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  1. The Lotus Hand Shower Kit with Integrated Inlet will provide your bathroom with a simplistic and modern look without compromising on function and practicality. Chrome plating ensures contemporary elegance and guarantees easy cleaning and long life. The 5 different flow options will enable each family to enjoy a shower experience that suits them.

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  2. This Storm Concept Hand Shower and Integrated Inlet and Holder Set combines the best in practicality and modern design, featuring the latest in Air-Turbo technology and the highest quality chromed components - This is a hand shower set that is designed to please. The hand shower features five individual functions and saves up to 30% of water usage making it ideally suited for any household.

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  3. This 20L Integrated Portable Camping Toilet with Rotating Spout lets you go when you gotta go Eliminate the need to dig that hole behind the not-so-private bush. Light and durable this portable restroom is completely self-contained and comes equipped with a 12L fresh water tank that provides up to 50 flushes. It also features a rotating spout that allows you to easily fill or empty the detachable 20L waste storage tank. There is no need to worry about overflow since the waste level indicator lets you know when its time to empty it. The double sealed drain valve prevents leaks and odours. Great for camping hunting music festivals and a range of other outdoor activities this is an essential accessory for when nature calls.

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  4. Is there a lot of inconveniences when you want to wash your hands or food during your trip Our Portable Camping Basin Sink Wash Stand Wheel Water Tank for Outdoor Trip ndash Gray can let you use clean water whenever or wherever you want Featuring a water tank this wash stand with soap holder and towel rack can provide up 19L water for you perfect for satisfying your hygienic need. Combined a hand-free faucet with a foot pump this wash basin can pump out water continuously just when you step on the pump The eco-friendly high-density polyethylene construction can ensure no damage from transporting. With no power or water source required this versatile wash sink with two built-in wheels is not only suitable for camping picnic motorhome trip but also offices construction sites and food events. Why not purchase such a practical handwash basin to make your life more convenient and enjoyable Shop now and enjoy a low pricenbspnbsp

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  5. Knee Operated Hand Basin.Size: 500 W x 400 D x 229 H mm. Splashback Height: 50 mm. Capacity 11.5 Litres. Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel. 40mm outlet. Pre-plumbed with Temp Valve. Fitted with WELS approved Tap included. This hands free rectangular knee-operated sink provides a hygienic solution to hand washing in kitchens, healthcare facilities and food processing areas. Made of durable and easy to clean 304 grade stainless steel, this basin will minimise cross-contamination risks and speed up hand washing in your establishment. This Knee Operated Hand Basin includes push panel, tempering valve, integrated wall bracket and WELS approved tapware. Overall height with tap is 364 mm H.

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  6. Basin Swivel Mixer Tap features a high quality stainless steel construction that makes it super easy to clean and maintain. Great for hand washing basins.The basin mixer tap is Watermark and WELS approved. - High water efficiency with a 6-star 4.5Ltr/min. - Watermark and WELS approved. - Maximum working pressure 1000 kPa. - Maximum hot water temperature 80°C. - Dimensions 80(H) x 215(W) x 325(D)mm. - Material Stainless Steel. - Warranty 1 Year. - Output 4.5Ltr/min.

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  7. This book provides a critical comparative analysis of the key drivers for water resource management and the provision of clean water – governance systems and institutional and legal arrangements. Catchment and river basin management crucially depend on these drivers. The authors present a systematic analysis of case study river systems drawn from Australia, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, UK and USA. This collective experience and implications are supported by the wider international research literature to provide an integrated global assessment of the scale and key features of catchment management. A key premise explored is that despite the diversity of jurisdictions and catchments there are commonalities to a successful approach. The authors show that environmental and public health water quality criteria must be integrated with the economic and social goals of those affected, necessitating a 'twin-track' and holistic (cross-sector and discipline) approach of stakeholder engagement and sound scientific research.Stakeholders are capable of participating in catchment management but an accessible knowledge base, high quality informational and decision-support tools and experienced facilitators are shown to be a necessary requirement. The complexity, timescale and dynamic nature of problems necessitate an adaptive management approach and collaboration between agencies and levels of government. A final synthesis presents a set of principles for adaptive catchment management. These principles demonstrate how to integrate the best scientific and technical knowledge with policy, governance and legal provisions. It is shown how decision-making and implementation at the appropriate geographic and governmental scales can resolve conflicts and share best sustainable practices.

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  8. One of the most defining physical characteristics of humanity, the hands contain reflex zones and pressure points related to the systems and organs of the body just like the feet. The reflex zones and points of the hands present the most effective means of treating psychological and neurological disorders due to their sophisticated relationship with the brain. Applying her ground-breaking combination of reflexology and craniosacral therapy to the hands, Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson explains how to use hand reflexology to treat the brain and each of the body's systems, from the digestive system to the human energetic system. She provides precise full-color mapped hand diagrams illustrating the exact placement of the points according to the bones of the hands, the result of more than 40 years of research and clinical practice. She explains how to use the occipital zones of craniosacral therapy to pinpoint which zones and points on the hands to treat. Examining the psychological level of brain-hand interactions, the author reveals how neurological dysfunctions and mental disorders respond more readily to hand reflexology than to other forms of therapies. She explains how many physical ailments have a psychological component and how reflexology automatically triggers the release of endorphins by working directly on the autonomic nervous system.

