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  1. RYOBI REP DRILL BATTERY BCR1400671 SERIES MODEL FL1400 CBI1442D Model No BCR1400671 Description Power Tool Cordless Drill Battery Application Ryobi model numbers CTH1442K2 FL1400 HP1441 HP1441MK2 HP1442MK2 HP7200K2 HP7200MK2 R10520 R10521 and RY6200 Original Brand Ryobi Chemistry Nickel Cadmium NiCd Voltage 144V Nominal Capacity 1400mAh Brand Master this battery is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand Comments Battery pack contains fast chargehigh rate discharge Panasonic cells

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  2. RYOBI CDL1802P DRILL BATTERY DescriptionDescription Cordless power tool batteryApplication cordless power toolsOriginal Brand RyobiChemistry Nickel CadmiumVoltage 18VNominal Capacity 1500mAhTypical Capacity 1600mAh Width 73mmHeight 105mmLengthBreadthDepth 133mmWeight 888gComments This battery pack comes with Panasonic cells inside offering extended service life amp performance Ryobi CDL1802P and CID1802P 130109021

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  3. Ryobi BID1201 Lithium Ion Power Tool Battery BCRCB120LBP1 Model No BCRCB120LBP1 Description Lithium Ion Power Tool Battery for Ryobi Application Power tools Original Brand Ryobi Chemistry Lithium Ion Voltage 12V Nominal Capacity 3000mAh Brand Master this product is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand Suitable For Ryobi BID1201 Ryobi CK412 Ryobi CKF120LM Ryobi CR1201 Ryobi HJP001 Ryobi HJP001K Ryobi LSD1201PB Ryobi LSD1202PB Compatible With Ryobi 130503001 Ryobi 130503005 Ryobi BPL1220 Ryobi CB120L Comments This battery pack features high power lithium ion cells for excellent performance For the care of our customers our lithium ion battery packs feature built in safety protection circuit devices where applicable inside each battery pack For extra safety the cells used in our lithium ion battery packs have cell protection devices built into the individual cells Some lithium ion battery models are interchangeable on tools also capable of using nickel cadmium amp nickel metal hydride batteries This does not mean the original chargers for those battery types are compatible with lithium ion batteries For correct and safe charging always ensure your charger is compatible with lithium ion batteries

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  4. Breville Essenza Mini Solo BEC220 Coffee Maker

    The essenza mini combines ease of use, minimalist design and compact size with unrivalled nespresso quality to create the perfect cup of coffee, every time. The essenza mini offers 2 programmable cup sizes for espresso and lungo coffees. Bundle with an aeroccino milk frother, allows you to create perfect coffee just the way you like it. The essenza mini is the small machine that opens up the world of nespresso coffee.

  5. PacVac Superpro Battery 700 Vacuum

    Take a step further with the new Superpro battery 700. No cords just freedom and performance without limits. Lighter than other battery back packs on the market, offering superior ergonomics and speed. Lighter than other battery backpacks on the market, offering superior ergonomics and speed. Ergonomic frame and harness. Battery reaches optimum charge in just 2 hours.

  6. Breville Nespresso U BEC300 Coffee Maker

    Features Prepares espresso and lungo Can also prepare cappuccino and macchiato Auto capsule piercing, brewing and ejection 3 Pre programmed cup sizes Preferred cup size memorisation No drip technology Fast heat up Automatic off mode after 9 minutes Movable 0.8L water tank Adaptable drip tray for milk recipes Container holds up to 13 used capsules Full used capsule container indicator Empty water tank indicator Pump Pressure 19 Bar Cable storage Dimensions Height: 251 mm Width: 115 mm Depth: 369 mm

  7. Nespresso Essenza BEC250 Coffee Maker

    Introduce a small yet powerful coffee making solution to your kitchen with the Nespresso Essenza Mini Capsule Coffee Machine. This coffee machine includes an Aeroccino3 milk frothing device, so you can always top off your coffee with a rich froth. The Nespresso Essenza Mini Capsule Coffee Machine with Milk Frother features a 19 bar pressure system, maximising flavour extraction. Measuring 200mmx330mmx205mm, this Nespresso Coffee Machine can easily fit most kitchen bench tops.

    $147 - $219
  8. Breville BEC200XR Coffee Maker

    1260W power Removable 0.7L water tank 19 bar pressure system 2 programmable cup sizes Fast 25 second heat-up Automatic power off after 9 minutes Folding cup holder for all cup sizes, cable storage Includes Aeroccino3 milk frother 220240 Voltage

    $159 - $242
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  1. The Ryobi Slam Spin Reel Series live up to the Ryobi reputation of offering anglers high quality reels at affordable pricing. the Ryobi Slam Spin Reel Series feature a NCRT body, side plate, rotor and bail arm which is a titanium-carbon composite that is

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  2. The Ryobi Carnelian heavy duty spinning style fishing reels were designed and engineered in Japan for tackling the big fish using techniques such as jigging, Bottom bashing or live baiting for large saltwater species such as kingfish, samson fish, amberja

