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  1. Sony A7R Mark II Digital Camera

    Introducing the new Sony A7R II, containing the world’s first back-illuminated 35mm full-frame image sensor delivery 42.4MP resolution. Combining a Fast Hybrid AF system, 5-axis image stabilisation and 4K movie recording with full pixel read out, it delivers unparalleled quality and control. Your shots of action can look clearer than ever, thanks to our new full-frame image sensor that assures wide-area coverage with 399 focal plane phase-detection AF points. The 5-axis image stabilisation system has been fine tuned for the A7RII’s high resolution image sensor. It accurately compensates for five types of camera shake that can compromise handheld shooting. The grip has been refined in the A7R II in shape and height to support a more secure grasp of the camera even when a large lens is mounted. The shutter button has been reshaped and shifted forward to enable more natural shooting with less camera shake.

    $2,579 - $5,568
  2. Sony Alpha ILCE 7RM2 a7R II Digital Camera

    Sony Alpha ILCE-7RM2 a7R II E-Mount Camera BodyDefine the next dimensionWith an incomparable new image sensorNow, even more comprehensive quality enters the picture. With the world’s first1 back-illuminated 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor with 42.4 megapixels, the Sony α7R II tak

    $3,398 - $3,798
  3. Sony Alpha A7R Digital Camera

    Capture beautiful pictures of life's best moments with this Sony camera. This digital camera is a mirrorless model and comes equipped with a 34.79-megapixel resolution. This is excellent for avid photographers. It features a Full Frame CMOS sensor, enabling you to snap crisp photos, regardless of the lighting conditions. The maximum ISO of 25600 is ideal for taking pics in darker lighting conditions. This camera weighs 465 g and has a mounting point, allowing you to effortlessly hook-up compatible accessories. Battery life is 340 shots. It has a max burst speed of 4 fps and features 1080p video capabilities, which enable capturing videos in high res. Built-in WiFi for easy sharing.

    $2,108.81 - $2,722
  4. Sony Alpha A7R Mark II Digital Camera

    Sony Alpha A7R II Mirrorless Camera - ILCE7RM2B(Body Only) 4K Video Uncompromising Resolution Explore the world in remarkable detail with the worlds first 42.4MP back-illuminated full-frame sensor. Ultimate 4K Experience Featuring full pixel readout without pixel binning and 4K recording at 100Mbps, the Alpha 7R II can capture movies that exhibit higher resolution than typical 4K movies. Comprehensive AF Coverage Focus is clearer and more accurate, thanks to the Alpha 7R IIs Fast Hybrid Auto Focus system and 399 phase-detection AF points built onto the sensor. Key Features Worlds first2 back-illuminated full-frame sensor As the worlds first2 35mm full-frame image sensor with back-illuminated structure, this 42.4-megapixel CMOS sensor enhances light collection efficiency, expands circuitry scale, and, with the help of a quick-transmission copper wiring layer, outputs data about 3.5 times faster5, while minimizing image noise to reveal fine details in every picture. Faster, smarter,…

  5. Sony A7R ILCE7RB Digital Camera

    This mirrorless technology camera comes equipped with a 36.4-megapixel resolution, designed for shooting stunning photos with breathtaking detail. It shoots videos in high resolution and has a burst capability of 4 fps. This is a WiFi-enabled camera, which allows for avoiding connecting the cable in order to back up your photos. This Sony camera weighs 407 grams. Its maximum ISO is 100. This camera has a Full Frame CMOS sensor, enabling you to capture clear images in dimmer lighting conditions.

