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  1. Smeg DWAU315X1 Dishwasher

    Featuring Smeg’s Orbital Wash system, numerous safety devices including Total Acquastop and nine wash programs, the Smeg 15 Place Built Under Dishwasher delivers sparkling clean dishes with the minimum of fuss.

  2. Smeg DWA6314 Dishwasher

    Quicktime wash setting for each program.Self balancing hinges.Stainless steel 5 stage filter.Orbital wash system.Led display.Flexizone.

    $998 - $1,019
  3. Smeg DWAFI6D15PO Dishwasher

    Whether you've cooked simple home meals or lavish feasts for family and friends, the Smeg 15 Place Fully Integrated Dishwasher makes clean up quick and easy.

    $2,477 - $2,570
  4. Smeg DWA6D15X Dishwasher

    Smeg 15 Place Freestanding Dishwasher helps make after-meals clean up a breeze. Thanks to a 15-place configuration, this freestanding dishwasher lets you clean dishes at once.Featuring 5 main programs and 5 quicktime programs, the Smeg 15 Place Freestanding Dishwasher adapts to different types and cleaning requirements of your kitchenware.Easy to use, this dishwasher comes with an LCD display and an internal LED lighting.This Smeg Dishwasher has fully adjustable baskets to accommodate large bowls and plates.

  5. Smeg DWAUP364X Dishwashers

    Smeg 60cm underbench dishwasher Professional series 15 place settings 5 Star Water Rating (WELS) 4 Star Energy Rating (MEPS) 5 domestic programs - soak, normalEco, Eco, Auto 60°C, Ultraclean 4 professional programs - Glass Pro, Ultra Quick 16 min, Universal, Intensive grey rilson baskets upper: removable flexi-duo cutlery tray middle: 3 level adjustment, EasyGlide lower: completely foldable with glass holder, cutlery basket automatic door opening option at end of cycle option for FlexiTabs 1–24 hr delay timer with automatic soak half-load option orbital wash system wash temperatures 45,50,65,75°C stainless steel filter turbidity sensor — Aquatest self-balancing hinges

  6. Smeg DWAU6315X Dishwasher

    Smeg 15 Place Underbench Dishwasher’s Orbital Wash System ensures water is distributed properly for thorough cleaning.SmartDry (Enersave) function automatically opens the Smeg Underbench Dishwasher’s door slightly after washing, allowing steam to escape.The Smeg 15 Place Underbench Dishwasher’s 6-star water rating and 4-star energy rating means it is both cost-efficient and environment-friendly.Prevent little ones from tampering with the Smeg 15 Place Dishwasher with its child safety lock.

    $864 - $1,512
  7. Smeg DWA6315W Dishwasher

    Whether you've cooked simple home meals or lavish feasts for family and friends, the Smeg 15 Place Fully Integrated Dishwasher makes clean up quick and easy.

    $589 - $1,400
  8. Smeg STH903 Dishwashers

    Features: -install directly below benchtop or raise into wall column -full-width dishwasher basket sits at over 52cm above kitchen floor; a normal dishwasher’s bottom basket is at about 17cm above the kitchen floor — there is now no awkward bending -door extrusion into kitchen space at only 36cm when fully open;a normal dishwasher’s door extrusion is between 61–65cm -the entire loading area is elevated, close and in full view for ergonomic loading and unloading -fully integrated — add door cabinets and handles of your choice -suits standard 60cm deep cabinets — actual total dishwasher carcase depth of 553mm -space for drawer installation below dishwasher -twin orbital wash systems, two full ceiling wash arms -12 international placesettings in compliance with AS/NZS2007 -fits 32cm diameter plates -6 collapsible dish racks — multi-loading options -77cm basket width — normal dishwasher 52cm -accommodates 70cm and 90cm oven racks and trays -14 litre water consumption, three…

    $2,499 - $2,632
  9. Smeg DWAFI6314 Dishwasher

    Fully adjustable upper and middle baskets,Quicktime programs,Flexizone,Flexitabs,Self Balancing hinges,Orbital wash system,Natural condenser drying with SmartDry,Stainless steel 5 stage filter.fully integrated appliance does not include a door panel. Any product images are for demonstration purposes only. Before installing this appliance please contact a kitchen cabinetmaker to organise a custom-made door panel in a matching finish.Designed to be completely built into your kitchen cabinetry this dishwasher hides its controls inside its door.

    $1,549 - $1,867
  10. Smeg DWA4510X Dishwasher

    Swing wash system.5-stage filtration system.10 place settings (IEC international).Top basket on four wash programs, separate cutlery.Two wash arms — lower arm with swing system.

