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  1. Namco Tamagotchi Connexion Corner Shop 3 Nintendo DS Game

    Business in TamaTown is booming and it’s your job to make sure it stays that way. Team up with fan-favorite Tamagotchis: Violetchi, Mametchi, Memetchi or Kuchipatchi, and get behind the counter of more than 12 different stores. Each store comes with their own unique mini-games ranging from teaching piano to searching for hidden treasure or serving up ice cream. Maintain happy clientele and the shops will begin to grow, unlocking more challenging mini-games and new accessories. All New Stores: Find over a dozen brand new stores to run! Bake fresh bread at the Bakery, plan a party at the Event Coordinator shop, or scoop ice cream at the Ice Cream Parlor. Combine and upgrade stores to keep happy customers coming back for more. Create Your Own Park: Create a relaxing and fun park to hang out with friends and chat with other Tamagotchis. Decorate your park with fountains, gardens and other items to be discovered. Come back often to see how your park has changed. More Characters:…

  2. Namco Tamagotchi Party On Nintendo Wii Game

    In Tamagotchi: Party On!, players can explore the colorful world of Tamagotchi Planet by visiting a number of whimsically named locales like Tamagotchi Town, Mame City, GuruGuru Town, and Patchi's Forest. Tamagotchi: Party On! allows players to choose their favorite virtual pet and run in a hilarious campaign to become the next president of Tamagotchi Planet. Players will shake the hands of potential voters, find lost children, and test their public speaking skills as they earn popularity by going up against three friends or playing solo in over 15 mini-games. In order to succeed at each of these mini-games, players will have to swing, shake, point, turn and twist their Wii Remote in order to increase their popularity.

  3. 'the characters Girls love in their device are now available in 3D form ?Collect all your favorite Tamagotchi Friends characters ?Comes in a case so you can bring them with you to school and everywhere else you go.?Each have articulated necks?Each comes from a different Dream Class?5 unique characters?Cross-sell poster

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  1. Description: Color: Green, Black, Pink, Red, Blue Size: Approx. 60x51x18mm/ 2.36x2.01x0.71 Power Supply: 2 x LR4G batteries (Built-in) 168 pets available for your choosing Funny game machine with small size and keychain, bring you the fantastic funs Remove the insulation chip and the image of a small pet will be displayed on the LCD. Press keys SELECT1 and SELECT2 to choose one of the 168 pets which you hope to breed and then press Key C to confirm Function: Feed, play game, listen music, scissor/ fist/ rag, dancing, cleaning, injection, progress, sleeping, shouting alert Package Included: 1 x Digital Virtual 168 In 1 Pet Funny Toy 1 x English Instructions

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