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  1. Let this aluminum Kayak Trolley with Kickstand take care of all of your heavy lifting. Simply attach the kayak to this lightweight trolley and pull it down to the water with ease. The kickstand easily folds down to stabilize your kayak while loading or unloading as the soft foam bumpers protect your kayak. Featuring detachable rubber wheels to suit any terrain from rough gravel to soft sand this lightweight carrier is built with a heavy duty aluminum frame and 2 Cam buckle tie-down straps to ensure your kayak is securely fastened.

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  2. Introducing the aluminium kayak trolley which makes possible for you to move the watercraft around without straining your back. This aluminium kayak trolley is made from durable marine grade anodised aluminium frame which enable moving of massive weight capacity up to 100kg.The U-shape kickstand design enables stability of the trolley and prevents it from tipping over when loading and moving. Now you can easily load and move your watercraft even when you are alone. It is designed to be lightweight and collapsible for easy storage. Bring it along with you for the next outing

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  3. Single Seat Kayak One Double Paddles Length: 300cm, Width: 80cm, Height: 40cm Max Capacity: 130kg Handles For Easy Lifting and Carrying High Sides for Extra Stability Made by High Quality Durable Material Moulded Foot Rests Wave Slicing Bow Design For a Smoother Ride Bungee Cords on the Hull for Your Dry Bag etc Fully Kitted Out For Fishing Built In Bottle Holder

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  4. Brand New Genuine Rhino Rack Kayak/Ski Bow Strap Bonnet Tie Down (RBAS1)Description:The RBAS1 includes a 3.6m tie down strap with an anchor point strap designed to wrap around and protect kayaks or objects without a front or rear tie off point. They are quick

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  5. SPT Kanulock Lockable Orange Tiedowns set 3.3M Straps kayak surfboard SUP canoe RETAIL PRICE : $100 OUR PRICE : $84 Description: Why Do I need Lockable Tiedowns? With standard tiedowns anyone can walk up to your vehicle and remove your kayak or board without

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  6. In San Francisco, the souls of the dead are mysteriously disappearing-and you know that can't be good-in New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore's delightfully funny sequel to A Dirty Job.Something really strange is happening in the City by the Bay. People are dying, but their souls are not being collected. Someone-or something-is stealing them and no one knows where they are going, or why, but it has something to do with that big orange bridge. Death Merchant Charlie Asher is just as flummoxed as everyone else. He's trapped in the body of a fourteen-inch-tall "meat puppet" waiting for his Buddhist nun girlfriend, Audrey, to find him a suitable new body to play host.To get to the bottom of this abomination, a motley crew of heroes will band together: the seven-foot-tall death merchant Minty Fresh; retired policeman turned bookseller Alphonse Rivera; the Emperor of San Francisco and his dogs, Bummer and Lazarus; and Lily, the former Goth girl. Now if only they can get little Sophie to stop babbling about the coming battle for the very soul of humankind . . .

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  7. It's the Summer of 1960 and introverted 14 year old, Walter, is unceremoniously dumped by his single mother, Mae, at the Texan farm of eccentric great uncles, Hub and Garth. Walter has never met them before, but legend has it, they were bank robbers, mafia hitmen - even Nazi war criminals. Whatever their past, one rumour is the most compelling to Mae: Hub and Garth have lots of money stashed away. So find the dough, she commands. But that is the least of Walter's worries. Hub and Garth aren't exactly the welcoming types and suddenly it looks like it's going to be a long, hard Summer. That is, until Walter stumbles upon a photo in an old trunk of a beautiful, exotic woman. And when he confronts Garth about it, his uncle reveals a past of incredibly exciting and daring experiences. True or not, Walter soon finds himself discovering his own sense of adventure, his own kind of happiness and life suddenly looks promising after all.

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  8. This Wega is under 5 yrs old ,has been in a cafe using less then 20 kilos of coffee per week,and is in good working order.

