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  1. Have fun with the whole family with this authentic Quoits SetAll ages will love this classic game for both outdoors and indoors. The aim of the game is to toss all your rope quoits or rings so that they land on the wooden peg which has been placed metres in front of you. You can change the distance between the players and the peg to increase or decrease the difficulty.Lightweight and compact this game can easily be taken on picnics and camping trips used in the backyard and stored conveniently while at home. Quoits is a classic past-time of accuracy and coordination providing instant entertainment at a BBQ or at the park. Siblings and friends will dive at the chance for a quick turn. See who can toss the ring on the peg from the furthest distance no cheating

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  2. Combine family fun and active living with the enjoyable Verao Quoits. Easy to set up, this game features 1 wood baseboard and 6 rope quoits that will have the whole family perfecting their passes. Helping with hand eye coordination, this game is ideal for backyard and park matches.

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  3. A test of hand-eye coordination, Quoits is an old-fashioned lawn game ideal for all ages. Players will throw a Quoit ring from a distance attempting to land the ring over a wooden peg mounted on the centre of the base. Blazen Rope Quoits is a family fun activity including 6 rope quoits, a wooden base and peg.All agesSkill and accuracy testerIncludes 6 rope quoits, a wooden base and pegIdeal for backyards, parks and picnics

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  4. An exciting 2 in 1 game for the family. There are 6 bowling pins and a bowing ball, 3 quoit bases and 3 rings. The bowling pins can be used as quoits once mounted on the quoit base.

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  5. Traditinal Heavy Rope Quoit SetContaines:6 x traditional heavy rope quoits (circular)1 x wooden stake

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  7. :Toyrific Toys Quoits Set

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  8. :How good can you aim. Can you target the base at the first hit. An all in one exciting toy set for children all ages. Take turns with your friend and see who is a better shooter. Extremely compact, assembles and disassembles quickly. A cute little game set with lots of fun and sports skills.

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  9. :Few games companies can claim to have been so influential in the world of games as Jaques of London has been for the 215 years we have been manufacturing high quality sports and games equipment. In our two centuries of business, we have invented Ping Pong, ludo, snakes and ladders, Tiddly Winks, Happy Families and Snap - not to mention our production of the Staunton chessmen, which has become the most commonly used set of chess pieces at all levels. We have decided to use this expertise to bring some of our favourite indoor games outside with our range of oversized models. Quoits traces its history back many hundreds of years in England and has been played by many Jaques customers for over 100 years. The game is very simple to play and can help children with basic addition and mathematics, as they will have to add up their points with each quoit that scores. Each point on the base has a separate value, according to the difficulty of the throw. The 'Family' Garden Quoits Set is a new concept which uses Jaques' 215 years of expertise to present our popular models in a more affordable 'Family' range. Our machine crafted Quoits game is made from beautiful solid wood with heavy duty natural rope quoits.

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  10. Interesting hoopla game in garden offers children for hours of playing, solve the two problems of boredom and fitness. Anywhere to play this sport toys, you can take quoits outdoor to picnics and family gatherings, in addition , child can play with grandfather and grandmother, enjoy a wonderful weekend! A fitness toys for kids, physical coordination, keep eyesight, improve sports consciousness and positive and confident attitude in life. Family game, don't worry about playing when you have time to accompany with your children. Hold a quoits rings game to share love with kid through garden quoits. Let your child play ring toss with other kids, enhance neighbourhood relationship friendly and improve your child's social skills.WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -Small parts. Not for Children under .

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  11. :Uber Games Quoits Game Set is a traditional lawn game of skill and accuracy, ideal for players of any age. Players throw Quoit rings, aiming to land them over numbered wooden pegs mounted on the base. The varnished wooden base measures 20 inches square and comprises (5) wooden pegs, measuring 6.5 inches tall, that each offer a different score. The Quoits game set is also supplied with (4) natural fiber rope rings that are weighted with a wooden bead and a nylon carrying bag for storage and transportation. Perfect for events, a birthday party, wedding games and anywhere else a fun entertaining crowd pleaser is needed.

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  12. :Our Simplest Quoits Game Set. Uses one simple peg and different sized quoits to determine the Points achieved This is a superb game which traces its history back many hundreds of years in England and has been produced by Jaques of London for over 100 years. The game is hugely popular with families as an outdoor garden game. The construction of our Peg Quoits game is based on a traditional Jaques design and features a simple single peg system with 4 different sized natural rope quoits for scoring. The game is very simple to play and can help children with addition and mathematics as they will have to add up their score with each quoit that lands and scores. Each quoit carries a different value Comes complete with full instructions.

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  13. :2 x Wooden Base Pieces5 x Rope Rings5 x Wooden PegsInstruction Manual

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