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  1. The Saeco Cristallo SG 400 is a 320 cup capacity coffee vending machine suitable for medium to large applications and specifically designed for reduced maintenance and service.

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  2. Philips Saeco CA6700 espresso Coffee machine descaler decalcifier 250ml Philips Saeco’s Descale liquid removes calcium and other mineral build ups without harming the inside of your espresso coffee machine. It also reduces the wear and tear on the inside of the Saeco machine. Perfect protection - Special Philips Saeco espresso machine decalcifier. Decalcifying your espresso machine regularly is essential to make sure it keeps performing at its best. This special espresso machine descaler removes scale and prevents corrosion, protecting your appliance and extending its lifetime. Exclusive formula For thorough yet safe and gentle de-calcification , it ensures thorough decalcification without harming the delicate parts inside your appliance. Effective protection of your espresso appliance. Perfect decalcification of water circuits Protects your system against limescale build-up Longer lifetime, Regular decalcification extends lifetime and enhances taste Quick and easy decalcification. The best formula for easy decalcification Sensational coffee quality Regular decalcification maintains the coffee taste over time The Philips Saeco decalcifier perfectly cleans all the water circuits in your espresso Machine. Reduces limescale build-up (Limescale is a natural part of water used for the machine's operation. This special decalcifier protects your appliance from the build-up of limescale which affects performance and taste. It is highly effective, safe and easy to use. For effective decalcification descale when the machine requires it or after 250 cups according to water hardness.) Regular decalcification keeps your espresso machine performing at its best, ensuring the best taste and aroma. Quick and easy decalcification The special Philips Saeco decalcifier for espresso machines comes with clear instructions for use, enabling quick, easy and safe decalcification.

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  1. Free Delivery Worldwide : Bento Delights : Paperback : Createspace : 9781499124255 : 1499124252 : 09 May 2014 : Written by the author of the popular bento blog,, Bento Delights is a must have for all bento lovers out there!Bento Delights contains 31 adorable and stylish bento menus accompanied with 100 delicious recipes. This cookbook is divided into two main sections: Character Bento (Charaben) and Traditional Bento. The Character Bento section includes clear step-by-step photographs and detailed instructions on how to craft whimsical characters like sweet teddy bears made...

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