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  1. Rummikub 7290002514008 Original

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  2. Rummikub 7290010150250 Travel

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  3. $44.99
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  4. The Original Rummikub Travel SizeA quality travel-sized version of the game. This Rummikub Travel Size comes with a sturdy plastic case that easily twists together to form a storage container for your Rummikub tiles. when you're ready to play, simply twist the case apart and the 4 pieces that make up the case now conveniently act as tile holders! Now you’re ready to play Rummikub.The exciting game for the whole family that requires tactics, memory, skill and luck to win.

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  5. The game of manipulating letters and words – score for the longest word, clear your rack to score double. The object of the game is to make the longest possible word. If during your turn you clear your rack, score double points. The player with the highest score winsContent112 Tiles 4 Racks ( AND HOLDERS) Detailed RulesFor 2-4 PlayersAges 7 to Adult

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  6. The original Rummikub E-Scorer point counter is the ideal companion for a Rummikub Player. This determines automatically the points and calculations for all your matches and thus the winner. Featuring an electronic timer, automatic score calculation and large LCD screen. This easy to use accessory can store all your calculations and game results till you manually clear it.

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  7. Be the first to go "Rummikub" by using all tiles in "Runs" or "Groups" and accumulate the highest score. Outwit your opponents with strategy and sharp moves to win. Use the "Joker" to fire up the game, but beware if you are still holding onto him at the end of a round then you lose 30 points. 2 - 4 Players

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  8. Sold in over 50 countries and printed in 26 languages Rummikub is one of the MOST PLAYED family games in the world and certainly the #1 selling number tile game. Rummikub is a game the whole family can play together. Rummikub provides hours of amusement and each game is different. Players try to place runs or groups of their tiles down in the play area. The first player to use all their tiles accumulating the highest score is the winner. 2-6 Players Age 8+

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  9. Quality travel sized version of one of the world's most played family tile game. Can you place a set or a run with your tiles?

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  10. The Original rummikub brings people together!Contents: 18 numbered dice (in 4 colours), shaker, elegant pouch, scorepad and detailed rules.Ages 7+Players 2

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  11. $14.99
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