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  1. Siemens CM638GRS1 Oven

    Oven type and type of heating Compact oven with microwave oven with 15 heating methods: 4D-hot air, hot air-Eco, top / bottom heat, top / bottom heat Eco, fan heat-grill-System, full width grill, small area grill, pizza setting, cool start, separate bottom heat, intensive heat, gentle cooking,…

  2. Siemens CM633GBW1 Oven

    The 45cm high compact oven with integrated microwave - the quickest way to the best baking varioSpeed: up to 50% time savings when preparing food. TFT display: easy to read from any angle. Cook Control Plus: guaranteed success for a variety of dishes. SoftMove: smooth opening and closing the oven…

  3. Siemens HB876G8S6 Oven

    Home Connect: control and access to your oven, no matter where you are - with the easy-to-use Home Connect app. TFT touch display: user-friendly menu navigation in optimum representation. activeClean: the self-cleaning function for effortless cleaning. Bratenthermometer Plus: simple, reliable the…

  4. Siemens HB655GBS1 Oven

    \"With this oven you can comfortably cook and bake with the best cooking results.\" 4D hot air: flexible choice of runner. TFT display: good readability from any angle. EcoClean Plus effortless cleaning thanks to a special coating. Energy efficiency class A +: best baking results. cook Control…

  5. Siemens HB673GBS1 Oven

    Pening door with SoftMove: opening-closing door.Pyrolytic self-cleaning with 3 levels of intensity.smooth chrome tiered cavity trackless.TFT Display: TFT color display with touch keys and side texts.autoCook 10 recipes.Programmable electronic clock of starting and stopping of cooking.Multifunction…

  6. Siemens HS858GXS6 Oven

    Oven type and type of heating Steam oven with 15 heating methods: 4D-hot air, hot air-Eco, top / bottom heat, top / bottom heat Eco, fan heat-grill-System, full width grill, small area grill, pizza setting, cool start, separate bottom heat, intensive heat, gentle cooking, preheat, Drying, keeping…

  7. Siemens EX375FXB1E Kitchen Cooktop

    Induction Cooking with innovative features for more flexibility when cooking.Power Move Plus intuitive control thanks to three heating zones with different temperatures activated upon contact.Child security, safety switch, quick stop main switch, 2-stage residual heat indicator,Self-sufficentes…

  8. SIEMENS HF15M252 Microwave

    With Siemens home appliances baking and cooking for pleasure. Innovative technologies and convenient features you not only take a lot of work from, but inspire you also in the preparation of delicious food.  And also with its stunning design and quality materials set the Siemens equipment…

  9. Siemens SC76M541EU Dishwasher

    Siemens SC76M541EU 60cm high speed matic modular dishwasher for more flexible installation and with vario speed Plus for washing in up to a third of the time. Up to 66 percentage faster dishwashing and drying to a gleaming shine with varioSpeed Plus. Energy efficiency class A plus.

  10. Siemens HN678G4S6 Oven

    Siemens HN678G4S6 Microwave and steam boost function: for a maximum of possibilities. TFT Touch Display Plus best readability and intuitive usability. ActiveClean the self-cleaning automatic pyrolysis for effortless cleaning. Roasting thermometer and back sensor prepare exactly to the point.

  11. Siemens HN678G4S1 Oven

    Siemens HN678G4S1 Microwave and pulse stream functions for a maximum of options. TFT Touchdisplay Plus optimum readability and intuitive operation. RoastingSensor and baking Sensor detect the exact moment when your food is done. Active Clean the automatic system for effortless cleaning. Took…

  12. Siemens EX875LX34E Kitchen Cooktop

    Siemens EX875LX34E flexInduction adapts the cooking zones to different cookware and pots up to 24cm diameter for more flexibility. The dual light slider lets you easily and intuitively operate the hob. The climate control Sensor monitors steam and odors and adjusts the power level automatically.…

  13. Siemens EU611BEB2E Kitchen Cooktop

    Siemens EU611BEB2E Modern induction technology makes cooking faster, cleaner and safer. The touch control panel enables cooking zones to be activated and controlled by pressing. PowerBoost reduces cooking time by increasing power by up to 50percent. The heat is directed directly to the bottom of…

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