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  1. SUITS MODELS; R7H10, R7H11, R9A11, R9A52, R9A53, R9H10, R9H11, R9H52, R9H55, R9X55, R9Z00, R980A, R990KS, R990KW NEW & GENUINE SHARP PART PCOVPA157WRE0Used In: R-7H10, R-7H11, R-9A11, R-9A52, R-9A53, R-9H10, R-9H11, R-9H52, R-9H55, R-9X55, R-9Z00,Appliance: Conventional - Model Num: R-9H10 - Model…

    + Shipping: $12.95
  2. GENUINE SHARP SPARE PART PCOVPA212WRE0Height: 165mm Width: 110mm Depth: 1mm Weight: 0.0162kgUsed In: R-4A52, R-4A53, R-4A53B, R-4A54, R-4A54B, R-4A55, R-4A56, R-4A62, R-4E52, R-4E53, R-4H53, R-4H54, R-4H55, R-4H56, R-4X55, R-4X55B,Appliance: Conventional - Model Num: R-4A53 - Model Version: R-4A53…

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  3. SUITS MODELS; R2A55 R2J28 R2S56 R2S58 R2V55 R2V58 R210A R210B R210D R230F R230H R230J R231F R231H R231J R240A R240B R240C R240D R240E R290H NEW & GENUINE SHARP SPARE PART PCOVPA276WRE0Height: 107mm Width: 73mm Depth: 1mm Weight: 0.0054kgUsed In: R-210A, R-210B, R-210D, R-230F, R-230H, R-230J,…

    + Shipping: $12.95
  4. NEW & GENUINE SHARP SPARE PART PCOVPA301WRE0Height: 120mm Width: 105mm Depth: 1mm Weight: 0.0108kgUsed In: R-980A, R-980E, R-990C, R-990J, R-990K, R-995E, R-9H56, R-9H58, R-9X56, R-9X58,Appliance: Conventional - Model Num: R-9H56 - Model Version: R-9H56 - Model Part: Cover / Case / Cap

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  5. SUITS MODELS; R7P58, R890NW, R890NS SPECIFICATIONS; SIZE 135mmx120mm NEW & GENUINE SHARP PART PCOVPA308WRE1Used In: R-7P58, R-890N,Appliance: Conventional - Model Num: R-7P58 - Model Version: R-7P58 - Model Part: Cover / Case / Cap

    + Shipping: $12.95
  6. SUITS MODELS;R490C, R490CS, R490FS,R490NS, R4C57, R4C58 NEW & GENUINE SHARP SPARE PART PCOVPA311WRE0Height: 120mm Width: 110mm Depth: 1mm Weight: 0.0054kgUsed In: R-450A, R-450B, R-450C, R-450H, R-480A, R-480B, R-480C, R-480E, R-480F, R-480J, R-480LW, R-490C, R-490F, R-4C57, R-4C58, R-4H57,…

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  7. SUITS MODELS; R340C, R340D, R340E, R340F, R350C, R350D, R350E, R350F, R395FS NEW & GENUINE SHARP SPARE PART PCOVPA349WRE0Height: 125mm Width: 120mm Depth: 1mm Weight: 0.0081kgUsed In: R-330F, R-340C, R-340D, R-340E, R-350C, R-350D, R-350E, R-350F, R-380C, R-380D, R-380E, R-380F, R-395F,Appliance:…

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  8. SUITS MODELS; R340H, R340MW, R340RW, R340RS, R350H, R350J, R350LS, R350LW, R350RS, R350RW, R350YS, R350YW, R395NBK, R395NS, R395YBK, R395YS NEW & GENUINE SHARP PART PCOVPA394WREZUsed In: R-330J, R-350H, R-350J, R-350L, R-380H, R-380J, R-380L, R-395N, R-397J, R-398K,Appliance: Conventional - Model…

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  9. Whirlpool Crisp n Grill JQ280IX Microwaves

    - 6th Sense and Auto programs - Fan Forced Convection and Quartz Grill - Magic Clean - Weight Sensor - Microwave, Grill, Crisp, Forced Air (convection), Combi grill, Combi fan, Defrost, Steam - Crisp Grill technology - 3D Microwave Distribution System - Steam Menu and Steam Kit - Jet Start (quick…

  10. Panasonic NNCF770M Microwave Oven

    NN-CF770M: 27L Flatbed Metallic Silver Convection Microwave Features: -NEW FLAT - a disc beneath scatters Microwave to every direction -No Turn Table Required - large cooking area -Inverter Cooking Technology - better cooking control -Microwave Oven with Convection Oven & Grill …

    $565 - $631
  11. Bosch CMG633BS1B Microwave

    Combine the power of a compact oven with the convenience of a microwave with the Bosch 45L Series 8 Combination Microwave Oven. With 14 automatic settings and a useful microwave function, the Bosch Combination Oven helps you quickly cook, bake and roast with fantastic results. Key Features With 14…

    $1594 - $2099
  12. LG MJ3966ABS Microwave

    Versatile and powerful, the LG NeoChef 39L Smart Inverter Convection Microwave Oven can handle a variety of cooking tasks, helping save time while preparing meals. Heat, defrost, cook, or fry – this microwave oven brings 4-in-1 convenience to your home.The LG NeoChef 39L Smart Inverter Convection…

    $515 - $549
  13. Electrolux EMF2527BA Microwave

    The Electrolux Convection Microwave Oven provides a variety of cooking modes including microwaving, grilling and convection.An inbuilt child lock allows the control panel and function to be locked, keeping the little ones at bay.The Electrolux Convection Microwave Oven uses a full digital LED…

    $358 - $447
  14. Panasonic NNDS596BQPQ Microwave

    Inverter technology,Pure steam cooking,Total combination,Sensonr reheat,Steam Reheat,Steam Defrost,6 Power level,Child lock,Microwave power 1000w,Pure Steam Power 1000w,Top grill power 1200w,Bottom grill power 1250w,Crispy grill power 440w.Accessories is Crispy grill tray, wire rack, operation…

    $674 - $749
  15. Samsung MS23K3513AS Microwave

    Rapid defrost,Soft and melt function,Ceramic enamel finish,LED display,30 second plus,Auto cook,Child lock.Quick Defrost function, defrost food quickly and evenly. Automatic defrost algorithm calculates the correct defrosting time so that you can save cooking time.Steamed food is healthy with the…

    $143 - $149
  16. Panasonic NNCD997 Microwave

    Model Number: NNCD997 Brand: Panasonic Colour: Stainless Steel Capacity: 42L Warranty: 1 Year Power: 1000W Turntable Diameter: 380mm Dimensions Height: 376mm Width: 626mm Depth: 501mm Other Features Inverter microwave cooking power for fast even cooking Genius - Automatic…

    $999 - $1199
  17. Beko MGB25333 Microwave

    This fully built-in microwave is flexible to your everyday cooking needs thanks to its 8 auto cook functions, 5 power settings as well as 4 heat settings for the grill. This built-in oven is sleek, modern and stylish and fits perfectly into any modern kitchen.

    $599 - $631
  18. Panasonic NNST756BQPQ Microwave

    Cooking and reheating food is quick and easy every time, thanks to the Panasonic 44L Inverter Microwave. The microwave has a wide range of preset sensor menus, including vegetables, fish, pasta, and beverages.Featuring 18 preset options, the inverter microwave can easily accommodate chocolate,…

    $326 - $349
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