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  1. SLIK MINI 8 Tripod

    + Shipping: $9.95
  2. Suitable for use with D-SLR/35mm cameras, most telephoto and zoom lenses, medium format cameras, and some (portable 4x5) field cameras.

    + Shipping: $9.95
  3. Gearless, detachable and invertible center column for extremely low angle positioning without using an optional center column. with multi-action pan head SH-707E

    + Shipping: $9.95
  4. Slik Sprint Video II Tripod

    + Shipping: $9.95
  5. The Slik Travel Pro is a lightweight video tripod for MiniDV camcorders up to 8 lbs (3.6kg) with a 2-way fluid pan head and a sliding quick release plate.

    + Shipping: $9.95
  6. Slik 700DX Tripod with 3-Way Pan/Tilt HeadSLIK’s exclusive A.M.T. super titanium alloy legs make the PRO 700 DX tripod rock steady yet lighter than it looks. The A. M. T. alloy has a 40% greater strength to weight ratio than standard aluminum, meaning the legs are lighter weight yet stronger

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  7. Slik Pro 500HD Tripod with SH-736HD 3-Way HeadAvailability: Ordered In Upon PurchaseThe SLIK Pro 500 HD was created for DSLR’s that have HD video recording capability. The SH-736HD is a smooth-moving fluid effect 3-way pan head with quick release for easy mounting and removal of a DSLR, vi

    + Shipping
  8. Slik Mini 8 Compact TripodAvailability: Ordered In Upon PurchaseUltra-Compact TripodThe Slik Mini 8 is an ultra-compact tripod for that weighs a tiny 300 grams and folds down to 205mm. Ready to be brought everywhere, it’s perfect for holding smaller digital

    + Shipping
  9. The SH-807E and SH-806E are identical in features and vary only in size and capacity. Both heads have a newly designed inner mechanism that create much smoother movements when used with a heavy camera and lens.These heads are all metal with large quick release plates to securely mount heavy ca

    + Shipping
  10. 3-way fluid video head for video cameras, also for D-SLR with D-movie.

    + Shipping
  11. The legs of the 300 DX set up and fold down securely, just loosen and tighten leg-lock knob to extend or shorten them. 3-position adjustable-angle leg locks make for easy set up on uneven ground or steps. These leg-locks also allow the height of the tripod to be lowered. Combine this feature with th

    + Shipping
  12. Slik Lite AL-420 Tripod with LED Center Column FlashlightThe SLIK LITE AL-420 has an integrated, removable LED flashlight in the center column. Use the flashlight to see inside your camera bag while shooting at night or remove it to light your path. Invert the legs 180° for more compact storag

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  13. The SBH-320 DQ is made from finely machined and carefully anodized hardened aluminum parts that are designed to give many years of trouble-free smooth operation. This SLIK ball head features an easy to use, single knob operation to lock or release the ball connected to the camera plate. The knob is

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  14. Made from precision machined and carefully anodized hardened aluminum, these professional ball heads are engineered to give years of smooth operation.

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  15. Using Tri-Titanium, a strong aerospace alloy comprised of aluminum, magnesium and titanium, the Slik Pr 700DX Tripod has a strength-to-weight ratio 40% greater than comparable tripods in its class. Dual alignment grooves on all leg segments to eliminate leg twist and increase strength360°…

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