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  9. If you require installation, please call your local store for a labour cost. Suitable for Vehicles with RCD300 / RCD310 / RCD500 / RCD510 Radio using VW factory-fitted display Listen to your music as it’s meant to be heard with Motorola TK30. This special Bluetooth pro-install car kit for specific Volkswagen vehicles provides the technology for clear hands-free calls, connectivity to two phones at once along with professional sound quality for your iPod, iPhone, or other personal music device. This simple VW "plug & play" interface package allows you to answer, end and reject calls, all from the VW factory buttons on the steering wheel. Using the supplied Connects2 interface, you can scroll through voice menus as well as dialling, and your full phonebook is available on the VW factory-fitted display. Volkswagen EOS 2006> (all UK models) Volkswagen Golf 2008> (all UK models) Volkswagen Golf 2006 - 2008 (all UK models and Diane unit) Volkswagen Golf 2003 - 2006 (all UK models) Volkswagen Golf Plus 2005> (all UK models) Volkswagen Jetta 2007> (double height stereo) Volkswagen Passat 2005> (all UK models) Volkswagen Tiguan 2007> (all UK model) The Motorola TK30 lets you enjoy your music in rich hi-fi sound on the go. Easily connect your iPod, iPhone or other devices with USB and 3.5 mm connection options. Or go wireless and stream music from any compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone. Your music will have great volume and clarity with minimum distortion thanks to the built in digital, four channel amplifier that independently drives the speakers. The Motorola TK30 combines professional-grade sound quality with superior hands-free functionality. An automatic phonebook download makes calls quick and easy and voice prompts guide you through key features for total control. Cutting edge noise cancellation technology reduces background noise so calls are clear and easy to hear. Advanced multipoint technology allows you to connect two phones to the device simultaneously, so there’

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  10. AJAX Spray N Wipe Basin & Toilet Large 260 X 160mm Wipes.

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  11. 3 x Ajax Spray 'n Wipe Biodegradable Basin & Toilet Wipes 30pk

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  12. Look out behind you!Just when your guests think they can let their guard down, up comes a gory hand to grab them when they least expect it! Simply peel and place this Zombie Hand Toilet Topper decal and wait to hear your friends scream.Item Includes:Decal.Fit and Sizing:35cm x 27cm / 14in x 11in.

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  13. NO SHIT SHERLOCK TOILET SPRAY WhodunWHAT? Two quick mists erase evidence of any offence – no matter how foul. Instantly eliminate that which reeks with this Sherlock Holmes bathroom air freshener. On the front of the bottle is a vintage label showing a silhouette of the pipe smoking detective. Two sprays of this highly concentrated mist will eliminate virtually all bathroom odour! When life gives you Poo, don't let odours get the better of you! Available in light lemon & cedar scent, it’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves a nice smelling bathroom. FEATURES Factory sealed Light lemon & cedar scent 156mL / 5.3fl. oz No fewer than 500 applications per bottle.

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  14. TEXTING ON THE TOILET – HAND SANITIZER Do people sit on the loo flipping through a mag? Not anymore. Catching up on emails, Facebook flipping or taking a selfie? You bet they do. There’s no better time to check your phone than when you’re taking care of business right? Everyone does it, so get your sanitizer on. It’s for when you’ve texted on the toilet real quick, Aloe Vera enriched and morally sound. It kills 99.99% of germs intact instantly. Decrease nasty bacteria on your palms after a trip to the lavatory, no decreasing of opportunistic selfies though, that would be unethical. FEATURES Funny and hygienic This is not toilet paper! SPECIFICATIONS Includes 59mls Aloe Vera enriched hand sanitizer Keep out of eyes Warning: flammable: Keep away from fire or flame

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  15. This hands free rectangular knee-operated sink provides a hygienic solution to hand washing in kitchens, healthcare facilities and food processing areas. Made of durable and easy to clean stainless steel, this basin will minimise cross-contamination risks and speed up hand washing in your establishment. Including push panel, tempering valve and integrated wall bracket, this sink is fitted with WELS approved plumbing hardware. Fitted with 40mm outlet. Stainless Steel

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  16. Finished in easy to clean stainless steel with an attractive mirrored finish, this 3.1 litre cleaners sink comes with adjustable stainless steel legs to support additional weight at low heights, making it perfect for filling and emptying cleaners buckets. Featuring a hinged grate to support your utensils and a 40mm outlet for quick draining, this durable and hardwearing sinks helps your hygiene routines as easy and efficient as possible. 3.1Ltr Capacity

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  17. Stainless Steel Hand Basin. Size: 502 W x 402 D x 151 H mm. 40mm Stainless Splashback.Litre Capacity: 11.1 Litres Smooth internal corners for hygiene and cleanliness. Wall Mounting Brackets Supplied. 40mm Plug & Waste Supplied.

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  18. Is your establishment short on space? This space-saving compact wall-mounted basin allows you to compromise on room without compromising on hygiene. Finished in durable and easy to clean stainless steel, this sink has an attractive mirror polish finish making it perfect for public amenities, small kitchens or bathrooms. Supplied with wall brackets for easy and convenient mounting, this 3.1 litre sink has a 40mm outlet. 11.5Ltr Capacity

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