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  1. The Slik 450G-7 Tripod is compact and perfectly sized for travel. It folds down to only 31.5cm and weighs only 510g. It reaches a maximum height of 90cm and will support mirrorless or bridge cameras, handycams, or smaller scopes. It comes with a 3-way pan head with an easy-grip pan handle for…

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  2. Slik Pro 500HD Tripod with SH-736HD 3-Way HeadAvailability: Ordered In Upon PurchaseThe SLIK Pro 500 HD was created for DSLR’s that have HD video recording capability. The SH-736HD is a smooth-moving fluid effect 3-way pan head with quick release for easy mounting and removal of a DSLR, vi

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  3. The SH-807E and SH-806E are identical in features and vary only in size and capacity. Both heads have a newly designed inner mechanism that create much smoother movements when used with a heavy camera and lens.These heads are all metal with large quick release plates to securely mount heavy ca

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  4. Using Tri-Titanium, a strong aerospace alloy comprised of aluminum, magnesium and titanium, the Slik Pr 700DX Tripod has a strength-to-weight ratio 40% greater than comparable tripods in its class. Dual alignment grooves on all leg segments to eliminate leg twist and increase strength360°…

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  5. KEY TECHNOLOGY MADE OF SLIK SUPER ALLOY A.M.T.(Aluminum-Magnesium-Titanium alloy)SLIK A.M.T. Alloy offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio more than 40% greater than similar tripods. (except PRO 400DX & ABLE 300DX)GROOVED TUBULAR LEGSThe groove, in the already dynamically strong circular…

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  6. Slik S640 3-Way Tripod

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  7. Slik Pro 500 DX Tripod

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  8. 300DX Tripod: Light, compact, yet sturdy, and easy to use tripod. Leg utilizing ""D""shaped aluminium tube. Easy to operate leg knob, and 3-position adjustable leg angle tripod with 3-way panhead Able 305E head 305E-Head: It is compact and light weight 3-way head for Carbon Fiber tripods, A.M.T.…

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  9. Compact version of PRO 700 DX with 3-way panhead with a quick shoe with 3-way panhead ABLE 300DX HEAD.

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  10. Combination of PRO 500DX Leg and SH-736HD. Suitable for D-SLR with D-movie. with 3-way panhead SH-736HD

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  11. Designed to travel, designed for photography, designed for the digital era, the SPRINT line of tripods can greatly improve photo by stabilizing your camera, which is critically important for sharp pictures. These aluminium tripods have strength combined with compact size to travel with ease. The…

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  12. This full sized tripod folds to just under 470mm for easy traveling. Extremely flexible having a minimum height of just over 170mm. with ball head SBH-100DQ BK

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