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  1. The Chain Driven Cyprus Grill skewer is a high quality and well made Cyprus grill skewer that is designed to be used and compatible with the Chain Driven Cyprus grill for easy skewering of meats. This skewer is perfect for providing an easy to thread meat and cook food design. It can easily sit comfortably on your Chain Driven Cyprus Grill to create mouth-watering and tasty meals. This skewer is made from high quality stainless steel and it's easy to clean for added convenience. Please note that pick up in Sydney is available from: Unit 6/12 Lyn Parade, Prestons 2170 (near Liverpool) Enquiries please call: 1300 880 685 or (02) 9608 0802

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  2. The small skewer set is a quality and complete pack of 11 stainless steel skewers that are able to easily provide effortless preparation of food in advanced for added convenience and time saving when catering for a large family gathering or group of friends. Ideal for larger type parties, this small skewer set is able to provide lightweight handling and gripping with its comfortable handles to allow for easy threading of the meat, and is able to provide easy replacement of old or damaged skewers that may have become worn or damaged due to heavy weighted meat or over-exposure to heat and flames. This skewer setup can be purchased as a complete set or as individual skewer, and offer high use in any outdoor BBQ grilling session when the cooking of meat includes chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and goat. Featuring an easy to clean design, this skewer set offers an effortless cleaning process that allows for the skewers to be ready for the next cooking session. Please note that pick up in Sydney is available from: Unit 6/12 Lyn Parade, Prestons 2170 (near Liverpool) Enquiries please call: 1300 880 685 or (02) 9608 0802

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  3. Stainless Steel skewers suited for MTB wheels.

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  4. The round S/S gyro plate discs are designed to be used for Yeros or Kebab Style Meats on rotisserie charcoal BBQs where a round skewer is used for cooking a range of meats including chicken, pork, lamb, and goat. These Gyro Discs offer high strength and support to ensure the meat is clamped together on the skewer without it becoming loose or moving. They are able to be easily setup into place to allow faster cooking time, and can easily handle some of the most demanding cooking sessions. With their unique design, these discs are suitable for use where Greek style cooking is required to help create a mouth-watering meal. Each unit sold as a set of 2 Gyro Plates Also available for purchase: Motors, leg brackets, prongs, pillars, back braces, and counter balances to suit. Please note that pick up in Sydney is available from: Unit 6/12 Lyn Parade, Prestons 2170 (near Liverpool) Enquiries please call: 1300 880 685 or (02) 9608 0802

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  5. The hollow 130cm stainless steel round shaft skewer is a high strength skewer that is designed to be used for charcoal rotisserie spits to cook meat to perfection for any large family gathering or get-together. Designed to act as a replacement for damaged or worn existing skewers, this grill barbecue skewer is able to easily offer a lifetime of use with its high strength construction of stainless steel to ensure high resistance against wear and tear when exposed to long term heat and flames. User friendly, this skewer is able to promote easy threading of the meat so that it is secure and free from moving, and can be used for large demanding cooking session to promote mouth-watering meals that the whole family can enjoy. Offering a 130cm length, this stainless steel skewer is able to offer high support for heavy weight meats, and is able to be easily cleaned after each and every use to ensure it is ready for the next cooking session. Many different options available - leg and back braces, prongs, counter balance weight, etc. Please note that pick up in Sydney is available from: Unit 6/12 Lyn Parade, Prestons 2170 (near Liverpool) Enquiries please call: 1300 880 685 or (02) 9608 0802

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  6. Comes as a set of 3 Large Stainless Steel skewers with durable plastic handles Prepare food in advance - Reduce cooking time Replacement of old or damaged skewers Can purchase skewers individually Please note that pick up in Sydney is available from: Unit 6/12 Lyn Parade, Prestons 2170 (near Liverpool) Enquiries please call: 1300 880 685 or (02) 9608 0802

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  7. myGRILL Stainless Steel 4mm Skewer (Each) 950010-21010040 Load up your favorite fruits, vegetables, and meats on the myGRILL CoolTouch 4mm Stainless Steel skewers. The large myGRILL CoolTouch handles allow for easy handling without gloves. The 4mm stainless steel square rod prevents food from spinning on the skewers while they are rotating. This listing is for 1 x Skewer

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  8. The Leg Bracket Triangle (Round Fitting) is a high quality and user friendly leg bracket which is capable of fixing a whole pig, lamb, or goat to a skewer to help support it when rotating. This leg bracket comes with a high strength stainless steel construction which promotes long term resistance against wear and tear. Many other options are available: Skewers, motors, counter balances, prongs, back braces, and gyro discs to suit. Please contact us for more details.