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  9. From the 2015 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Svetlana Alexievich, comes the first English translation of her latest work, an oral history of the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the emergence of a new Russia. Bringing together dozens of voices in her distinctive documentary style, Second-Hand Time is a monument to the collapse of the USSR, charting the decline of Soviet culture and speculating on what will rise from the ashes of Communism. As in all her books, Alexievich gives voice to women and men whose stories are lost in the official narratives of nation-states, creating a powerful alternative history from the personal and private stories of individuals.About the AuthorSvetlana Alexievich was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, in 1948 and has spent most of her life in the Soviet Union and present-day Belarus, with prolonged periods of exile in Western Europe. Starting out as a journalist, she developed her own nonfiction genre, which gathers a chorus of voices to describe a specific historical moment. Her works include War’s Unwomanly Face (1985), Last Witnesses (1985), Zinky Boys (1990), Voices from Chernobyl (1997), and Secondhand Time (2013). She has won many international awards, including the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature for “her polyphonic writings, a monument to suffering and courage in our time.”

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  10. "To win his father's ranch, a hard-living cowboy settles down and takes a wife -- another man's wife "The youngest McKettrick brother, Jeb, is the wild one who never could stay out of trouble. And trouble is what he gets when he proposes to Chloe Wakefield. No sooner had he and the pretty schoolteacher tied the knot than Jeb discovers she's already married After a major dustup with Chloe in a Tombstone barroom, an irate Jeb hightails it back to the Triple M Ranch, certain that his chances of winning the spread in a marriage race with his brothers are dashed.Now Chloe has come to Indian Rock, hoping to find her beloved uncle John and a much-needed teaching post. But when she unexpectedly crosses paths with Jeb, her rage -- and passion -- flare even stronger than back in Tombstone. Chloe never intended to mislead Jeb about her previous marriage to a scoundrel of a man. But when she finds out Jeb needs a bride and a baby in order to inherit the Triple M, she is livid.Learning to trust will be the hardest part of this mixed-up marriage -- until a stagecoach robbery and the return of a dangerous stranger prove to Jeb and Chloe that they need each other to love and honor as long as they both shall live.

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  11. Kayak Motor Jarvis Marine Watersnake T-24 (24lb Thrust) If you dream of lazy days trolling around the water and catching fish then the Jarvis Marine T-24 Kayak Motor is for you. Small enough that it can fit a kayak or other pretty small boats, it is the the second smallest of the Water snake electric motors available. Don’t let the size throw you off though, this little motor still packs a wallop. The Jarvis Walker Watersnake T-24 Kayak Motor is suitable for both fresh and saltwater making it a truly universal motor. The smallness of the motor belays its ability, this little guy can put out up to 24 pounds of thrust, has an adjustable transom-mounting bracket with anti-impact clip system, two speed controls, and a two blade weedless propeller. Everything a fisherman could ask for in a kayak motor. Features and Specifications 24 lbs of thrust Standard 12-volt motor (Battery Required - Sold at battery retailers - Not included) 2 speed controls in high and low with forward and reverse switch Adjustable nylon transom mounting bracket Anti-impact clip on the mount Weedless dual blade propeller 24 inch stainless steel shaft Fully encapsulated electrical circuits and connectors Functional in both fresh and saltwater Amp Draw: Min: 9 max: 20 Approximate weight of motor : 3.3kg Note: Image for reference only - parts may vary If you choose to purchase the motor with the optional upgrade complete with kayak mounting kit option you DO NOT get the Standard white C-Clamp as well, the white C-Clamp is removed. Benefits The impressive 24 lbs of thrust is more than enough to send you and your kayak sailing across the water. Fast but not too fast for trolling. Get this motor going, cast a few lines in the water and watch as you catch your limit in record time. Two speed controls means you get to dictate the speed that works best for you. Depending on what you’re fishing for this makes a big difference. Being able to adjust your speed means being able to catch more fish. T