    $1,289 - $1,550
  11. Smeg DWAFI6D15T Dishwasher

    The Smeg 15 Place Setting Fully Integrated Dishwasher provides an energy efficient wash thanks to a new Smeg wash system called planetary wash, and SmartDry door openings.The Smeg 15 Place Setting Fully Integrated Dishwasher has a new planetary wash system, which uses a single wash arm to give an energy efficient wash. The angled jets also increase the intensity of the wash, which results in cleaner dishes.A flexiduo cutlery basket allows the Smeg Fully Integrated Dishwasher to create more room for tall items in the lower basket, while still leaving space for cutlery to be washed in the upper basket.Your wash can now dry in a more natural manner thanks to the Smeg 15 Place Setting Fully Integrated Dishwasher's SmartDry system. The door of the unit can be set to open slightly at the completion of the wash, enabling steam and condensation to escape.Active Aquastop prevents water pressure from building in the hose by electronically determining how much water is needed by the dishwasher.…

    $1,363 - $2,256
  12. Smeg DWAI6315XT Dishwasher

    Stainless Control Panel 15 Place Setting.3 Baskets.Flexi Duo Cutlery Tray.Magnetic locking system.Stainless steel logo handles.Door opening system.Easy Glide Runners.Quick wash options.

    $1,699 - $1,720
  13. Smeg DWAU6D15XT Dishwasher

    Every effort is made to ensure all specifications and information within this website is correct and up to date.Due to continuous improvements on both technical and manufacturing level, this information should be regarded as indicative only.For installation of products requiring exact measurements, a product’s measurements should only be taken from the actual physical product. End of cycle indicator - On display, with acoustic signal,  wash system - Planetary wash system,  Timer - Up to 24 hours, with an automatic soak.

    $1,146 - $2,140
  14. Smeg DWA6214S Dishwasher

    Active acquastop.14 place settings.Orbital wash system.Child safety lock.11.3L/wash.LED Lights display.Self balancing hinges.Stainless steel 5 stage filter.

    $898 - $1,209
  15. Smeg DWAU157XT Dishwasher

    Make: SMEG Model Number: DWAU157XT Capacity: 15 Place settings Colour: Stainless Steel Water Rating: 5 Stars Energy Rating: 4.0 Stars Dimension (H x W x D) 860 x 600 x 595 mm Key Features: 5 wash programs 15 placesettings 3-level adjustment upper basket Single tilting rack lower basket Natural drying condenser 3-6-9 hour delay time Electronic adjustable water softner 5-stage water filtration system Total ACQUASTOP Flexi Tabs Self-balancing hinge Delay START TIME Orbital WASH SYSTEM 5 stars WELS water rating 4 stars energy rating Stainless steel underbench dishwasher

  16. Smeg DWAI6214X Dishwasher

    Smeg benefits from more than 30 years’ technical experience developing professional disinfectors in the medical and dental industries and over 40 years in domestic dishwashing. This has enabled Smeg to pioneer innovations like the exclusive orbital and shuttle wash systems, which guarantee optimum water distribution for a better clean. Smeg’s dishwashers are smarter, cleaner, quieter and greener than ever before.Smeg’s dishwashers are easy to load, with versatile baskets and new Flexi duo cutlery trays, with easy-to-use intuitive control panels. Smeg’s Aquatest sensor automatically adjusts the water, temperature and wash action to suit the load.

  17. Smeg DWA6314X Dishwasher

    Quicktime wash setting for each program.Stainless steel 5 stage filter.Orbital wash system.Self balancing hinges.Flexitabs.Led display.

    $949 - $999
  18. Smeg DWA6214W Dishwasher

    Display - LED,End of cycle indicator - Acoustic,Wash system - orbital wash system,Temperatures - 45°, 55°, 65°, 70°C,Flexitabs,Self balancing hinges, Timer - Up to 3-6-9-12 hours, with automatic soak, Filtration - Stainless steel 5 stage filter, Drying - Natural condenser drying.These programs are: Soak,Normal Eco,Eco,Intensive 65°C,Ultraclean.these Dishwasher type is  free standing.these Energy Star Rating is 3.5 Stars.

    $879 - $1,077
  19. Smeg DWAU214X Dishwasher

    Stainless steel door, silver control panelGrey rilson baskets. Upper 3-level adjustment EasyGlide. Lower single tilting rack. Upper spray arm. Six wash directions. Natural condenser drying. 3-6-9-hour delay timer. 5-stage filtration. LED on off light. Snd-cycle acoustic indicator. Self-balancing hinges.

  20. Smeg DWA314W Dishwashers

    Features 14 place settings 7 wash programs Orbital wash system Delay start system Total Acquastop Ultrafast program 30cm maximum plate diameter White enamel finish 5.5 Star Water Rating (WELS) 3.5 Star Energy Rating (MEPS) Capacity: 14 place settings Finish: White enamel Programs: 7 programs - soak, normal ECO, speedy 27 min, ECO, ultra clean, intensive 65°C, strong and fast Baskets: Grey, cutlery tray, Upper: 3-level adjustment, EasyGlide; Lower: double foldable rack with glass holder, cutlery basket Wash System: Orbital, ceiling spray, upper spray arm, six spray directions Wash Temperatures: 45, 50, 65, 70°C

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