  6. SONY-RX1 Digital Camera

    Sony’s proprietary 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor faithfully captures every detail of your scene with remarkable accuracy. Its stunning 24.3MP* resolution is ideal for large-format prints and gives you the freedom to easily frame images for later trimming, while maintaining more than ample resolution.  You’ll enjoy extremely low noise amazingly rich and subtle gradration, thanks to a dynamic range 2.4x wider than that of the Sony DSLR-A900 interchangeable-lens camera. Moreover, razor-sharp alignment of the sensor and optical components, made possible by the RX1 / RX1R’s unified lens/body design, brings out the full potential of the lens to the very edges of your photos.    >Resistant to water, dust, shock and low temperatures >18.2MP Exmor R CMOS sensor >5x optical zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens >Magnifying Glass Plus and LED light >Enhanced Superior Auto >Full HD movie recording

  7. Sony Alpha a7R II Charger Replacement (Wall + Car Cord)

    + Shipping: $8.56
  8. Sony Alpha a7R II Battery Replacement

    + Shipping: $8.56
  9. Sony Alpha a7R Battery Replacement

    + Shipping: $8.56
  10. Works with 1 or 2 x NP-FW50 batteries

    + Shipping: $8.56
  11. Sony Alpha a7R Charger Replacement (Wall + Car Cord)

    + Shipping: $8.56
  12. Works with 1 or 2 x NP-FW50 batteries

    + Shipping: $8.56
  13. A new dawn of full-frame superiority It's an exciting time to be a photographer, with such versatile high-performance cameras as the Sony A7RIII being unleashed on the market. The A7RIII has no weak points, combining both still and video excellence with blistering speed, for an all around multimedia lovers dream. At the heart of this rugged, weather-sealed body is a marvelous 42.4MP EXMOR R CMOS full-frame sensor which pairs with the BIONZ X image processor for superbly detailed, low-noise stills and videos. This pairing ensures quality is consistent throughout the ISO range, as well as making the UHD 4K videos possible. The processor also keeps the camera operating at remarkable speed, highlighted by the top speed continuous rate of up to 10 frames per second. To keep up with the speedy continuous drive of this camera, Sony have included a brand new hybrid AF system that runs at a rate of knots. This advanced system includes 399 phase-detection points on 425 contrast AF points, ensuring a wide area of the image sensor is covered for quick, accurate and smooth focus performance. This AF system is one of the major advancements over previous A7R models with vast improvements to tracking and low-light performance, as well as greater suitability to video shooting. Camera-shake is becoming less and less of a worry with each Sony A7R release and the A7RIII now includes a system which minimises the appearance of said shake by up to 5.5 stops. This 5-axis Inside Image Stabiliser works in unison with the excellent high ISO performance to render this camera as one of the most suitable low-light shooters in existence. To frame your photos and cinematic explorations you are blessed with two equally impressive and versatile options, a Quad VGA OLED Viewfinder and a 3-inch touch-sensitive LCD screen. Both options are immensely versatile and user-friendly, the EVF offering focus peaking and a focus magnifier, and the LCD providing intuitive operation with its touch panel and being

    + Shipping: $9.95
  14. Take a firm hold of your shooting with the Sony VG-C2EM Vertical Grip, designed to give you optimal stability for your A7 II, A7S II and A7R II. An additional battery tray means that you can enjoy up to a total of 190 minutes continuous recording, while three extra buttons give you instant control over custom assign functions. Firm grip and control when shooting vertically 3 customisable buttons Enable the use of two batteries to support long-hour shooting Dust and moisture resistant design Specifications Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 127 x 100.5 x 60.5mm Dimensions without Guide Bar (W x H x D) Approx. 127 x 50 x 60.5mm Weight Approx. 250g Material PC Power 2 x NP-FW50 InfoLITHIUM W (not included) Supplied Accessories Battery Tray

