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  1. IDMSports store quality Table Tennis Table Donic PowerStar 400

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  2. IDMSports store quality Net - Clipmatic Table Tennis Net & Post Set

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  3. Other Features:-Collectible-Made of wood and rubber-Color: Blue

    + Shipping: $50.00
  4. Features:Made of wood and rubberCan last for yearsCan be used outdoorsColor: Blue

    + Shipping: $50.00
  5. Bulk Lot x 288 Budget Quality Ping Pang Ball Table Tennis Balls Wholesale Brand new Quantity: 288 pcs in total, 6 pcs in a pack 48 packs in total Color: white Quality: Budget quality, suitable for occasional player only, may not be good enough for professional player

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  6. Take the intensity of your attack up a notch with the Donic Waldner 1000 table tennis bat. It’s a great addition to the Waldner line, a set of racquets built to meet the demands of Jan-Ove Waldner, a multiple times World Champion and serious Donic player. This table tennis bat an awesome weapon for all playing techniques with superior speed and spin. - Adjustable Balance Point - Ergonomic handle Wood: Competition (5C) Handle: Concave Rubber: Easy Slick Sponge: 2,1mm Speed 90 / Spin 100 / Control 60

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  7. The Donic Carbotec 3000 table tennis bat is perfect for the attacking game with plenty of speed. It's made with 50% carbon for the durability you need match after match, and features an ergonomic handle for comfort. Material: 50% Carbon Handle: Concave and anatomic Rubber: Energy-QRC Sponge: 2.1mm Speed 110 / Spin 110 / Control 70

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  8. Free shipping Aus-wide. Add the item into your shopping cart to get free charge of delivery & handling.

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  9. Transform an empty, boring space into everyone's favourite room, with this ping pong table! It easily folds in half for simple storage, & has a top thickness of 19mm.

    + Shipping: $70.00
  10. Have an awesome day with mates with this ping pong table! It comes with a full set of accessories, has wheeled feet for easy transport & a safety fold locking system. Easily folds away for convenient storage, this table is also strong and built with sturdy materials to last you for decades if it is looked after. Thick strong steel legs and framing combined with tough edging under the surface means this table will withstand years of play. Great way to entertain your guests and keeps everyone in your family active with this fantastic professional championship sized table tennis table set up in your home. For hours of fun and excitement, this ping pong table will serve you well. Durable steel-core wheels with rubber offer ease of movement with an attractive blue colour scheme that will allow the table to sit pretty in any game room. Best of all, each table comes with 2 rackets, 1 net and 9 balls meaning you will be ready to serve before you know it!

    + Shipping: $70.00
  11. This 4-in-1 games table equals fun for the whole family The main table unit houses each game easily and it comes complete with all accessories you need for each game. Stack them on top of each other and separate them easily to reveal tables for playing foosball or table soccer table tennis air hockey and pool. Switch between games quickly and easily - this is the perfect entertainment unit to play with your family and friends.Having all four games stored neatly in this wooden table unit means it wont clutter up your home and saves you on storage space Simply stack away the individual game boards and accessories on top of each other - no mess at allnbsp

    + Shipping: $13.69
  12. Fast, Same Day Dispatch. Free 365 Day Returns. 2000+ Amazing Gifts!

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  13. Designed for elite level all-round players, the Dragonfly Pro 9000 Table Tennis Bat delivers maximum spin and speed with every shot. The blade is made from 7 ply Quantum wood and is finished with Lunar-speed duplex-spin rubber for outstanding response.Designed for elite level players with professional all-round technique7 ply Quantum wood bladeLunar speed duplex spin rubbersDual 2.1mm sponge insertsBat Rating: 5 out of 5Designed for professional players looking to focus on Speed (100/100), Spin (100/100) and Control (60/100)

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  14. The Donic Schildkrot Waldner 500 Table Tennis Bat offers a great amount of control for your shots at an affordable price. It will sit comfortably in hand thanks to its ergonomically designed handle. The blade offers good control and feedback when playing thanks to its 5 ply build with 1.8mm sponge. High level of shot control offered thanks the 5 ply blade with 1.8mm sponge Paddle sits comfortably in hand thanks to ergonomic design and anti-vibration system Versatile paddle that will suit a wide variety of play styles

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  15. Portable GH1162 Table Tennis Kit

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  16. Planning a pool party and want to include a game of beer pong as well? This great inflatable beer pong table will be the perfect thing! Pool Party Table Tennis is set up to hold all of your beer cups, wash cups, and is a full 5 feet long. Play on! Also Can be used as a regular pool float. 330 Lb. weight limit and patch kit included.

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  17. Werner Schlager stands for a successful individual and self confident player. That is exactly what he wants to get across in his interviews: individuality, determination, endurance and the belief in yourself. Table Tennis- Tips from a World ChampionA" is a practical training book for successful table tennis. The aim is not to copy Werner Schlager as a player but to use his tips to find your own way to use them successfully. Numerous picture series explain technique and tactic. This book is meant to encourage individuality in technique and game. All in all this is a differentA" table tennis teaching book for players and coaches who are keen to progress further

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  18. Step up to table tennis success "Table Tennis: Steps to Success" combines the knowledge and experience of master instructor Richard McAfee with essential table tennis techniques and strategies for today's player. With a unique 11-step approach designed to maximize table tennis instruction, you'll learn the proper grip for your style of play, execution of the basic strokes, and the correct way to apply spin to the ball. Then, build on these core techniques with masterful footwork, serves, returns, and stroke combinations. Best of all, learn how and when to apply those skills in match play. With competitive strategies--adapted for both you and your opponent's playing style--you'll raise your game to a new level. And with clear instruction, comprehensive coverage, detailed photo sequences, and drills to ensure mastery of every technique, you'll be playing--and winning--in no time.As part of the Steps to Success Sports Series--with more than 1.5 million copies sold--rest assured that "Table Tennis: Steps to Success" is the #1 resource for learning, and loving, the game.

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  19. The book contains an age-appropriate collection of all aspects of table tennis tactics for young players. It helps you to read your opponent's game better and to decide how to play against forehand- or backhand dominant players. There are also valuable tips on how playing tempo can be used as a tactical element, how to produce and read ball spin and how to influence it with a suitable racket surface, and how the service game is used to take tactical control of the game. With numerous photos and illustrations, a self-test questionnaire, portraits of the best table tennis players, the official rules and tactical know-how, this book will soon become your table tennis bible.

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  20. Back in retro times, life was a simpler place. Apart from the ever-present fear of the atomic bomb, things were pretty peachy - mainly due to the sense of community and sharing that was around. These days we have smart gadgets and doovy-whatsits that do all sorts of great things, but they can be a little anti-social. That's why Ridley's range of retro toys and games are so much fun - they get everyone involved, helping you to bond, learn from each other and that doubles.nay, triples the fun! Golly gee! Utopia Table Tennis Set features: Recommended for children aged six years and up. Designed in the UK. Paddles are crafted from wood. Net is crafted from durable fabric with adjustable metal clamps. Balls are made from celluloid. Comes with a zippered case to contains everything. Beautifully presented in a retro-style Ridley's gift box. Set Contains: 2 x Paddles. 3 x Balls. Net w/ Adjustable Metal Clamps.

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