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  9. The 4 prong fork set is a quality constructed prong fork that is designed to help secure meat into place to help reduce it from free spinning when cooking on a rotisserie style barbecue grill. This grill barbecue fork set offers a 4 prong design, and can easily be setup into place without any complications for added convenience for the user. Featuring a quality construction of stainless steel, this prong fork set can easily promote high strength, and is suitable for use with large square skewers. With a lightweight and compact size this fork set can easily provide easy gripping and support of meat when rotating, and is designed to offer high support for de-boned and rolled meats that include pork, chicken, lamb, and beef. Featuring an easy to clean design, this 4 prong fork set can be easily clean so that it is ready for use in the next cooking session for another family get-together. Please note that pick up in Sydney is available from: Unit 6/12 Lyn Parade, Prestons 2170 (near Liverpool) Enquiries please call: 1300 880 685 or (02) 9608 0802

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  1. Make your kebabs as long or short as you want and flex them to fit your frypan or around a few thick steaks on the BBQ grill. Made from stainless steel cable, these skewers allow you to fit twice as much food as a regular kebab skewer and they are easy to handle as you thread meats, mushrooms, fruit and vegetables, with a handy finger loop on one end and a sliding limiter to keep food in place. Hand washable and reusable again and again, they will even curl up to fit in your marinating bowl before cooking.

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  2. At a generous 35cm in length, these sustainably sourced natural bamboo wood skewers feature a sharply pointed end which will slip straight into meats, fruit, fish and even cakes when testing for doneness and when you've finished with them they can simply be added to the compost or popped into the recycling bin. Available in a range of lengths, bamboo skewers are versatile, easy to use and an absolute kitchen essential. Create your own colourful kebabs, skewered prawns or grilled fresh fruit dessert bouquets when you have a supply of these quality bamboo skewers on hand.

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  3. Craft it with style. High quality stainless steel cookware designed for superior cooking. Stanley Rogers stainless steel cookware is a range of stylish, high quality pieces for everyday cooking. It features a heavy duty encapsulated base for optimal heat distribution and stylish riveted stainless steel handles. Features: -Set includes 1 small, large frypan and 1 small, medium, large saucepan with lid.-As versatile as it is comprehensive, this set is suitable for cooking on a variety of surfaces including ceramic, halogen, solid plate, radiant, gas, induction as well as being oven and dishwasher safe.-Made from stainless steel with heavy duty encapsulated bases and tempered glass lids fitted with a steam vent to help retain nutrients and promote energy-efficient cooking, this cookware quintet combines the best in contemporary style and technology.-Product Type: Cookware set.-Size (Pieces in a set): 5-Piece Cookware Set.-Material: Stainless Steel.-Colour: Silver.-Induction Compatible: Yes.-Hardware Finish: Stainless Steel.-Distressed: No.-Powder Coated Finish: No.-Gloss Finish: No.-Primary Material: Stainless Steel -Primary Material Details: ..-Number of Items Included: 5.-Pieces Included: .-Swatch Available: No.-Outdoor Use: Yes.-Commercial Use: Yes.-Recycled Content: No -Total Recycled Content (Percentage): .-Post-Consumer Content (Percentage): .-Remanufactured/Refurbished: ..Dimensions: -Small saucepan dimensions: 16cm D.-Medium saucepan dimensions: 18cm D.-Large saucepan dimensions: 20cm D.-Multi steamer dimensions: 9.5cm W x 22cm D.-Saucepans Overall Width - Side to Side: Small: 8.-Saucepans Overall Width - Side to Side: Medium: 9.-Saucepans Overall Width - Side to Side: Large: 10.-Frying Pan Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 5.-Frying Pan Overall Width - Side to Side: 24.-Overall Product Weight: 4.9.Warranty: -Product Warranty: 25 Year.

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  4. With this stylish Stainless Steel Cutlery Set the pleasure of good moments become even more special. A well set table is a gift that everyone can have everyday. This 16 Piece Cutlery Set brings design and beauty to your table turning mealtimes into even more sophisticated and attractive moments.Get your dining entertainment set up and ready for those parties and shine with the best looking cutlery around. This 16 pieces of high quality stainless steel cutlery is perfect to serve your guests with.