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  3. Bulk pack contains 6 units 10 clips on each unit, clip size: 5.5cm X 1.5cm X1cm Warm white light 1.5 long bendable wire Supplied with batteries in the package

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  4. An excellent marine charger offering great value for money that provides complete battery care for small boats with a 12V-battery, and which can serve as a start and service battery. M100 is a fully automatic 8-step charger that supplies 7A and is ideal for batteries between 14-150Ah and up to 225 Ah for maintenance charging. M100 analyses whether the battery can accept and retain the charge, it removes harmful lead sulphate crystals, gives an effective charge and automatically switches to safe maintenance charging when the battery is fully charged.The practical Recond mode reconditions the battery following deep discharging, which can occur after a long day at sea. AGM mode provides optimum charging of AGM batteries that require a slightly higher charging voltage. There is a Supply mode which acts as a power source if you need to disconnect a battery and do not want to lose important electronic settings.IP65 classification means that M100 is splash and dustproof. It does not generate any harmful galvanic currents, is fully compatible with the boat’s electronics and has been developed to offer safe charging: non-sparking, reverse polarity protection and short circuit proof. M100 comes with a five year guarantee.

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  5. Rapala Battery Powered Aerator (Air Pump)By definition, live bait needs to be alive and kicking. Otherwise you will stand less of a chance of tempting fish into chomping down on your hook. Thankfully, however, you can supply fresh air to live bait using one of these affordable battery-powered Rapala aerators.Rapala is a global manufacturer of fishing equipment and responsible for some of the most effective products on the market. The company has been in operation since the 1930s and features a rich heritage of innovation.Two C-Cell batteries are all that are required to power this silent-running device. Then it’s simply a matter of placing the plastic hose and air stone within containers or live-wells to give a continuous supply of air to your bait.

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  6. The Smart Battery Case is engineered specifically for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6, to give you even longer battery life and protection.

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  7. Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator Air PumpWhile the lure anglers might argue the point, there is nothing better than fishing with live bait. After all, this is what fish eat. They eat other live creatures. It only stands to reason, if you fish with the general menu of the average fish, you will achieve better results.To help ensure your collected live baits actually stay alive, you will need a Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator. While you can replenish the oxygen in your live bait bucket by changing water frequently, it quickly becomes a hassle. Baits are lost, and, if you have many baits, the frequency of water changes simply becomes impractical, particularly if you are fishing from a high jetty or rock shelf with poor access to the water.The Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator makes the process simple and will help to keep your baits alive for sometimes hours on end, until the unused baits can be returned to the environment. If it’s alive, and extracts oxygen from the water, it will need the water replenished with oxygen. Pipis, Prawns, Nippers, Yakka, Poddy Mullet and the like, all require oxygenated water.The 2-speed option on the Jarvis Walker is great for managing power. If you have only a few baits, keep the power down for battery life. When you have many baits, you will require a greater flow of oxygen, so crank the level up. It’s always a good idea to carry spare batteries.For little more than the price of a plastic bucket, the Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator will be a brilliant addition to your live bait kit. Remember, if you want to catch massive Whiting, use live Nippers. Want to Catch Massive Mulloway, use live Poddy Mullet. Want a record-breaking Yellowtail King fish? Use a decent size Yakka, it must be a live one though! Help Keep it alive with the Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator, for sale now.Features and SpecificationsCan assist in helping to keep live bait aliveomplete with hoseAirpump  airstone supplied2 speed option for power and air supply managementBatteries not includedBenefitsFish and Crustacean will not survive in a bucket for long at all without oxygen replenishment. With the aerator, your bait will be more likely to remain alive for hours. Unused baits can be returned to the environment.The two-speed option allows you to save power when there are few fish in the bucket, or to crank it up when there are many baits draining the oxygen.Any live bait angler should consider the Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator essential kit. If your bait dies, it’s no longer live baiting, is it! Fish prefer their meals alive and kicking. This is their natural diet. Keep all your baits alive to ensure you maximise your chances of the catch of a life time. Purchase a battery operated air pump here. We deliver worldwide.

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  8. LED Strip Battery Attachment for Plug Kit 12V 1.2m IP65 CLA.Battery Attachment for 12VCIGPLUGKITSpecification:1.2m flex & plug and 1.2m output lead with IP65 joiner plug included(2.5Amp) MAXIMUM: 2m(SMD5050) 7m(SMD3528)(5.0Amp) MAXIMUM: 4m(SMD5050) 10m(SMD3528)(7.0Amp) MAXIMUM: 6m(SMD5050) 10m(SMD3528)

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  9. Brand new Quantity: 12 pcs Colour: Purple Size: 8 inch / 20cm Paper lantern with light bulb inside Each lantern requires 2 AAA batteries AND NO INCULIDED

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  10. AGA SC40B 40W Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifier with Mic Input

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  11. Stay charged on the go conveniently, and fast-charge your phone, fast-recharge your battery pack.

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  12. Motorcycle Battery Charger 20amp 12v-240v

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