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  1. Master Class Colour Essentials Collection (3rd Edition): 1x Face Highlighter 3g/0.1oz (Pink Haze) 2x Second Skin Cheek Colour 3g/0.1oz (Spiced Cider, Lotus Pink) 2x Tighttline Cake Eye Liner 1.5g/0.05oz (Mahogany Brown, Black Ebony) 6x Luster Eye Colour 1.5g/0.05oz (Galaxy, Bronze Glow, Carbon, Etoile, Pebblestone, Minx)6x Matte Eye Colour 1.5g/0.05oz (Poison Ivory, Cafe Au Lait, Noir, Vanilla Nuts, Fresco, Stone Taupe) 1x Longwear Creme Eye Pencil 0.8g/0.02oz (Noir) 1x Double Ended Flat Eye Liner Brush 1x Double Ended Eye Colour Brush

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  2. Making Delicious & Healthy Sushi Rolls Does Not Have to be Difficult - Its Actually Quite Simple & Affordable with this Sushi Maker! Turn Whatever You Like into a Perfect Roll Whether it's Fish, Meat or Vegetables. Create the Perfect Sushi Roll Easily & Neatly in Minutes - Just Follow the Simple Steps & Youll Have Yourself Perfect, Professional-Looking & Tasting Roll Instantly! Great for Entertaining & Work Lunches! Highlights Enjoy delicious, healthy sushi rolls with your very own Sushi Maker Never before has sushi been this easy to make: fill, pull, done! Includes Tasty recipe ideas to get you started Stylish with a black finish Compact, sturdy hand-held design No mess, no fuss! Impress your friends with restaurant quality sushi Consistent results for all skill levels - from beginner to advanced! Easy to use and dishwasher safe so there's no clean up Great Gift Idea Brand New In Box

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  3. At its essence, sushi showcases beautiful, pure seafood or vegetables resting on plump pearls of rice. A Visual Guide to Sushi Making at Home gives you the know-how and confidence of a seasoned sushi chef to create exceptional sashimi and sushi-style dishes in your own kitchen through more than 75 delicious, accessible recipes. James Beard Award winning chefs Hiro Sone and Lissa Doumani share the fundamentals of sushi making via step-by-step photography and dozens of ingredient and equipment identifications. You will learn how to prep a variety of seafood and classic components such as dashi, wasabi, and cured mackerel, and how to hand-press rice balls. You'll know how to break down a whole halibut and how to cut a tuna fillet at just the right angle into perfect slices. One you've mastered the basics, try your hand at creative rolls such as Pickled Plum, Cucumber, and Shiso. Read about what to drink with the nigiri you've formed. And when you long for sushi flavors but don't want to break out your rolling mat, explore the chapter devoted to sushi bowls, such as Wild Salmon and Salmon Roe or Soy-Marinated Tuna. Sushi making will turn into a regular event in your kitchen with this excellent and down-to-earth guide.

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  4. This is the first comprehensive historical perspective on the relationship between black workers and the changing patterns of Britain's labour needs. It places in an historical context the development of a small black presence in sixteenth-century Britain into the disadvantaged black working class of the 1980s. The book deals with the colonial labour institutions (slavery, indentureship and trade unionism) and the ideology underlying them and also considers the previously neglected role of the nineteenth-century black radicals in British working class struggles. Finally, the book examines the emergence of a black radical ideology that has underpinned the twentieth-century struggles against unemployment, racial attacks and workplace grievances, among them employer and trade union racism.

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  5. Sushi is a go to favourite for healthy eaters and now you too can become a sushi superstar at home ! Kit includes a bamboo rolling mat, rice mould, two pairs wooden chopsticks two sauce bowls, rice paddle and knife Gift boxed

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  6. Bring the Melbourne City tram line to your house. Designed with the original in mind, the Make Me Iconic Melbourne W-Class Style Wooden Tram is perfect for young tram lovers as well as avid collectors. With 12 wooden passengers and two uniformed conductors, the tram is bursting with commuters ready to take on the city, the only thing left is your imagination! With wheels on the bottom for pushing and a removable top, the tram is easy to get around.

