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  1. With the super stylish Humax Twin Tuner Quad Recorder PVR, you can turn your TV into a recording archive for your favourite shows to watch later at your leisure, no matter how they may overlap. Key Features With two in-built tuners, you can record two programs from one network, and record another two from another network, all while watching back a recording or live TV. IPEPG allows advanced recording options via your internet connection, meaning the Humax PVR can record entire series or

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  2. With the Teac 500GB Twin Tuner PVR, you get to enjoy ample storage space for recording your favourite programs and TV series thanks to the Series Record Function. You are also able to record up to two channels at a time while watching a third. Key Features This Teac Twin Tuner PVR lets you enjoy 500GB of internal storage capacity so that you can record your favourite programs and TV series. Featuring scheduled recording and a 7 day searchable EPG, you’ll always be in the loop without

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  3. * 1TB hard drive * Pause, rewind and record live TV* 4K capable* Easily access your Netflix and Stan on TV* Buy or rent the latest movies* Buy the hottest shows

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  4. * Record while watching Netflix* 684 Hours (HM Mode) HD Recording* Wi-Fi Built-in* 4K Networking

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  5. Highlights Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket a portable HD video game recorder Dimensions: 9.1cm x 19.9cm x 15.1cm Weight: 0.6kg

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  6. Highlights Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket a portable HD video game recorder Dimensions: 9.1cm x 19.9cm x 15.1cm Weight: 0.6kg

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  7. HD PVR Rocket is portable and USB bus powered. Record your best game play at gaming events or at your friends home. Simply plug a USB thumb drive into the slot on the front of the Rocket and you can start recording from your games console or PC. HD PVR Rocket records video at up to 1080p and can record from either HDMI (without HDCP protection) or Component Video. KEY FEATURES: Pocket sized, stand alone video recorder. With built-in microphone mixer for recording game commentary Record Xbox, PlayStation and PC games USB powered for portable recording Also supports PC connect mode for recording and uploading to YouTube HD PVR Rocket has a build-in audio mixer, so you can record game commentary while you record your video game play. Once you have made your recordings, you can share them with your friends on YouTube. Make your own YouTube channel and get famous! HD PVR Rocket records at resolutions up to 1080P30 using H.264 video compression. The H.264 format is used by Blu-ray discs and exceeds other video compression standards in quality and disk space consumption, providing a crisp image and amazing digital sound. H.264 uses 1/3 the disk space compared with the popular MPEG-2 format. HD PVR Rocket also can be connected to your PC. Use our Capture application to record game play, trim your videos and upload them to YouTube. Record your best gaming moves without slowing down your PC. The video compression is done inside HD PVR Rocket so you can record your PC game play in HD without slowing down your PC. Simply plug the HDMI out from your PC gaming system into the HD PVR 2, and then connect HD PVR Rocket to your TV monitor. Included in the box HD PVR Rocket high definition H.264 personal video recorder, with USB 2.0 port for recording to thumb drives and a built-in microphone mixer. USB 2.0 or 3.0 bus powered USB power cable, with �Y� for connecting to game consoles or for PCs 2 meter HDMI cable to connect to your TV monitor Component video cable with Hauppauge A/V ad

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  8. * 2 Tuners 4 Recordings* Pause and Rewind Live TV* Remote Scheduling* TV Apps

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  1. Don’t miss a thing with the Laser Set Top Box HD PVR HDMI Media 6000. Be able to experience newer digital channels like 9Life and 7flix without having to upgrade your old TV. The Laser Set Top Box HD PVR HDMI Media 6000 is also compatible with newer TVs and monitors and allows you to play back media content from either your hard drive or USB. You can also record your favourite shows while watching another program at the same time!

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  2. The Acer low current quad output LNBF is used to connect up to 2 x PVR Foxtel or 4 standard receivers to a single dish. The LNBF is commonly used for the Foxtel and Aurora service on Optus C1 & D3, where customers need to connect multiple receivers. The Acer LNBF has a L.O. frequency of 10.7 GHz. Specifications Reception Frequency 11.70 ~ 12.75 GHz Output Frequency 1000 ~ 2050 MHz L.O. Frequency 10.7 GHz   Room Temperature: Min 56. Max 67 dB Gain Ripple In 26 MHz Bandwidth: Max 1 dB In band: Typ 5 dB. Max 7 dB Noise Figure Room Temperature: Typ 1.1 dB. Max 1.3 dB Image Rejection Min 40 dB 1 dB Compression Point Min 0 dB 3rd Order Intermodulation (Two Tones). Intercept Point: Min 10 dB L.O. Stability Over Temperature: Max +- 2.5 MHz L.O. Phase Noise 1 kHz offset: Max - 55 dBc/Hz 10 kHz offset: Max – 75 dBc/Hz 100 kHz offset: Max - 95 dBc/Hz 1 MHz offset: Max – 105 dBc/Hz Output VSWR 75 Ohm Max 2.0 Cross-Polar Isolation Min 20 dB. Typ 25 dB Polarity Switching Voltage Vertical: Min 10.5 V. Max 14 V Horizontal: Min 16 V. Max 19 V DC Current Consumption Input Voltage. Typ 75 mA. Max 85 mA Mobile Interference Suppression (1.8 GHz) - 15 dBm output monopole antenna: Max – 40 dBm Feedhorn Mounting 40 mm Standard Size Operating Temperature – 40 degC ~ + 60 degC

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