight spots You will appreciate the continual monitoring depicted on the digital LED display The brake control unit can be quickly disconnected with the removable connector and stored when not in use by easily removing it from the snapin dash mounting clip FEATURES Braking power is applied to the trailer brakes in proportion to the towing vehicle39s deceleration even when backing up Proportional braking translates into faster and smoother stopping with less wear and tear on both the towing vehicle and trailer brakes Digital LED display readout Voltage delivery to trailer is depicted during braking Selfdiagnostics feature alerts you when issues occur Boost feature allows you to choose from three levels of increasing trailer braking Boost feature is easy to temporarily disable when backing up Autoleveling and adjusts when driving up or down inclines Quick and easy disconnect allows you to remove and store the controller when not in use Snapin dash mounting clip and hardware included SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions 438quot W x 5quot L x 212quot H Great for one to three axle trailer brake systems 26 brakes Quick connect and disconnect with quotPlugNPlayquot port for 2plug adapters Can be mounted between 0 degrees level and 70 degrees INSTALLATION KIT Included 1 X BRAKE CONTROLLER 1 X MOUNTING BRACKET SCREW CONNECTORS 1 X WIRING LEAD

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  6. Primus Winter Gas increases low temperature performance of LP gas cartridges by using a unique innovation inside the cartridge: Vapour Mesh. Vapour Mesh is made from absorbent paper and increases the surface for the evaporation process so that the LP gas can change phase from liquid to gas much easier and faster, meaning Winter Gas performs better in temperatures down to -22°C than a conventional canister. After 60 minutes of cooking, a Winter Gas cartridge is approximately 9% more powerful than one without Vapour Mesh. After 120 minutes of use it delivers about 15% more power.

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  7. The Power Gas Cartridge 230g from Primus is a versatile 3-season gas blend. It delivers excellent power all year round even if the temperature drops below freezing, making it extremely versatile and perfect for adventures where the weather conditions are uncertain.

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  8. The Primus Trail Swimrun is designed for endurance over land and sea. Primus Swimrun has minimalist lightweight construction and features a neoprene sock-like ankle fit to keep out grit. Quick-draining mesh minimizes water weight and low-profile lugs offer off road traction. A critical part of any wet-dry workout: Primus Swimrun lets you transition seamlessly between water and dry land. It is perfect shoe for all your amphibious adventures. Features PRO5 - Patented, ultra-thin, puncture resistant layer. 5x more puncture resistant than a standard sole of the same thickness. VEGAN - Produced using animal free products and processes. BREATHABLE MESH - Synthetic multi-ply materials, to deliver optimum lightweight breathability and comfort. Specifications: - Official u00D6TILLu00D6 Swimrun World Series shoe - Upper: breathable 3M Mesh - Patented 3mm Firm Ground outsole with 3mm lugs - Non-slip sole with sticky rubber upper - 100% vegan - Weight per shoe: 250g (size 42) - Runs a half-size larger - Best for care: Collonil Carbon Pro

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  9. The Vivobarefoot Primus Trail is the leanest trail shoe, with a firm ground, off-road sole, lets your feet perform on rocky descents. Find and tackle a new trail with the new lightweight, breathable design of Vivobarefoot Primus Trail. Its puncture-resistant, super-grippy, and fully flexible sole is an essential off-road tool so you can utilise your hunter-gatherer feet on the toughest terrain. Vivoactive Primus Trail lets your natural anchor to take the lead with its added toe protection. SPECIFICATION UPPER M ATERIAL u2013 Mesh and no-sew PTU UPPER DESCRIPTION u2013 Lightweight and breathable V-web upper SOLE UNIT u2013 V-Trek/Off Road SOLE THICKNESS u2013 7mm SOLE DESCRIPTION u2013 With Multi-directional teeth for the steepest, mudiest and wettest terrains, allowing ultimate off-road traction and sensory feedback CLOSURE/LACING u2013 Elasticated Speed Toggle

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  10. Ultra bright white LED Super powerful spotlight beam Push ON/OFF button - medium, high & flashing 180º pivoting head Fully adjustable 2 piece head strap Heavy duty batteries (included) Power: 2 x AAA batteries (included)