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  15. The Sevenoak SK-A7C1 Camera Cage is a portable aluminium cage kit built for the Sony A7, A7S, A7R, A7 II, A7R II, A7S II which adds protection, stability and mounting options to the camera. It includes form fitting camera cage, wood grip, top hand grip, micro HDMI adapter cable, HDMI plug protector, quick release base plate, cold shoes, 1/4" and 3/8" mounting points etc. The form fitting camera cage allows full access to the camera’s controls, buttons, battery and SD card slot. The cold shoes, 1/4" and 3/8" mounting points allows you to mount different accessories. The HDMI plug protector frees you from worrying about wearing out or damaging the micro HDMI port by repeatedly plugging or replugging a micro HDMI cable into your camera body. The HDMI plug protector clamps the micro HDMI adapter cable in place and also attaches to the cage itself, acting as a strain relief and providing a platform for the full-sized HDMI connector to attach, so it doesn’t just dangle freely. It also help to prevent your HDMI cable from accidentally coming unplugged during a shoot which is particularly important when using an external monitor or recorder. The comfortable wood grip and removable top hand grip enable users to switch from one to the other easily for different shooting requirement. The built in 1/4" and 3/8" mounting points as well as two cold shoes on the top hand grip enables users to mount various kinds of useful accessories. The Sevenoak SK-A7C1 Camera Cage also comes with quick release base plate and a pair of 15mm standard rods that allows you to easily remove the camera from the rods for a minimum sized shooting packaging or quickly remount the camera to the rods when working with rod mounted accessories. With 1/4" and 3/8" mounting points on the quick release plate, the cage can be easily mount onto or remove from a tripod, rig or other device. Form-fitting cage Aluminum construction Comfortable wood grip Removable top hand grip Quick release plate Built in 1/4" and

    + Shipping
  16. Experience the ultimate in extended shooting and playback with this Sony VG-C1EM Vertical Grip and your Sony A7/A7R/A7S E-mount camera. Enjoy more stamina and more comfortable operation for a vertical position shooting. Enable the use of two battery to support long-hour shooting Firm holding and control for shooting vertically Dust and moisture resistant design Features Efficient dual-battery usage The lower-power grip battery is used first, before automatically switching to a second battery housed in the camera body See how much is left in the tank See your remaining battery level as a 3-digit percentage displayed on the camera's LCD screen Hold steady Button layout on the grip has been optimised to ensure firm holding and maximum control when shooting vertically Protected against the elements The buttons, dials, battery cover, and connecting terminal are securely sealed to protect against dust and moisture Specifications Dimensions (W x H x D) 130 x 101 x 53mm Dimensions without Guide Bar (W x H x D) 130 x 50 x 53mm Weight Approx. 250g Material PC

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  17. Vertical camera grip for use with a7 and a7R cameras

    + Shipping: $9.95
  18. Protects your camera’s LCD while preserving touch screen functions. It is easily applied through static adhesion – no messy adhesives! Special multi-coatings make this shield highly resistant to water, oil, fingerprints, and nose prints. It is constructed of hardened optical shatter-proof glass for maximum damage protection.

    + Shipping: $9.95
  19. Now, even more comprehensive quality enters the picture. With the world’s first back-illuminated 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor with 42.4 megapixels, the Sony a7R II takes image resolution, sensitivity (up to ISO 1024004) and speedy response to new heights. The Fast Hybrid AF system's dense extra-wide focal plane phase-detection AF coverage keeps a subject in sharp focus entirely throughout the frame, while 5-axis image stabilization reduces blur which otherwise tends to affect handheld shots. High resolution is further enhanced by 4K movie recording featuring full pixel readout without pixel binning. With so much insight packed into such a compact form, it's clear that there is more to life than meets the naked eye.

    + Shipping: $9.95
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Digital cameras, or digicams, encode images and videos digitally. A sensor, called the 'charged couple device' or CCD, records the image and the photograph gets stored on a memory card. The advantages of using a digital camera are plenty — you can take hundreds, even thousands, or pictures, delete any you don't want and, given most digicams come with an LCD screen, you can view your shot immediately. There are different types of digital cameras available in the market today, the most common ones being the compact cameras, designed for portability and for casual shooting; the action cameras like GoPro, which are rugged and small; and the DSLRs, which range from the entry-level to the professional. DLSRs and some compact cameras allow for interchangeable lenses. Canon and Nikon compete against each other in the digital photography market, but Olympus, Panasonic and Sony are not far behind.
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