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  5. This exclusive collection combines all of Laguiole by Louis Thiers most popular knife sizes. Made of hammered Damascus-look forged full tang (single piece) stainless steel, these knives are not only beautiful, they are also hard and durable. Features: -The base of each knife is decorated with the famous Laguiole bee insignia. A curved bolster provides a seamless transition from handle to blade and supports the thumb for better balance and safety. An ergonomic black bakelite handle provides elegant styling with silky appearance..-20cm / 8 chef's knife with 2.5mm blade.-18cm / 7 santoku knife with 2.5mm blade.-20cm / 8 carving knife with 2.5mm blade.-20cm / 8 bread knife with 2.5mm blade.-13cm / 5 utility knife with 2.0mm blade.-9cm / 3.5 paring knife with 2.0mm blade.-20cm / 8 round sharpening steel.-Hammered Damascus-look forged full tang (single piece) steel.-Distressed: No.-Country of Manufacture: France.Specifications: -Black bakelite handles.-Magnetic timber block with perspex protector.-24 month warranty.-All Laguiole by Louis Thiers cutlery has passed the TV Rheinland GRAS (FDA) food safety test..Dimensions: -Overall Product Weight: 6.

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  6. Enjoy safe swims in style with this Aurelaqua pool ladder. Designed in industrial-strength stainless steel and with wide, non-slip steps, it will add both comfort and modern flair to your pool.NON-SLIP, SLOP AND SLAPYour Aurelaqua pool ladder comes with safe, non-slip steps, so all you'll need for added protection is some sunscreen and your trusty swimming hat.STEP UP THE ELEGANCE Designed in sturdy, industrial-strength stainless steel, your Aurelaqua ladder will not only provide great safety and convenience; it will also add a dash of contemporary style to your pool.GET HELP FROM ABOVEOffering solid handrails in stainless steel, your Aurelaqua ladder will be there to make every entry and exit go swimmingly.

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  7. If you're tired of going through endless plastic utensils because they bend and snap easily, then you're definitely due for a camping gear upgrade. OZtrail offers a 24-Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set that's made of high grade stainless that is sure to l

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  8. Add a touch of contemporary steely class to your pool with the Aquabuddy Stainless Steel Pool Ladder. Constructed in industrial-strength stainless steel, this heavy-duty Pool Ladder p{font-weight:bold;font-size:1.2em}. Features sturdy hand rails and three stainless steel non-slip steps with up to 110kg capacity per step. In other words, it’s built to last with utmost durability.Designed to easily fit all standard-size rectangular pools, the Aquabuddy Pool Ladder, which measures 1.4m height by 0.5m width, is extremely easy to install. So, now all you need to do is to put on some sunscreen and made your way into the pool with glamour and style. Features Stainless-steel design 3 stainless steel non slip steps Sturdy handrails Rated for weights up to 110kg Universal fit to all standard rectangular pools Easy DIY mounting Specifications Material: Stainless steel Tube diameter: 4.2cm Ladder width: 50cm Ladder height: 140cm

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  9. Features: -Digital kitchen scale.-Blue LCD with white backlight.-Displays weight in grams, pounds/ounces and millilitres or fluid ounces.-Weight 'n' Add tare weighing function.-Graduation 1g / 0.1 oz / 1 ml / 0.1 fl.oz.-Capacity 5 kgs / 11 lbs 0.4 oz / 5000 ml / 176.4 fl oz.-Powered by 2 x CR2032 Lithium battery (included).-Slim profile, 14mm high with brushed stainless steel finish.-Item: Kitchen Scales.-Distressed: No.-Country of Manufacture: Australia.Dimensions: -25cm H x 25cm W.-Overall Product Weight: 0.68.Warranty: -3 Years warranty.

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  10. There are many BBQ retailers to choose from these days, but with each and every one you are unnecessarily lining the pockets of middlemen with your hard earned money. Mytopia Store can offer you the prices you deserve because we deal direct with the factory. We work closely with them to ensure products are manufactured to our stringent standards, and this here is one serious BBQ! Far from just a BBQ, this state-of-the-art model will create a second kitchen in your backyard. With a massive cooking area, rotisserie, wok burner, serving tables, two cabinets and three spacious drawers, it offers everything you need to stay where the king of the BBQ belongs - by the BBQ. A barbeque is more than a party. It's a show. And with its sleek design and true stainless steel construction, the Euro-Grille sets the perfect stage for you. Each burner is fitted with a blue LED which look not only look the part, but they remain lit while the gas is switched on - a great safety feature. Euro-Grille are one of the only BBQ's on the market offering the hood, doors, grill, side tables, side panels, rear panel, and base in 100% stainless steel. Why waste your hard earned dollars, when you can cut out the middle man and get the real deal at a great price! Order your EuroGrille today!

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  11. Vacuum Food Sealer Machine Stainless Steel

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