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  12. Kayak Motor - Watersnake ASP T18 Transom Mount Kayak / Small Boat Electric Motor (This is the saltwater safe version) Thinking of going fishing? Hoping to get lucky this time and catch a whopper? Want to give your Kayak the extra oomph it needs for the largest catch ever? If yes, then Jarvis Walker 18lb, Watersnake Electric Motor is a good option for you. Power your kayak with this electric motor and enjoy a fantastic fishing experience. With this electric motor, you don’t have to waste all your energy rowing your boat kayak to the fishing area. This Watersnake electric motor is designed for stealth and performance. Sneak on the fish and catch them before they swim away. Jarvis Walker electric motor is light weight and exclusively built for kayak and inflatable boats. It has transom mount fittings. fits on the boat smoothly and effortlessly in a few minutes. By adding Jarvis 18lb electric motor in your kayak boat, you don’t have to worry about how you will chase the fish and can even take a break from paddling. It has two built in high & low speed controls, giving you the power to speed up your boat kayak anytime you want and say goodbye to slow kayak troll paddling speed. Features and Specifications 18lb Thrust Standard 12-volt motor (Battery Required - Sold at battery retailers - Not included) 24 inch” Shaft 15 Amps Steering fixed tiller High and low speed controls 2 weedless blade propeller Reverse and forward switch Anti-impact clip system Transom Mount Adjustable fitting Encapsulated connectors and electrical circuits Available in 2 versions:Suitable for freshwater and saltwater Approx Weight (3.1kgs) Note:Image for reference only - parts may vary, If you choose to purchase the motor with the optional upgrade complete with kayak mounting kit option you DO NOT get the Standard C-Clamp as well, the C-Clamp is removed and has instead been installed with the kayak bracket housing. Benefits Transom mount feature offers easy adjustment and attac

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  13. Sea Kayak Navigation concentrates on those aspects of navigation that are relevant to kayakers. It is clear, concise and well illustrated throughout.The first edition rapidly became a standard text for sea kayakers and this new edition builds on that success. There are numerous improvements in the explanations and GPS is covered in more detail, reflecting the increased availability and usage of electronic navigational aids. Full use is made of colour photos, diagrams, maps and charts, further enhancing the reader's experience. Exercises to reinforce and self-assess how much the reader has taken on board are provided at the end of each chapter.Sea Kayak Navigation is recommended as support material for the new British Canoe Union navigation courses that are currently being introduced.

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  14. Yoga for Outdoor People is a film of two full length yoga workouts that are designed specifically for kayakers and climbers. It also features a standing only mini workout that can be done anywhere. It is perfect as a quick beach or rock face warm up. An asana breakdown section provides additional direction, modifications and variations.

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  15. This hoist pulley lift system takes the ‘stress’ out of storing away your precious kayak or bike. If you have the garage or ceiling space simply attach the sturdy steel hoist to the roof or ceiling in a convenient place that you can easily manoeuvre the bike or kayak to. Attach the hooks provided and utilise the dual rope pulley system to lever the kayak up out of harms way with minimal muscle power! No more stress the kids are going to dent the kayak or buckle a bike wheel fooling around in the shed! The hoist pulley not only takes the strain out of storing your kayak, but frees up space for other garage items. Features Easy control design Smooth action double rope pulley system Robust steel hoist body Protective plastic coated hoist hook Specifications Body material: Steel Capacity: 45kg Rope length: 16m Length of the mounting strap: 2m No. of mounting strap (per set): 2 Product Content 2 x Kayak Hoist Ceiling Rack

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  16. Long canoe or kayak trips down the river will be so much more enjoyable with this premium quality thermoformed kayak seat. Designed with your comfort and safety in mind, sink into the high back rest, non-slip contoured padded seat and paddle with pleasure. The unique adjustable design fits most kayaks and comes with two straps for extra stability. Made from durable neoprene + 600D polyester and marine grade stainless steel brass snap hooks, this kayak seat is built to last. Features Premium quality thermoformed kayak seat Non-slip contoured padded seat surface for optimum comfort and safety Adjustable to fit most kayaks and canoes Lightweight and durable Fitted with front and back straps to sturdily fix seat in place 4 x marine grade stainless brass snap hooks High backrest design for additional comfort Specifications Material: Neoprene+600D Polyester Front strap length: 49cm Back strap length: 64cm Backrest height: 44cm Product Content 1 x Kayak Seat 1 x Detachable Seat Bag