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  7. In this stunning follow-up to his best-selling book, The Five Temptations of a CEO, Patrick Lencioni offers up another leadership fable that's every bit as compelling and illuminating as its predecessor. This time, Lencioni's focus is on a leader's crucial role in building a healthy organization—an often overlooked but essential element of business life that is the linchpin of sustained success. Readers are treated to a story of corporate intrigue as the frustrated head of one consulting firm faces a leadership challenge so great that it threatens to topple his company, his career, and everything he holds true about leadership itself. In the story's telling, Lencioni helps his readers understand the disarming simplicity and power of creating organizational health, and reveals four key disciplines that they can follow to achieve it.

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  8. In addition to teaching basic cooking techniques, the book includes recipes for making kid-friendly favourites from scratch, including French toast, granola, pancakes, muffins, subs, smoothies, biscuits, applesauce, fruit leather, goldfish crackers, tortilla chips, French fries, Buffalo chicken fingers, pizza, sushi California rolls, vanilla pudding, and more. The recipes incorporate fresh, healthy ingredients and feature imaginative presentations that kids will love to prepare, such as egg mice and fruit flowers for breakfast and mini-meatballs, mashed potato clouds, and carrot coins for dinner.

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  9. "Thompson's book has been called controversial, but perhaps only because so many have forgotten how explosive England was during the Regency and the early reign of Victoria. Without any reservation, The Making of the English Working Class is the most important study of those days since the classic work of the Hammonds."—"Commentary""Mr. Thompson's deeply human imagination and controlled passion help us to recapture the agonies, heroisms and illusions of the working class as it made itself. No one interested in the history of the English people should fail to read his book."—London "Times Literary Supplement"

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  10. BECOME THE KIND OF PERSON EVERYONE REMEMBERS AND NO ONE CAN RESISTThere's nothing more critical to your success than your ability to stand out as a uniquely qualified, valuable, appealing individual — someone whom other people really want to work with, work for, know, and help. "Make Yourself Unforgettable" takes an in-depth look at the 10 essential elements of being unforgettable, and gives you a clear-cut step-by-step guide for developing and embodying them.In this dynamic audiobook, you'll learn the secrets of the Dale Carnegie Class-Act System:The six steps to managing communication problems honestly, effectively, and unforgettably.Four unsuspecting stumbling blocks to completely ethical behavior, and how to avoid them.A new way to understand and exude confidence.The five key social skills that identify someone as a class act.How to neutralize and even prevent fear and anxiety — in yourself and in the people around you.Resiliency builders that will hone and strengthen your ability to bounce back from adversity.Once you discover exactly how you can naturally and effortlessly distinguish yourself, you'll find that people in every area of your life — from work to home and everywhere in between — respond to you more positively and generously than they ever have before

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  11. With this study, America Rodriguez examines news making as part of a larger narrative - the self-creation of a cultural, social and political Latino identity in US culture.'

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  12. Happily Ever After—The Second Time AroundAre the scars from an unsuccessful first marriage keeping you from marrying a second time? Are you afraid of committing again—even if you think you've found the right person? Then this book is meant for you.Husband-and-wife therapists Doug and Naomi Moseley show you how to get past the disappointment of a broken marriage and take positive control of your romantic life. You'll learn to identify what went wrong the first time, overcome any lingering doubts or insecurities, and embrace the joys and rewards that only a successful marriage can offer.The second time around also brings with it the complications of past histories. Here, you'll learn the best ways to deal with: ex-spouses and in-laws, stepchildren, finances, prenuptial agreements, and much moreWith the help of this book, you can let go of the past and enter into your marriage of a lifetime"This book offers anyone seeking a healthy relationship words of hope and wisdom. It is a wonderful guide to learning how to be a good partner and how to recognize who might be appropriate for you."—Caroline Myss, Ph.D., author of the bestseller "Anatomy of the Spirit""With incredible clarity, uncompromising truth, and rare, refreshing wisdom, the Moseleys have written a life-changing book that will help couples create profoundly intimate relationships."—Krysta Kavenaugh, managing editor, "Marriage" magazine"Changing partners without changing oneself is the chief reason for continued relationship failure. The Moseleys understand how to make the necessary changes that will ensure relational happiness."—Jon Carlson, Ph.D., Ed.D."Through devastating honesty and open hearts, the Moseleys present very powerful, penetrating, and personal material that will help couples commit more deeply to each other and develop mor

