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  • Siemens EX901KXW1E Kitchen Cooktop

    Siemens EX901KXW1E The TFT touch display makes it easier than ever to operate all functions of the hotplate. intuitive control thanks to three heat zones with different temperatures activated when in contact. cookingSensor Plus capable the supplementary sensor prevents overcooking thanks to precise…

  • Siemens HN678G4S1 Oven

    Siemens HN678G4S1 Microwave and pulse stream functions for a maximum of options. TFT Touchdisplay Plus optimum readability and intuitive operation. RoastingSensor and baking Sensor detect the exact moment when your food is done. Active Clean the automatic system for effortless…

  • Siemens EX675JYW1E Kitchen Cooktop

    Siemens EX675JYW1E The new Touchdisplay makes the operation of all the cooktop is functions easier than ever. fryingSensor maintains the desired pan temperature automatically after heating up to avoid scorching. cookingSensor Plus ready on the supplementary available sensor prevents…

  • Siemens EX875LX34E Kitchen Cooktop

    Siemens EX875LX34E flexInduction adapts the cooking zones to different cookware and pots up to 24cm diameter for more flexibility. The dual light slider lets you easily and intuitively operate the hob. The climate control Sensor monitors steam and odors and adjusts the power level automatically.…

  • Siemens CM676G0S1 Oven

    Siemens CM676G0S1 varioSpeed up to 50Percent time saving when preparing food. TFT touch display user-friendly menu navigation in an optimal presentation. Active Clean the self-cleaning automatic pyrolysis for effortless cleaning. Cook Control Plus guaranteed success for a variety of dishes.…

  • Siemens EX875LVC1E Kitchen Cooktop

    Siemens EX875LVC1E With the dual light slider, the hob can be operated simply and intuitively. BratSensor keeps the desired temperature of the pan automatically constant after heating so that nothing burns. power over Plus intuitive control thanks to three heat zones with different…

  • Siemens BE555LMS0 Microwave

    The Siemens BE555LMS0 has a number of automatic programs that adapt to your dish. 38 cm high built in microwave for defrosting, heating or preparing dishes in the shortest time. With the touch control, the temperature is easily controlled by entering it directly or by using the slider.

  • Siemens BF525LMS0 Microwave

    Siemens BF525LMS0 Microwave automatic programs guarantee the best results. powerful and time-saving thanks to up to 800 watts. LED interior lighting ideal and energy efficient illumination. The laterally opening revolving door ideal for high installation. With the…

  • Siemens HN678G4S6 Oven

    Siemens HN678G4S6 Microwave and steam boost function: for a maximum of possibilities. TFT Touch Display Plus best readability and intuitive usability. ActiveClean the self-cleaning automatic pyrolysis for effortless cleaning. Roasting thermometer and back sensor prepare exactly to the…

  • Siemens WM14W790 Washing Machine

    Effective odour removal, even for sensitive and non-washable fabrics. Display with indication of water and energy consumption prior to program start. AntiVibration Side Panels reduce vibrations and noise levels, making it extremely quiet during the spin cycle.

  • Siemens SK25E203EU Dishwasher

    Siemens SK25E203EU speed matic compact dishwasher with excellent energy and water efficiency through energy efficiency class A plus and water consumption of 8.0 litres per cycle. Multiple water protection offers solid protection from all types of water damage. Very gentle cleaning of fragile…


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