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  17. This universal Dynamic Power Kayak Roof Rack Carrier is a must have car accessory if you are passionate about outdoor adventure! With this kayak carrier, you do not need to worry about damaging your car or your roof racks as it is specifically designed for kayak. It is easy to use, install and will fit almost all roof rack cross bars! The holding brackets are made of high-quality UV resistant plastic and the bolts and nuts are also high strength to handle the load. U clamp and T bolt and pin fitting are included so it can be installed in many different types of cross bars. Large and durable rubber pads to add protection for your kayak is also included. This kit is the ideal solution to bring your adventure gear wherever you want to explore! *This product is primarily designed to work with cross rails. It is not recommend installing this product on the rails on your car. Universal and will fit almost all roof rack cross bars on the market, designed to fit straight onto square crossbar racks Supplied with T Bolt fittings and will fit oval shaped design crossbars with the centre groove The U clamp fittings are included to fit square crossbar racks Heavy Duty and durable large thick rubber pads included to add protection for your cargo Max load of 70Kg Ultra lightweight and constructed using high quality UV resistant plastic Comes complete with pin fittings Easy to install and use *You will need cross bars in order to use this item! 4X Dynamic Power Kayak Roof Rack Holder All accessories shown on the pictures User Manual Brand : Dynamic Power Material : UV Resistant Plastic Loading capacity : 70Kg Colour : Black Dimensions : 22cm(L) x 8cm(W) x 20cm(H) Net Weight : 3kg

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  18. AQUA MARINA BREEZE INFLATABLE STAND UP PADDLE BOARD KAYAK The world’s favourite and most versatile inflatable stand up paddle board is here. The Breeze SUP is designed for recreational riders and comes complete with a kayak seat and dual-tech aluminum paddle 2-in-1 iSUP & kayak paddle so you can switch between paddle boarding or kayaking. As well as this the Breeze inflatable stand up paddle board pack also comes with a high pressure air pump, backpack and tri-fin system. The classic pintail shape of the board guarantees performance and speed, while its size – 300cm in length and 10cm in width means it’s easy to turn and maneuver. The tri-fin cluster gives you the ability to paddle and track in almost any water state and is excellent for surfing, stretching, fitness and exploring riding. The EVA deck provides maximum traction and durability. The Breeze SUP is ideal for riders up to 95kgs and is everything you need to get serious on the water. FEATURES Durable 10cm double-wall drop stitch EVA Deck: Honeycomb groove, heat embossed Dual-tech 2-in-1 aluminium paddle Removable high-back kayak seat Tri-fin system High pressure air pump with gauge Magic backpack Elastic bungee straps for cargo Optimum Air Pressure: Up to 15psi Dimensions: 300cm x 75cm x 10cm Weight capacity: 95kg PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Aqua Marina Breeze Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kayak

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  19. 2 x Kayak Hoist Ceiling Rack Simply hang your kayak on the ceiling by pulling one wire. Thanks to convenient pulley system design, simply use the wire the control the kayak up and down. You can also use it to hang your bike. This Hoist can hang up to 60KG. Features * Easy control design * Smooth action double rope pulley system * Robust steel hoist body * Protective plastic coated hoist hook

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  20. Adjustable Kayak SeatThis thermoformed kayak seat is designed to suit most kayaks and canoes. It is great for enhancing comfort while you're paddling in the water. Fitted with adjustable front and back straps, this seat can be easily fastened on your kayak or canoe. Designed with non-slip contoured padded seat surface and a high backrest for added comfort and support for your back while padding in the water. The kayak seat includes a detachable seat bag _for storing your personal belongings. Get yourself a kayak seat for enjoyable kayak or canoe ride!Package Contents1 x Adjustable Kayak Seat1 x Detachable Seat Bag

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