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  13. This is the new, fully updated edition of this now-classic study of working-class racism. Combining classical Marxism, psychoanalysis and the new labor history pioneered by E. P. Thompson and Herbert Gutman, David Roediger's widely acclaimed book provides an original study of the formative years of working-class racism in the United States. This, he argues, cannot be explained simply with reference to economic advantage; rather, white working-class racism is underpinned by a complex series of psychological and ideological mechanisms that reinforce racial stereotypes, and thus help to forge the identities of white workers in opposition to blacks. In a lengthy new introduction, Roediger surveys recent scholarship on whiteness, and discusses the changing face of labor in the twenty-first century.

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  14. Demeter Demeter Sushi 120ml EDC Women's Perfume

    Demeters Sushi does not smell like fish. It is a fresh fragrance of rise, seaweed, ginger and lemon. It is available as 30 and 100 ml cologne spray. Demeters Sushi is the fresh scent of just cooked sticky rice and straight from the seaside seaweed, laced with hints of ginger and lemon essences. Simply delectable.

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  15. Kenzo Amour Make Me Fly 40ml EDT Women's Perfume

    Kenzo Amour Make Me Fly by Kenzo is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Kenzo Amour Make Me Fly was launched in 2016. Top notes are mirabella plum and mandarin orange; middle notes are cherry blossom, jasmine and magnolia; base notes are cedar and white musk.

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  16. Etienne Aigner First Class 50ml EDT Men's Cologne

    In September 2016 the house of Etienne Aigner presents a new fragrance called First Class. The fragrance is designed for a modern man of timeless elegance and understated natural charisma inspired by airplane traveling in first class.Aigner First Class is a fresh slightly sweet and sparkling green fragrance with undertones of woods and moss. The composition opens with fresh and fruity tones of grapefruit bergamot and apple which refer to refreshing drinks that are served on the plane. The heart notes include spicy pink pepper sweet melon and refined jasmine. Sensual aromas of patchouli vetiver amber and oak moss create the perfume’s base.

  17. Etienne Aigner Etienne Aigner First Class 100ml EDT Men's Cologne

    In September 2016, the house of Etienne Aigner presents a new fragrance called First Class. The fragrance is designed for a modern man of timeless elegance and understated, natural charisma, inspired by airplane traveling in first class. Aigner First Class is a fresh, slightly sweet and sparkling green fragrance with undertones of woods and moss. The composition opens with fresh and fruity tones of grapefruit, bergamot and apple, which refer to refreshing drinks that are served on the plane. The heart notes include spicy pink pepper, sweet melon and refined jasmine. Sensual aromas of patchouli, vetiver, amber and oak moss create the perfume’s base.

  18. Nintendo Make 10 A Journey Of Numbers Nintendo DS Game

    Make 10 is a unique puzzle adventure with a quirky art style that is sure to appeal to a young audience. With the recent awareness that the Brain Training titles and other Touch! Generation games have created; this is the perfect game for parents to purchase for their children as it combines learning with fun. In a small library, in a small village...You fall fast asleep while flicking through a picture book of numbers, only to be awakened by strange Pixies... Hey hey! Do we Make 10? Still half asleep, you reply and are led by the Pixies to Make 10 Kingdom, a land ruled by numbers. On arrival, you are greeted by His Majesty, King Decimus, who requests you to a journey to meet with the 9 Make 10 Masters.

  19. Creativiy For Kids Small In Size And Big In Fun Petite Packages That Are Perfect For Parties. There Is Something For Every Kid Who Loves To Make Things...Just For The Fun Of It Kit Includes Everything Needed To Complete The Project Inside. Many Kits To Choose From Conforms To Astm D4236. For Ages 6 And Up. Warning Some Kits Contain Functional Sharp Points And Some Are Not Suitable For Children Under 3 Years. Made In China.

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  20. In the last decade, no industry has been through as much upheaval and turmoil as the music industry. It is a democratic, "DIY" business and any guide to success in these new waters must be told by someone who has survived them. Ari Herstand's How to Make It in the New Music Business is not only a brilliantly compiled tutorial on how to accomplish specific tasks-routing a tour, negotiating contracts, getting paid for streamed plays or licensing music-but also a manifesto, encouraging musicians to pave their own path.

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