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  11. The new Primus Mammoth Flexi Zone Fridge/Freezers are similar in capacity and performance to the single zone Mammoths - but with some great additions for anyone wanting to head out on an extended trip. The generous 60L capacity is perfect for families and the ability to conveniently swap from fridge to freezer means you have everything you need in the one unit. The tough metal exterior in combination with rounded plastic edges makes this a fridge that can handle all the bumps along the way - giving you peace of mind no matter the means of transport. Take full control with the high effiency compressor. With ECO and MAX modes, you are able to customise your fridge/freezer to your desired requirement - allowing you to bring down temperatures during heavy use and maintain the most effecient temperature possible. A camper's worst fear is having your gear fail on you during your trip! This can cause massive headaches and the reparations are often heavy on the pocket. The three stage battery protection system prevents damage to your expensive battery by providing you with better tools to monitor its performance. The system allows you to manually select a voltage cut off point to ensure there's enough juice left in your battery to avoid permanant damage. This is especially essential when running a unit from your car battery to prevent it from being completely drained. The 60L Flexi Zone has the smaller perks covered too! The internal LED lights provide total visiblity in low light situations so you don't need to worry about purchasing extra lighting. Sturdy lid latches and metal handles add to the unit's already impressive strength, and removable internal baskets make packing and unpacking a breeze. Primus' new Low Profile design is the latest stroke of brilliance in fridge modelling. The smart 475mm height saves you crucial space for transporting in utes, 4WDs, or trailers. This is a great advantage for when you're wanting to transport with hardcovers or in other confined

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  12. The Primus Mammoth 92L Flexi Zone Fridge/Freezer has a generous 92L capacity along with the convinience of having both a fridge and a freezer makes the flexi zone model even better. Tough metal exterior combined with rounded plastic edges make this fridge / freezer perfect for any of your portable requirements. A high efficiency compressor with ECO and MAX modes allows you to customise your requirements for heavy use in bringing down temperatures or extremely efficient temperature maintenance. The Primus Mammoth 92L flexi zone also has a 3 stage battery protection system that will prevent you damaging your expensive battery by over discharging it as well as a Internal LED light for low light situations. Metal handles, sturdy lid latches and removable internal baskets add up to an impressive list of features for this Fridge/Freezer - and at a great price too! New Upgrades Include: Upgraded control panel - Clearer display with additional information such as battery voltage and Condition Upgraded control software for more accurate temperature display Integrated handles to increase strength and reduce overall length Upgraded handles improve ease of opening The NEW Flexi Zone + cooling system allows either chamber to be operated as a fridge or freezer as well as being shut down independently of the other to reduce the actual capacity of the unit

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  13. :The Trail break 'food flask are made of a double-walled vacuum stainless steel and are therefore durable and hard wearing. The powder coated outside provides a good sense of gripping for little ones in the im Kindergarten, a fast meal in the office or a hot soup while skiing trip. Thanks to the wide opening is simple to fill and clean the box and you can eat right drink. Absolute taste neutral due to high quality stainless steel.

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  14. Primus Power Gas is a versatile 3-season gas blend. It delivers excellent power all year round even if the temperature drops below freezing, making it extremely versatile and perfect for adventures where the weather conditions are uncertain.

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  15. Primus PowerFuel is an advanced blend of petroleum spirits specially produced for maximum performance in your stove. It burns very cleanly and with an excellent output, greater than other liquid fuels such as kerosene, diesel, naptha.Please note: This fuel is for use with pressurised liquid fuel stoves only. Not for use with Trangia style spirit burners.

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  16. Primus Power Gas is a versatile 3-season gas blend. It delivers excellent power all year round even if the temperature drops below freezing, making it extremely versatile and perfect for adventures where the weather conditions are uncertain.

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  17. The PrimeTech Stove Set 1.3L from Primus is perfect for long hikes, skiing trips or any other outdoor adventure. The perfect size for one to three people, and weighing only 727 grams, it is an easy add to your luggage. The PrimeTech pan is made with a heat exchanger and a ceramic non-stick coating, making cleaning nice and easy. It has a hard anodised aluminum saucepan with a lid, that incorporates strainer and handle integrated into it.

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  18. The Primus OmniFuel Stove is somewhat uncompromising when it comes to cooking. Tested over many years on countless expeditions it's been found to be robust, reliable and powerful. Able to work in extreme temperatures, both high and low and at great altitudes this stove has a very high output and can be used with almost any type of fuel including gas, petrol, diesel, Kerosene/paraffin as well as aviation fuel. A glove friendly simmer control knob helps you control the heat while the included accessories help you look after it and store it properly so that you always get the best out of your stove.

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  19. This Campfire Cutlery Set from Primus is a handy piece of kit whether you are camping, picnicing or just need something for your office drawer. It is lightweight but still an easily useable size and the leather sleeve helps to keep the whole set together at all times.

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  20. The Onja Stove from Primus is for those who are looking for a fully functioning two-burner stove in a sleek, easy to use and carry design. Ideal for picnics with the family or car camping trips where weight isn't a factor. Based on the form factor of a messenger bag, you simply carry it with the included shoulder strap, leaving your hands free to carry more. Featuring two independent stoves that run on standard screw-top gas cartridges, you can adjust their outputs from full to simmer depending on your needs. It slides open effortlessly, is nice and stable to use and with the included oak lid doubling as a cutting board or serving tray, the Onja Stove really does have everything you need to cook up a feast for the whole family.

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